Hottest Hair Color Trends to Try Now

The greatest change comes from hair. Whether you decide to go for a new hair color or haircut, you will achieve a whole new hair look. Indeed, hair color trends are changing quite often, but every time we try to select the hottest hair color trends of the season to inspire you and keep you updated. If you have an intention to try something different, check out these photos. I am sure after seeing these looks you will have something to ask for your next appointment. If you are ready, let’s start.coolest hair colorsBeige Blonde Hair Color

Platinum may still be the hottest and most desirable shade ever, but there are many other sophisticated hues that blondes may try. Ask your hairstylist to add some beige blonde streaks throughout your hair for a whole new look. These highlights will freshen up your hair color and provide with a better shade. Obviously, the beige tones are deeper than platinum.

Chic Hair Colors for Women with Pale Skin Tone

Having a pale skin tone is just incredible but it is important to know what hair color to choose to complement it. When it comes to choosing a right hair color for pale skin tone there are some things to take into consideration. Luckily, there are tons of colors that flatter this lovely skin tone. While picking a hair shade for you, keep in your mind, that your eye color is also crucial. If you are sure that you have pale skin tone, go through our article about hair colors for women with pale skin tone and get the tone that is close to your colors for fair skin tone Winning Blonde Hair Color

Blonde is a winning shade for women with pale skin complexion. Be that platinum, ashy, white or silver tone of blonde, you are going to make a statement. Light blonde hair color tends to naturalize pale skin tone with. Pale beauties in Hollywood are also fond of blonde tones, just remember Gwen Stefani, she is so famous for her platinum locks.

Greatest Paravana Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Whenever you decide to color your strands consider using Pravana hair colors. Pravana is a company that produces a range of hair care products plus hair colors. Pravana products guarantee an incredible hair look without damaging your strands. Whether you decide to go for pastels, rainbows and neons, here you will definitely find your own style. If you are ready, check out the greatest Pravana hair color ideas for 2018. Note, some of them are quite bold and vivid.pravana hair colors Rainbow Hair Colors

When it comes to Pravana hair colors, the options are truly endless and we are curious to know, what you will create. However, the following style is not for faint heart ladies as it grabs too much attention. In case, if you want to make a bold statement, go ahead with it. The look requires mixing Pravana rainbow hues and pastels. It is not an easy hair color to achieve, as you need to pair the tones carefully. Remember, you always have a chance to choose your favorite color combo.

Low-Maintenance Hair Color Ideas for 2018

As all women are more in low-maintenance hair colors, top colorists try to put extra effort to provide their clients with the best effect. They have compiled the list of low-maintenance hair color ideas for 2018, to disembarrass females of thoughts that they should go for regular touchups. These shades don’t fade easily plus they grow out seamlessly. It is an excellent news for those who want to keep up with 2018 hair color trends without sacrificing bank accounts or bleaching the strands. Check out all the most beautiful hair color inspiration coming out from top colors 2018Reddish Brown Hair Color

Love this color? Ask your hair colorist for a red base that features warm tones of orange. Indeed, this color will bring out your natural glow and make your skin appear warmer. It is a flattering shade for anyone with cool undertones. If you are attempting to copy the look you should be comfortable with brassy and orangey tones. Feel free to rock it in any season of the year.

Ariana Grande Inspired Hair Colors

If only we had those cute face expressions of Ariana Grande. Being a young and talented singer, Ariana Grande is an excellent example for young generation. This hard-working celebrity is also a fashion trendsetter. Today we have selected the best hair colors by Ariana Grande. You will see that her hair looks are as sweet as her music. The following shades complement her medium skin tone and eye color. If you have the same complexion, you can adopt one of these shades for your next hair color makeover.Ariana Grande Hair colorsAriana Grande Dark Hair Color

This cute and enchanting hair color looks quite good on Ariana Grande. It gives extra pop to her dark olive eyes. It is an excellent option for brunettes who are looking for a shade to update their already existing dark hair color. Since it is a dark shade, you don’t have to worry about regular touch ups plus darker shades complement almost all skin tones.

Plum Hair Color Inspiration for 2018

If you are here, it means you are trying to find new ways to change up your look. Indeed, a fresh hair color is the best way to have a new look. It can be tough to decide with so many choices out there but there is nothing impossible. Before choosing a shade of traditional blonde, red or brown, have a look at these plum hair colors for 2018 and add a pop of color to your tresses with a sophisticated shade of plum. Surprisingly, this lovely hue complements an array of skin tones and eye colors. Plum tends to add depth and dimension to the strands.plum hair colorsClassic Plum Hair Color

This classic plum hair color is incredible for everyone, regardless of skin tone and eye color. It looks exceptionally gorgeous on women with warm skin blue or hazel eyes, but if you don’t have these complexions that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off the look. It is the highest moment to accentuate your locks with a classic plum hair color. Just give it a try, and you will end up wearing it quite often.

Incredible Red-Brown Hair Color Ideas

Red or brown? You can’t commit between these two shades? Wear both! Reddish brown hair colors are for ladies who prefer both brown and red shades. Brunettes have a chance to know how it feels like to be a hot redhead while staying a brunette. Indeed, highlights are the best option to change up your look easily and quickly. Even several red streaks may take your entire look a step further. Reddish brown hair colors are popular both among celebrities and ordinary people. Read forward to see the hottest red brown hair colors.reddish brown hair colors for 2017Red Brown Ombre Hair Color

Long hair is the best canvas for ombre hair looks. Choose different tones of brown and red and combine the tones in an ombre pattern. Brown is an excellent base shade that can be paired with any tint by your choice and provide with a brand-new look. One of the best examples is shown below. If you love it, don’t hesitate to adopt it as soon as possible.

2017 Flattering Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

Angelic blue eyes with ethereal effects and touches grab attention from the first sight. Women with this eye hue usually have light hair but there are cases when we see Afro-American women with blue eyes. They are so stunning. Check out these examples to find out the most flattering hair colors for blue eyes in 2017. After reading this article you will realize how important it is to match your eyes with the right hair color.2017 Flattering Hair Colors for Blue EyesLight Blonde Hair Colors with Blue Eyes

Any shade of light blonde suits blue eyes. This is the case when you don’t need to think twice before choosing a new blonde shade for your hair. Just make sure it goes well with your skin tone and go ahead with your favorite blonde style. Never ever afraid of radical changes, even if the thing is about the lightest platinum blonde hair color. There is always a cool string of blonde shades to match with blue eyes. Consider light flaxen, golden, ice, faded and buttery blonde shades as well as the subtlest tones of dirty blondes.

Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes 2017

There is something incredibly beautiful in women with green eyes. They look more innocent, more feminine and what is more important, more ethereal. They seem to be angels from the heaven with their sophisticated charm and unique attractiveness. If you have green eyes and want to draw more attention to your face then check out the best hair colors for green eyes in 2017. I am here to help you discover the most flattering shade of brown, blonde or red for your eyes.Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes 2017Strawberry Blonde Hair Color for Green Eyes

The fist shade that crosses my mind is the stunning strawberry blonde. It’s the most natural-looking tone o blonde to match with green eyes. of course, there are other blonde hues to choose for green eyes but if you want to make a statement with your trendy style then go ahead with this very shade. Many Hollywood stars with green eyes choose the subtle strawberry blonde to create natural-redhead image as well as to warm up their light or medium skin tone. This is the case, however, when you need to have pale to medium complexion.

Best Purple Hair Colors of All Times

There are hair colors that are crazy and unusual but they continue remaining as big trends. One of them is the purple color with its light and dark shades. Let’s discover the beauty of the best purple hair colors of all times. Instead of natural shades now you can choose vibrant and eye-catching tones of purple to impress people around you. purple hair color 2017Deep Purple Hair Color

After the pastel hair color triumph brunettes started to think out of the box to find out flattering shades that can win pastels. And there are all the rainbow hues that we see these days. While blondes dye their hair in pastel tones brunettes opt for deep and vibrant rainbow shades. Here is the deep purple that looks perfect with all complexions but is more than awesome especially with dark skin tones and eyes. Whenever you feel as if your brunette hair needs an update you can opt for this lavishing hue. It’s ready to spice up your style.