Coolest Caramel Hair Colors and Trends for 2017

The warmest and most elegant caramel hair color trends for 2017 come up both in blondish and brunette tones which allow us to make the right choice for our hairstyles. There is no any other cool solution for brunette hair than adding some rich caramelized hint to it. And there is no any other hot way of warming up blonde hair than adding the sweet and shiny caramel blonde to it.

2018 Best Blonde Hair Colors for You

Going from brown to blonde is not an easy task, but that’s totally worth your effort. The hardest thing is to choose a right shade of blonde as it comes in a large spectrum of tones. Whether you are a faithful blonde that wants to breathe new life to the tresses, or you want to go for a big commitment and try a whole new look, these amazing blonde hair colors for 2018 may be the best options that you are looking for. Go on reading to get something to ask for your next appointment.chic blonde hair colorsCaramel Blonde

This hue reminds us of a delicious liquid caramel. Since caramel blonde is the most flattering shade for tan skin tone, we highly recommend wearing the style in the summer. With this shade of blonde, you will turn in a bronze beauty. You can remain the roots untouched and create a lovely ombre design with dark roots. It will reduce maintenance as well.

Cutest Caramel Highlights

Forget all you know about caramel highlights and open a new page to have a look at the cutest caramel highlights. This time your choice is going to be fresher and more fashionable because the 5 options represented below are the trendiest of all caramel hues you have ever seen. So, let’s check them out separately and decide whether your hair needs caramel highlights or not in 2017.caramel-highlights-2017Caramel Highlights on Short Hair

Short or long caramel highlights are always awesome when they are placed in the right way. Go for slicing and soft caramel highlights if you have short hair. It suits pixie and bob haircuts with or without bangs. Avoid chunky highlights as they are old-fashioned and don’t look natural. Caramel highlights go well with short blonde, brown and black hair. Start with a fresh haircut and then ask your stylist for flattering caramel highlights. Place them on the bangs and face framing strands for a warmer and shinier effect.

Celebrities with Caramel Brown Hair Colors

Between the hottest hair colors for brunettes, caramel brown is one of the most demanded shades. It’s a rich and warm hair color that suits many medium and darker complexions. Before you may dye your hair in this hue check out these cool and stunning looks of celebrities with caramel brown hair colors. You’ll no more think of any other hair color change for you dark brunette hair.celebrities-with-caramel-brown-hair-colors-2017Keri Russell Caramel Brown Hair Color

The most popular caramel brown hair colors are accompanied by highlights. Keri Russell is one of the stylish ladies who rocks it the right way. She dyes her hair in an overall caramelized brown shade and highlights it with lighter hues. Her light skin with warm undertones becomes more gorgeous and attractive with this face framing brown hairstyle. It brings out her eyes and creates a harmonious combo.

Caramel Hair Color Ideas and Highlights

Nowadays caramel is one of the most popular hair colors among brunettes but it is used by blondes too. Some choose it as a sweet shade for their hairstyles and some go for subtle highlights. It suits both blondes and brunettes as it has a natural effect in it. Black women choose caramel hair colors and highlights to soften their locks and blondes wear caramel tints to create an overall warm and eye-catching look. Brown hair colors with caramel touches remind us of decadent desserts with sun-kissed shines. Whatever your choice, check out these trendy examples to play with caramel shades in the best way.caramel-hair-color-ideas-2017Women who want to experiment with less contrasting shades often make their choice between caramel hues. They refresh your complexion and make your eyes shinier and brighter. You can try a light caramel blonde or caramel brown hair color or highlights all over your strands. These hair color blends are very soft, appealing and feminine. Caramel is also a good idea for brunettes who notice their first grays but don’t want to go for fully grey or wear another shade. Caramel tints will hide grey strands and will make an overall rich effect of a multi-tone hair color. Experimenting with such a lovely hair color is great not only for dark hair and tanned skin but also for lighter hair colors and cool complexions.