Latest Brown Hair Color Trends for 2017

Looking for the latest brown hair color trends for 2017? With the help of these articles you’ll easily meet the most suitable shade of brown for your current base hair color, complexion and eye hue. Brown has zillions of shades either in ark or light tones. Nowadays natural-looking hair colors are worn with shinier hints and effects. So, try the shiniest brown tone in 2017.

2017 Blonde-Brown Hair Color Trends

Between the trendiest blonde and brown hair colors there are gorgeous shades that seem to be hot mixtures of brown and blonde shades that provide with another hair color flattering both light and dark complexions. Lately we see many hair color trends created by blends of brown and blonde tones. Find out the best blonde-brown hair color for 2017 right here and right now.Blonde-Brown Hair Color Trends 2017Bronde Hair Color

So, the first blonde brown hair color mixture that crosses our mind is the trendy bronde shade. What’s this? So, bronde is actually a dainty combo of light brown and dirty blonde hair colors, which gift a multidimensional and rich hue to choose for dark and light skin and eyes. There is no any other subtle hue between brunette and blonde shades. It’s only the bronde hair color trend that’s ready to lighten or darken up your base shade keeping it natural-looking.

How to Dye Blonde Hair Brunette?

In spite of the popular idea that blondes have more fun they sometimes pick up dark brunette shades to change their style and stand out in the crowd. There are millions of dark brown and brunette hair colors on the rich hair color palette. While brunettes easily choose hot shades to enhance their hair colors, blondes think twice before becoming mysterious brunettes. Since the majority of blondes have light skin and light eyes the choice becomes a bit complicated when it comes to brown hues. Of course, there are light and dark tones but the choice mostly depends on your complexion. Find out how to dye blonde hair brunette and then pick up a flattering shade according to your skin and eyes.blonde hair into brown 2017Dying Hair from Blonde to Brown

While brunettes undergo deep bleaching to get light hair blonde-haired women don’t need those tough procedures to get dark hair colors. The main problem, however to dye blonde hair into a brown shade directly applying the desired shade, is that hair has a yellow base when brown hair is meant to have an orange or red base. If you have blonde hair, you may need to fill it with golden or red tones for the best result before you dye it any brunette or brown shade.  Use a colored protein filler or a demi-permanent dye in order to prepare your hair for a brown shade. Your first choice can be a light neutral brown or warm shade if you are already done with filling it with a copper or red shade. Those who want to get an ash brown hair color on blonde, should apply a demi-permanent dye, which is two levels lighter than your desired brown tone.

Chestnut Brown Hair Colors for 2017

From the darkest tone of the chestnut brown hair color to the lightest shade there are a number of hues to opt for 2017 and look so fashionable. Chestnut brown is one of the natural brown hair colors that compliment also most all skin tones. It has millions of tones for every skin and eye hue. Here you see the top 5 shades of chestnut brown hair color for 2017. Make the best choice for your hair and embrace it in the best way.Chestnut Brown Hair Colors 2017Mila Kunis Chestnut Brown Hair Color

The purest chestnut brown shade belongs to Mila Kunis. She has medium skin with light eyes, that’s why her chestnut brown shade is neutral and dainty. It ideally goes with her skin undertones and makes her eyes pop out. She has greenish hazel eyes, which work with many brown hair colors. When she darkens up her chestnut brown tone she becomes bolder.

Celebrities with Brown Hair Colors 2017

Brown hair colors are either rich and deep or cool and light. These celebrities with trendy brown hair colors for 2017 will prove that even the simplest shade of brown can make you look very seductive and feminine if you choose the right shade for your complexion. Check them out and pick up a new shade of brown to make your stunning look even more fabulous and attractive. Try to match the chosen shade with fancy haircuts and hairstyles.celebrity brown hair colors 2017Megan Fox Reddish Brown Hair Color

We seldom see Megan Fox in other brunette hair colors as she likes to keep her long hair in the same dark brunette hue. However, here is her rich, shiny and deep reddish brown hair color that looks warmer than other brown tones. She has light skin with warm undertones and light eyes, which compliment this shade of brown and make her look fresher.

Hottest Auburn Brown Hair Colors 2017

A wide range of brunette and brown hair colors offer a sea of shades in light and dark tones for anyone who seeks for a prettier and richer hair color. Reddish browns, however, differ from the rest of brown tones with their warmth and bold nature. One of them is the hot and trendy auburn brown hair color for 2017 with its light and dark tints. If your hair looks dull then start upgrading it with a reddish brown or auburn brown hair color this year.2017auburn brown hair colorAuburn Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Let’s first of all decide whether you have the flattering skin tone for auburn brown hair or not. Most of the complexions can pull off reddish brown hair colors including the warm auburn brown. Whether you have light, medium or dark skin you can achieve a hot result with this shade. The most important thing is the tone you choose. You’d better do it with the help of your hair colorist not to fail the desired. Women with olive skin tones and green eyes look gorgeous with auburn brown hair colors. On the other hand, women with cool undertones should opt for cooler red tones.

5 Brunette Hair Color Ideas for Winter

This winter we mostly meet deep and rich hair colors with fresh touches. Here are the latest 5 brunette hair colors for winter. From the darkest auburn to the warmest caramel, you can opt for many brunette shades in 2017, but choose these hues special for the cold winter season. Make your hairstyles fresher, shinier and flashier with warm and dark tones.brunette-hair-colors-winter-2017Deep Chestnut Hair Color

Chestnut browns are natural-looking shades worn on brunette hair. While many of us have naturally chestnut hair color others find out the most flattering chestnut tones for their locks. They are soft and very beautiful on long hairstyles. If you decide to become a brunette you’d better start with chestnut shades to look like a natural dark-haired woman.  

Reddish Brown Hair Colors

Reddish brown hair colors are the most neutral red shades that you can choose from the red color palette. They are usually called auburn hair colors and are worn by many celebrities. If you don’t like your current blonde or brown shade then it’s the high time to think of reddish brown. Check out these looks and hairstyles with reddish brown hair colors and pick the shade that seems to be perfect with your complexion, eyes and base hair colors.reddish-brown-hair-color-2017Reddish Brown Hair Color and Your Skin

Between millions of red tones reddish browns best go with medium skin tones and green eyes. They can also look nice with warm undertones and blue, brown eyes too but if you want to look like a real ginger-haired beauty then you need to follow the latest examples of reddish brown hair colors and matching skin tones. If you have dark or too light skin tone, you should be careful with this hair color as it may make you look either bold or unnatural.

2017 Best Sandy Brown Hair Colors

In the long string of brown shades sandy brown hair colors for 2017 are among the bests. This hair color idea has been popular in previous seasons but it will surely reach its peak this year. The mixture of light, ashy and cool brown tones worn on blonde or light brown hair provides us with the amazing sandy brown shade. This hair color is special for ladies who can’t decide between brown and dirty blonde hair colors. It’s both beautiful and stylish.sandy-brown-hair-colors-2017In many cases hair colorists blend several hues and create multidimensional brown shades with sandy and soft hints. Compared with monotone brown hairstyles these are more ravishing and look richer. You can choose sandy brown hair colors for medium and long hairstyles. They don’t ask hair type but the haircut is important for the final fancy result. A carefully blended sandy brown hair color can look very natural and sophisticated.

Softest Light Brown Hair Colors

No one will deny the fact that light brown hair colors are among the softest shades of brown. Whether you are looking for a fashionable update for your tresses or just want to go for a new hair color idea, light brown is there waiting for you.  These cuties with light brown hairstyles give us the best ideas on how to deal with this shade.light-brown-hair-colors-2017Light Golden Brown Hair Color

The golden shade looks gorgeous on light and dark hairstyles. It’s the sunny kiss that brings shine and more attractiveness with it. Miranda Kerr wears the most natural-looking golden brown hair color in a light tone. It works with her medium skin and light eyes. Many Asian brunettes lighten up their hair colors with the help of golden brown tone. It is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

Latest Dark Brown Hair Colors for 2017

If you are looking to go brunette, then keep on reading as these dark brown hair colors for 2017 are collected quite carefully to inspire you for your big transformation. You can use these shades to update your current brunette hue too. So, open your eyes wider to make the most suitable choice. Celebrities like Lily Collins, Anne Hathaway, Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian and Lea Michele wear the most beautiful dark brown hair colors. Copy their styles.dark-brown-hair-colors-2017Mila Kunis Dark Brown Hair Color

Dark brown hair colors with tender hazel shaded highlights look fresh and flirty. Mila Kunis loves brunette hair colors with highlighted tips. Take your inspiration from Mila if you have the same complexion and eye hue as she. This hair color mixture will help to accentuate your eyes and cheekbones. As for hairstyles, pick long layers, loose waves, curls or straight and sleek styles.