Light Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2017

The ultimate blonde hair color inspiration for you is taken from the latest best beauty looks of Academy Awards 2017. Are you looking for the trendiest light blonde hues? Check out this string and you’ll meet your dreamt hue. The best light blonde hair colors for 2017 have founded their special place just below. These celebs are ready to make you fall in love with some of the cutest blonde tones.light blonde hair colors 2017Michelle Williams and Busy Philips Blonde Hair Color

Once more we see celebrity besties on the red carpet. This time our inspiring blondes are Michelle Williams and Busy Philips. Michelle Williams rocks her traditional pixie haircut in platinum or the so-called white blonde shade and Busy Philips wears a warmer tone of blonde on her long sleek hairstyle. These two stunners have kept some part of their outfits in darker shades to bring out the lightness of their skin tone and hair colors.Michelle Williams and Busy Philips blonde hair 2017Nicole Kidman Light Blonde Hair Color

We have seen Nicole Kidman in a sophisticated style created with a posh dress and that dainty updo in a pale blonde hair color. Actually, it could be a bit warm in order to warm up her complexion but since she has rosy undertones she has found the solution to look capturing. It’s all about her eye makeup and red lips. They break down the paleness and make her more attractive.oscars 2017 Nicole Kidman blonde hair colorCharlize Theron Light Blonde Hair Color

This time Charlize Theron has decided to experiment with a multi-tone blonde hair color in mixed highlights. Her flawless light skin and light eyes create an ideal matching with those highlights and base blonde shade. She is always gorgeous with blonde hair colors no matter what hairstyle she wears. Both her short pixie and updo hairstyles become more elegant with light blonde hues.2017 CHARLIZE THERON blonde hair colorKate McKinnon Blonde Hair Color

Kate McKinnon’s mermaid waves in a light blonde shade are sparkling with a delightful shine. This hair color is one of the subtlest tones of blonde that has so much gloss and freshness in it. It makes hair more luscious and luminous. She has pale skin tone and a bit of warmth is just on point. She has chosen the right hue of blonde for her complexion.oscars 2017 Kate McKinnon blonde hair colorKelly Ripa Blonde Hair Color

Kelly Ripa can inspire many women of her age to go for a light blonde hair color to look so fresh and youthful. Her light blonde shade with dark roots is really awesome and charming. They provide her short hair with a kind of mini ombre style. The desired doll-like look is more obvious thanks to her lovely blue eyes.oscars 2017 Kelly Ripa blonde hair

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