Best Black Hair Color Trends 2017

Women seeking for the best black hair color trend for 2017 will definitely love some of the deep, rich and sparkling tones of black represented in these posts. Black is a mysterious hair color that makes your style classy and looks prettier in sleek and shiny hairstyles as well as in tight curls. It suits most skin tones.

2017 Flattering Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

Angelic blue eyes with ethereal effects and touches grab attention from the first sight. Women with this eye hue usually have light hair but there are cases when we see Afro-American women with blue eyes. They are so stunning. Check out these examples to find out the most flattering hair colors for blue eyes in 2017. After reading this article you will realize how important it is to match your eyes with the right hair color.2017 Flattering Hair Colors for Blue EyesLight Blonde Hair Colors with Blue Eyes

Any shade of light blonde suits blue eyes. This is the case when you don’t need to think twice before choosing a new blonde shade for your hair. Just make sure it goes well with your skin tone and go ahead with your favorite blonde style. Never ever afraid of radical changes, even if the thing is about the lightest platinum blonde hair color. There is always a cool string of blonde shades to match with blue eyes. Consider light flaxen, golden, ice, faded and buttery blonde shades as well as the subtlest tones of dirty blondes.

Latest Black Hair Color Ideas 2017

Although black hair colors are not eve loved that much but they are often beautified with new touch ups, haircuts and styles. In order to inspire you with the latest black hair colors for 2017 I have collected the hottest looks from different special events organized for celebrities. These stunners have something more to inspire you. They are gorgeous in their black hairstyles and matching makeup ideas.Latest Black Hair Color Ideas 2017Niki Minaj Black Hair Color with Long Hair

Long sleek hairstyles are the best for super shiny black hair colors. They add extra-shine and make hair look very posh and polished. Here you see Niki Minaj with her long classy hairstyle paired with trendy center parting. This time she decided to appear with a brand new look saying goodbye to her crazy hair colors. Black is her natural shade, that’s why she looks so ravishing in this hairdo.

Black and Blonde Hair Color Combos for 2017

Black and blonde are contrasting shades. One is too dark and the other one is quite light. It seems as if you can’t match them in one hairstyle but these stunning fashionistas prove that there are possible ideas of black and blonde hair colors for 2017. These combinations are trendy and mind-blowing. They come up with some cute styles that grab attention. Keep your eyes on some of the looks to copy this and blonde hair colors 2017Black and Blonde Split Hair Color

The main idea of split hair colors is to divide hair into two equal [arts and dye in two shades. So, black and blonde spit hair colors are the most popular options in this case. You become a brunette and blonde at the same time. Half of your hair is in black and the other half is in blonde shade. The thing is whether both shades compliment your complexion and eyes. If they do, then you can opt for this creative hair color idea in 2017. It is beautiful on any length of hair but the longer your hair the prettier will be the result.

2017 Hottest Highlights for Black Hair

Black hair can’t be compared with brown or blonde tresses. It’s something very “serious”, strong and shiny. Unlike brown and blonde hair black hair colors works only with few hair highlighting ideas. They complement fewer shades and require special carefulness when it comes to highlights. If you have naturally black hair and want to embrace it then check out the hottest hair highlights for black hair with highlights 2017Black Hair with Caramel Highlight

One of the most popular ways to highlight black hair is adding caramel tints all over. Professional hair colorists offer to focus on the face framing strands to get nicer results. Caramel is a warm shade for black hair and it has the power to make it richer, thicker and prettier. You can g for chunky highlights if you have long and thick hair. Women with shorter haircuts may consider slicing and thinner caramel highlights.

Black Hair Colors 2017: Celebrity Looks

Black hair colors have made a great comeback for 2017. They are everywhere in the fashion world and look very attractive on anyone. Many women can dye their hair in black shade to create a contrast or harmony with their complexion. Check out these celebrity looks with black hair colors for Kardashian Satin Black Hair Color

It has always been interesting how Kim Kardashian radically goes for light blonde and comes back to her black shade and her hair still looks shiny and healthy. She is a real master of hairstyles and hair colors. Being a lavishing brunette she looks classy and mysterious with black and dark brunette hair colors combined with straight and sleek hairstyles.

Deep Black Hair Color

While the majority of black celebrities dye their hair in lighter shades to grab attention black is still the most elegant shade in the universe. It’s not for women who frequently change their mind and soon get tired of the same shade. It is for classic ladies and is appealing in its simplicity. Deep black hair colors look stunning on any length of haircut starting from pixies to the longest straight and layered hairstyles. However, the best part about it is that black works well with most complexions and eye hues. It looks natural with dark skin and dark eyes and displays lighter complexions with blue and green hair always looks healthier, shinier, thicker and stronger. The secret is hidden behind the incredible magic of the black shade. Today you can find hairstyles with black ombre hair colors. They are mainly combined with dark red, caramel, warm blonde and other suitable shades. If you look for such ideas to change up your natural black hair color, then consider these styles.

Black Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Dying your hair in a jet black hair color doesn’t mean that you have lack of creativity and inspiration. Black hair is another posh solution mainly loved by classy women. It’s an elegant shade with a strong and powerful reflection. Let’s discuss the best black hair colors and your skin tone to make sure you need to go for black in 2017.  According to professional colorist black hair can have a lot of purplish and reddish undertones, which means that you should be careful in your choice. black-hair-colors-and-your-skin-tone-2017So, just because of this they recommend to keep your black hair color close to your current natural shade adding highlights or a fresher color. Never go more than two levels lighter and try to match any hair color with your skintone. In order to keep it shiny and shimmering you should use hair color protective products and style your locks in trendy hairdos. Always remember that black hair is gorgeous with light eyes and looks natural with darker eye hues.