Timeless Balayage Hair Colors by Popular Celebrities

Balayage hairstyles never stop surprising us with their delicacy and beauty. Why balayage is so popular among celebrities and ordinary people? Well, that’s because balayage provides with the most natural-looking effect. This French technique is our favorite so anyone can copy. It works for brunettes, blondes, redheads and anyone with rainbow or pastel hues. Today we have gathered timeless balayage hair colors by popular celebrities.balayage hair colorsGina Rodriguez Brunette Balayage

Gorgeous Gina Rodriguez shows off how you need to get balayage hair color on brunette strands. Her shimmering brunette waves are dream for lots of ladies out there. The best thing is that it is the most low-maintenance hair color that any brunette may adopt. The colors are seamlessly blended for a flawless hair look like this. It is a great idea for you if you want a natural-looking hair color.Timeless Balayage Hair Colors by Popular CelebritiesRose Byrne Romantic Waves

Perhaps romantic waves create the most exquisite look when paired with balayage hair highlights. Delicious look offered by Rose Byrne is the best inspiration for you. It requires placing some hair highlights throughout the strands for a lovely hairstyle. However, you will also need to give your strands a modern crop, to make your headdress complete.Rose Byrne Romantic WavesCiara Blonde Hair

Ciara comes up with a more drastic hairdo that is still ultra-feminine and stunning. Deep roots get super light towards the tips providing with a sophisticated hairdo. To get this honey blonde shade, you will need to bleach your strands and only after that apply the tone. As you can see it perfectly complements dark skin. If you have the same complexion as Ciara, go ahead with the look.Ciara Blonde HairGisele Balayage Hair Color

Gisele leaves us with hair envy rocking a cool balayage hair color. This is the signature style of Gisele that is still impressive and eye-catching. She knows how to blend brown and blonde highlights to get a subtle hair color like this. Can’t commit between these two tones, consider mixing both through balayage technique. I assure you with this hairstyle you will gain extra confidence.Gisele Balayage Hair ColorSarah Jessica Parker Balayage Hair Color

Here is the queen of balayage, Sarah Jessica Parker. She looks absolutely amazing with balayage strands. Her blonde hair gets a notch higher when blended through balayage. This natural-looking hair color complements an array of skin tone and eye color. Want to achieve this style? Show the picture to your hairstylist and ask for the same color combo.Sarah Jessica Parker Balayage Hair Color

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