Lovely Blonde Hair Color Trends for 2017

Below represented blonde hair color trends for 2017 are the most lavishing and popular shades that stylish women prefer. From the lightest platinum to the warmest golden tones of blonde anyone is free to pick a cute and lovely shade for her locks. Just pay special attention to your skin and eye hue. Soften your current hairstyle with a nice blonde hair color.

2017 Blonde-Brown Hair Color Trends

Between the trendiest blonde and brown hair colors there are gorgeous shades that seem to be hot mixtures of brown and blonde shades that provide with another hair color flattering both light and dark complexions. Lately we see many hair color trends created by blends of brown and blonde tones. Find out the best blonde-brown hair color for 2017 right here and right now.Blonde-Brown Hair Color Trends 2017Bronde Hair Color

So, the first blonde brown hair color mixture that crosses our mind is the trendy bronde shade. What’s this? So, bronde is actually a dainty combo of light brown and dirty blonde hair colors, which gift a multidimensional and rich hue to choose for dark and light skin and eyes. There is no any other subtle hue between brunette and blonde shades. It’s only the bronde hair color trend that’s ready to lighten or darken up your base shade keeping it natural-looking.

Light Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2017

The ultimate blonde hair color inspiration for you is taken from the latest best beauty looks of Academy Awards 2017. Are you looking for the trendiest light blonde hues? Check out this string and you’ll meet your dreamt hue. The best light blonde hair colors for 2017 have founded their special place just below. These celebs are ready to make you fall in love with some of the cutest blonde tones.light blonde hair colors 2017Michelle Williams and Busy Philips Blonde Hair Color

Once more we see celebrity besties on the red carpet. This time our inspiring blondes are Michelle Williams and Busy Philips. Michelle Williams rocks her traditional pixie haircut in platinum or the so-called white blonde shade and Busy Philips wears a warmer tone of blonde on her long sleek hairstyle. These two stunners have kept some part of their outfits in darker shades to bring out the lightness of their skin tone and hair colors.

How to Dye Blonde Hair Brunette?

In spite of the popular idea that blondes have more fun they sometimes pick up dark brunette shades to change their style and stand out in the crowd. There are millions of dark brown and brunette hair colors on the rich hair color palette. While brunettes easily choose hot shades to enhance their hair colors, blondes think twice before becoming mysterious brunettes. Since the majority of blondes have light skin and light eyes the choice becomes a bit complicated when it comes to brown hues. Of course, there are light and dark tones but the choice mostly depends on your complexion. Find out how to dye blonde hair brunette and then pick up a flattering shade according to your skin and eyes.blonde hair into brown 2017Dying Hair from Blonde to Brown

While brunettes undergo deep bleaching to get light hair blonde-haired women don’t need those tough procedures to get dark hair colors. The main problem, however to dye blonde hair into a brown shade directly applying the desired shade, is that hair has a yellow base when brown hair is meant to have an orange or red base. If you have blonde hair, you may need to fill it with golden or red tones for the best result before you dye it any brunette or brown shade.  Use a colored protein filler or a demi-permanent dye in order to prepare your hair for a brown shade. Your first choice can be a light neutral brown or warm shade if you are already done with filling it with a copper or red shade. Those who want to get an ash brown hair color on blonde, should apply a demi-permanent dye, which is two levels lighter than your desired brown tone.

2017 Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Probably you read many articles about the right choice of the hair color for your skin tone. When it comes to strawberry blonde shades many women want to try it on their locks but not everyone can consider it as her best shade. Unlike many blonde ad brown hair colors that suits most complexions strawberry blonde requires particular skin tone as well as flattering eye hue. If you have decided to dye your hair in this shade then discover trendy strawberry blonde hair colors for 2017 matching your skin tone.strawberry blonde hair colors 2017What is it?

First, let’s discuss what strawberry blonde hair color is in reality. Is it red or blonde? Well, being the lightest shade of red strawberry blonde is also the warmest tone of blonde. That is to say it’s a cute combo between blonde and ginger hair colors, which provide with a warm, sun-kissed and fresh effect. We see many celebrities rocking strawberry blonde hair color like real redheads. However, not everyone is blessed with this hair color. It is chosen by women who are confident about their complexion and eye hue and definitely know that they will look natural. Brunettes, actually, stay away from this shade because first, it won’t look beautiful with their hair and second, it will be hard for them to achieve such a light and bright tone on dark hair. Deep bleaching is a must but it doesn’t promise you to provide with the desired tone as your natural pigments do their job and forbid light hair colors sparkle in their real power.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Blonde Hair Colors

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a glamorous and charming model with plenty blonde hair color inspirations. She is always there for us to give new and more fashionable blonde hair color ideas. Check out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s blonde hair colors and start thinking of a new blonde shade for 2017.Rosie Huntington-Whiteley blonde hair clors 2017Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Ash Blonde Hair Color

Among the trendiest blonde hair color ash blonde has its special place. This neutral tone of blonde is usually highlighted with matching tones to look richer. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley offers us the best ash blonde hair color for long and medium haircuts. Her skin tone allows her to go for light hair colors but she keeps it as flattering as possible because too light shades of blonde won’t look well-balanced.

2017 Softest Blonde Hair Colors

Would you like to have the softest blonde hair color in 2017? They have found their place right here special for you. Get your ultimate blonde hair color inspiration and start the coming tender season with a sophisticated shade. The following shades of blonde are perhaps the most natural-looking, sophisticated and inspiring tones. They flatter light to medium complexions. Discover more to meet your dreamt blonde hue.blonde hair colors 2017Ash Blonde Hair Color

While some confuse the light ash blonde with platinum blonde the fact is that the latter one is shinier and has some yellowish undertones. Ash blonde is a neutral and light tone of blonde that can be highlighted with platinum tones. You can create a multidimensional hair color on ash blonde hair. It’s a great canvas for a variety of highlights. This hue goes well with pale skin tones and light eyes. It is sometimes worn by women with medium complexions too.

Black and Blonde Hair Color Combos for 2017

Black and blonde are contrasting shades. One is too dark and the other one is quite light. It seems as if you can’t match them in one hairstyle but these stunning fashionistas prove that there are possible ideas of black and blonde hair colors for 2017. These combinations are trendy and mind-blowing. They come up with some cute styles that grab attention. Keep your eyes on some of the looks to copy this and blonde hair colors 2017Black and Blonde Split Hair Color

The main idea of split hair colors is to divide hair into two equal [arts and dye in two shades. So, black and blonde spit hair colors are the most popular options in this case. You become a brunette and blonde at the same time. Half of your hair is in black and the other half is in blonde shade. The thing is whether both shades compliment your complexion and eyes. If they do, then you can opt for this creative hair color idea in 2017. It is beautiful on any length of hair but the longer your hair the prettier will be the result.

New Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Think of the sweet honey blonde hair colors for 2017 and take examples form the hottest celebrities that rock this shade in its loveliest tones. Honey blonde is a classic and sophisticated shade of blonde that works well with most complexions. The beige touch in this hue makes it even nicer and more neutral. It has similar tones as most skin tones therefore many like to wear honey blonde hair.honey blonde hair colors 2017Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Honey Blonde Hair

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has worn many blonde shades form light to golden but her honey blonde is the warmest, richest and shiniest. It is highlighted with other golden blonde shades, which enhance the beauty of her hairstyle. This is one of her best hair colors as it warms up her complexion and makes her look more attractive. If you have the same skin tone and eye hue as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley you can choose this hair color for summer 2017. It will refresh your long layered hairstyles and will look nice on loose beach waves.

2017 Blonde Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

If you are one of those who think that blondes have more fun, then this article is for you. Check out the most suitable blonde hair colors for every skin for 2017. Here is how to discover the nicest shade of golden, strawberry, dirty, platinum or honey blonde hues for your complexion. Luckily, there are hot solutions for everyone. Even black women have the opportunity to play with several blonde hair colors.blonde hair colors 2017Fair Skin with Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Many celebrities rock platinum blonde hair colors as their signature style but it’s very flattering with fair skin tone. Actually, it makes fair-skinned women look like angels in this light blonde shade. It’s the lightest blonde hue, which draws attention to eyes. You can match it with light eye hues. Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift are the most inspiring fair-skinned ladies that wear platinum blonde hair colors with great pleasure. Other blonde hair colors to match with fair skin are bronde, golden, flaxen, light strawberry and sandy. If platinum blonde is not your thing then find yours among the above mentioned hues.

2017 White Blonde Hair Colors

A white hair color may sound an edgy hair color but actually it’s the lightest tone of platinum blonde with whitish or grayish finish. It can look different depending on your skin tone and eyes. The most fascinating thing about white blonde hair colors for 2017 is that they suit both light and dark complexions creating either harmonious or contrasting looks.white blonde hair colors 2017How to Get White Blonde Hair Color?

If you have decided to wear the lightest blonde hair color this year then let’s discover the best way of achieving it on various base shades. First of all, keep in mind that it’s quite tricky and complicated to get a pure white blonde, especially if your natural hair color is dark. White hair color generally requires multiple times of bleaching and toning in order to bring your hair to a possible light tone ready to take this hue.