Timeless Balayage Hair Colors by Popular Celebrities

Balayage hairstyles never stop surprising us with their delicacy and beauty. Why balayage is so popular among celebrities and ordinary people? Well, that’s because balayage provides with the most natural-looking effect. This French technique is our favorite so anyone can copy. It works for brunettes, blondes, redheads and anyone with rainbow or pastel hues. Today we have gathered timeless balayage hair colors by popular celebrities.balayage hair colorsGina Rodriguez Brunette Balayage

Gorgeous Gina Rodriguez shows off how you need to get balayage hair color on brunette strands. Her shimmering brunette waves are dream for lots of ladies out there. The best thing is that it is the most low-maintenance hair color that any brunette may adopt. The colors are seamlessly blended for a flawless hair look like this. It is a great idea for you if you want a natural-looking hair color.

Mind-Blowing Magenta Hair Colors

Looking for an unboring hair color to accessorize your strands? You are in a right place, since we have prepared some amazing magenta hair colors. Well, choosing something as bold as magenta is tremendous. Indeed, you need to know the level of commitment before applying this vivid tone. Perhaps it is not the best solution for women with busy lifestyle. Actually, magenta is a blend of blue and red, or purple and red tones. Check the following pictures of magenta hair colors and choose the best option that complements your complexion.magenta hair colorsBold Messy Bun

This bun gets a sophisticated look due to a vibrant magenta hair color. This shade works for all skin tones including dark, medium and light. It means you can get the color for yourself and pair it with various hairstyles. Bun is one of the best options that will showcase your magenta hair color. It is a more casual rather than formal look, so you can rock it daily.

Celebrities with Chic Silver-Grey Hair Colors

Thought grey hair is out of style? Think again! Recently, lots of starlets have been spotted sporting gorgeous grey hair. Don’t believe us? Check out these celebrities with chic silver-grey hair colors. Among them you will see Kim Kardashian, Louisa Johnson and others. All of them rock this trend differently. Take a plunge and go all over silver blonde but don’t forget to talk with your hair colorist about maintenance as bleached- out tresses are not easy to maintain. Kim Kardashian Silver Grey Hair

Right now, Kim Kardashian rocks a silver-grey hair color. Officially she has given her seal of approval to the grey hair trend and she rocks it naturally. Yes, yes, you read it right, she is rocking it naturally- no wigs. If you are planning to follow this fashion trendsetter, make sure that the shade is for you. Indeed, it is a huge commitment, so you need to think twice before committing.

Red Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

If you want to introduce some warmth into your style, do that with the help of red and blonde color combination. These two shades can be blended through different techniques, including balayage, ombre, dip dye, somber etc. This color combination allows you to get attention without wearing too vivid or showy hair color. Please, check out these amazing red and blonde hair colors for 2018 and find your favorite style among these gorgeous models.red blonde hair colorsMerlot Hair Color and Strawberry Highlights

Start your ombre by texturizing your strands. Go for a rich merlot shade on the crown part and let it melt into a reddish-brown hair color towards the tips. Tie the colors together with the help of strawberry blonde highlights. For a grand finish, add textured curls to your hair. Make the look as messier as possible. Don’t forget that messy hairdos are totally in mainstream.

Outstanding Blonde Hair Colors with Highlights

Indeed, blonde hair color is amazing and it gives women an opportunity to change up their look in various ways. Blonde is a light shade, so you can place any light color on it that you want. Blonde is an excellent canvas for various tones. Today we have prepared some outstanding blonde hair colors with highlights. Whether you are looking for a way to go bold, or you prefer to stay subtle, check out these amazing pictures and find your own way of highlighting your locks. If you are ready let’s start.blonde hair colorsBrown and Blonde Hair Color

Brown and blonde hair colors are the best tones to blend together as they create the best combination ever. With blonde and brown tones, you can never go wrong. This combination is known by the name somber as well. Combine these amazing tones and choose a right hairstyle to show off the blended tones throughout your locks. It is the easiest way to achieve a top-notch hairdo.

Cute Turquoise Hair Colors for 2018

Turquoise hair colors are associated with boldness and youthfulness. It is a vivid shade that will make the wearer stand out in the crowd. Regardless of whether you decide to go all over turquoise or keep it subtle with highlights, prepare yourself for lots of compliments. Turquoise flatters an array of skin tones, but you still need to be careful while choosing an undertone. Luckily, you can pair this shade both with dark and light hues. It works absolutely amazing on brunettes. Check out the following turquoise hair colors for 2018 and find something for your next hair color makeover.pastel hair colorsTurquoise Ombre Hair Color

Let’s start with a style that doesn’t require full commitment. The following ombre requires mixing the dark metal shade with more saturated teals to achieve a chic hair color like this. The shade creates a great combination when paired with black, white or other hues. Next time before coloring your roots, think twice, as you may create so many amazing hair looks with natural roots and this particular example is one of them.

Brown Hair Colors with Blonde Highlights in 2018

Brown is a diverse hair color that provides with a natural-looking effect. It is proved that brown is a stunningly beautiful tone that gives your strands shine. By adding lovely highlights to your brown tresses, you can make them edgier and sassier. But what kind of highlights you may apply to your brown hair for a true unique look? Watching celebrities and beauty bloggers we came to conclusion that there is no a better tone for brown strands than blonde. Blonde highlights on brown hair gives pop on anyone regardless of skin tone and styling technique. This combination is known as bronde. Here are incredible brown hair colors with blonde highlights for 2018.blonde hair color with brown highlightsBlonde Highlights on Brown Tresses

Give your brown strands a blonde finish to bring all the attention to your hair color. The dark brown roots that transition into a blonde towards the tips complement both warm and cool skin tones while giving extra movement and dimension to the strands. You just need to style your tresses in a right way to showcase the gorgeous tones throughout your hair. Take example from this model.

Top 5 Ash Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

Ash blonde is a glamorous hair color, that is a great option for fashion-forward ladies. When it comes to ash blonde, it is easy to achieve on blonde hair, while brunettes should go for extra bleaching. Luckily, this tone flatters and array of skin tones. Whether you have a wavy bob or a daring pixie, you can always go for an ash blonde hair color to take it a notch higher. In case if you are looking for inspiration, check out top 5 ash blonde hair colors for 2018. Good luck with your choice.ash blonde hair colorsAsh Blonde and Messy Bob

If you are looking for an excellent hair color and haircut combination, take into consideration the following style. It is all about a right-on trend bob that is textured and given weaves. When, it comes to the color, ash blonde is the latest trend. Silvery and ashy tones are gathered to provide with a natural-looking style that is also chic. However, it is a blonde for every hair length.

2018 Best Blonde Hair Colors for You

Going from brown to blonde is not an easy task, but that’s totally worth your effort. The hardest thing is to choose a right shade of blonde as it comes in a large spectrum of tones. Whether you are a faithful blonde that wants to breathe new life to the tresses, or you want to go for a big commitment and try a whole new look, these amazing blonde hair colors for 2018 may be the best options that you are looking for. Go on reading to get something to ask for your next appointment.chic blonde hair colorsCaramel Blonde

This hue reminds us of a delicious liquid caramel. Since caramel blonde is the most flattering shade for tan skin tone, we highly recommend wearing the style in the summer. With this shade of blonde, you will turn in a bronze beauty. You can remain the roots untouched and create a lovely ombre design with dark roots. It will reduce maintenance as well.

Hottest Hair Color Trends to Try Now

The greatest change comes from hair. Whether you decide to go for a new hair color or haircut, you will achieve a whole new hair look. Indeed, hair color trends are changing quite often, but every time we try to select the hottest hair color trends of the season to inspire you and keep you updated. If you have an intention to try something different, check out these photos. I am sure after seeing these looks you will have something to ask for your next appointment. If you are ready, let’s start.coolest hair colorsBeige Blonde Hair Color

Platinum may still be the hottest and most desirable shade ever, but there are many other sophisticated hues that blondes may try. Ask your hairstylist to add some beige blonde streaks throughout your hair for a whole new look. These highlights will freshen up your hair color and provide with a better shade. Obviously, the beige tones are deeper than platinum.