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Everyone who has ever dyed her hair in a new hair color will claim that sometimes there are such tips and tricks which help to avoid any kind of unpleasant result or damage. Thanks to the most recent expert tips you’ll be able to discover the secrets of the right hair coloring, special care as well as the right shade and skin tone matching. You’ll surely use some of the most common tips.

Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes 2017

There is something incredibly beautiful in women with green eyes. They look more innocent, more feminine and what is more important, more ethereal. They seem to be angels from the heaven with their sophisticated charm and unique attractiveness. If you have green eyes and want to draw more attention to your face then check out the best hair colors for green eyes in 2017. I am here to help you discover the most flattering shade of brown, blonde or red for your eyes.Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes 2017Strawberry Blonde Hair Color for Green Eyes

The fist shade that crosses my mind is the stunning strawberry blonde. It’s the most natural-looking tone o blonde to match with green eyes. of course, there are other blonde hues to choose for green eyes but if you want to make a statement with your trendy style then go ahead with this very shade. Many Hollywood stars with green eyes choose the subtle strawberry blonde to create natural-redhead image as well as to warm up their light or medium skin tone. This is the case, however, when you need to have pale to medium complexion.

How to Dye Blonde Hair Brunette?

In spite of the popular idea that blondes have more fun they sometimes pick up dark brunette shades to change their style and stand out in the crowd. There are millions of dark brown and brunette hair colors on the rich hair color palette. While brunettes easily choose hot shades to enhance their hair colors, blondes think twice before becoming mysterious brunettes. Since the majority of blondes have light skin and light eyes the choice becomes a bit complicated when it comes to brown hues. Of course, there are light and dark tones but the choice mostly depends on your complexion. Find out how to dye blonde hair brunette and then pick up a flattering shade according to your skin and eyes.blonde hair into brown 2017Dying Hair from Blonde to Brown

While brunettes undergo deep bleaching to get light hair blonde-haired women don’t need those tough procedures to get dark hair colors. The main problem, however to dye blonde hair into a brown shade directly applying the desired shade, is that hair has a yellow base when brown hair is meant to have an orange or red base. If you have blonde hair, you may need to fill it with golden or red tones for the best result before you dye it any brunette or brown shade.  Use a colored protein filler or a demi-permanent dye in order to prepare your hair for a brown shade. Your first choice can be a light neutral brown or warm shade if you are already done with filling it with a copper or red shade. Those who want to get an ash brown hair color on blonde, should apply a demi-permanent dye, which is two levels lighter than your desired brown tone.

How to Fix Orange Hair Color after Bleaching?

Any woman wants to discover the most useful hair color tips and tricks to use by herself when she doesn’t want to visit salon for a simple fix or hair color idea. When it comes to warm and bright hair colors one should be quite careful and take special care for her hair. Here are the best tips to fix orange hair colors after bleaching. This is the case when you try a new hair color and want to get blonde shade but the result is that brassy orange instead. So, what to do to fix it and get the desired tone?  hair color tips 2017Why Does Hair Turn Orange?

Let’s first of all discover the main reasons why hair turns orange. While bleaching helps you to lighten up your base shade it doesn’t have the power to struggle against your natural pigments. All brunettes have orange and red undertones on their hair and when they want to become blondes they need to take into account the fact that improper care and coloring may lead to orange hue. The darker your hair color, the brighter and darker will be this orange shade. The buildup of minerals in your hair is the next main reason why hair turns into orange after bleaching and coloring.

5 Temporary Hair Color Ideas for 2017

While the majority of women use permanent hair colors to highlight their base shade others use temporary hair color ideas when it comes to rainbow hues, edgy highlights and crazy shades. Here are the 5 basic temporary hair colors for 2017. If you don’t have that much bravery to dye your hair in a crazy shade, you can just highlight it with temporary hues. Adding a pop of hue to dull and monotone hair just for a short period of time is both fun and color ideas 2017Hair Mascara

The first idea of getting bright shades on your hair is the use of hair mascara. The 90’s hair coloring idea is still around and many women use hair mascaras to get temporary hair colors. It’s the technique that allows you to apply the desired shade directly to your hair. For a brighter and flashier finish you can layer on more. However, try to keep it subtle and well-balanced. Opt for the shades that match your base hair colors. Women with light hair can experiment with pastel tones and brunettes may opt for vivid rainbow shades. It lasts 1 – 2 shampoos.

Reasons Why Your Hair Color Fades Away

Looking for the answer to the question why your hair color fades away? You are in the right place to get the answer to this question. Perhaps you always follow your stylist’s instructions, keep your hair far from harsh rays of the sun, use proper products and avoid too much use of hair heating tools but your hair color fades quickly and you get annoyed. So, why? Which are the reasons?hair color tips 2017Check Your Hairbrush

So, leaving alone all the hair color protective methods you use you must first of all consider your hairbrush. You already know that hot hair tools are the enemy of fresh hair colors. They take away the shine and luscious hue form your hair. Did you know that your hairbrush can be another reason for faded looks? It could be sucking the brilliance out of your daintily highlighted tresses. Every time you use metal brush or a hairbrush with metal bristles to blow out your locks, you take it under the risk of damage. Instead of using hairbrushes with metal bristles you’d better opt for the ones with natural bristles and a ceramic, wooden, or plastic barrel. Try to do some research in this field to find the best hairbrush for your colored hair.

How to Make Hair Colors Last Longer

The right and proper maintenance of hair colors is the number one thing that you are recommended by your hair colorist. It’s important to know several other things about how to make hair colors last longer once you dye your hair in a new shade. Follow these useful expert tips to keep your hair shiny, fresh and sparkling even after several washes. While a new hair color can make you look younger and more fashionable, you should always keep it as fresh as colors 2017Opt for the Right Products

So, the number one thing to keep in mind is the right choice of hair products according to your hair color. Like the skin care hair care is also essential for a healthy look. Opt for the products that compliment your hair type and don’t take away the hair dye after 20 3 washes. Use hair color protective shampoo and conditioner and avoid too much use of hair styling sprays, curling and heating tools. Find out natural and subtler hair styling techniques and always condition your locks to make them soft and sleek. Hair styling products such as gels and mousses with alcohol-based ingredients make hair dry and dull.

Best Hair Colors for Thin Hair

When it comes to hair dying experts recommend to take into account your hair texture, type and length. Why is it so important? The thing is that not every hair type has the strength to undergo deep bleaching, strong hair dyes and the like. For example, thin hair is soft and it can easily get damaged by harsh chemicals. Try to find out the best hair colors for thin hair if you have such and take care of your strands leaving alone the desire of achieving a new hair color. With a good hair color for thinning hair you can add an impression of a thicker-looking colors for thin hair 2017If you worry so much about hair colors damaging your hair ten you need to consider the options that compliment thin locks. Curly hair types, for example can are usually dry and can easily get damaged with simple strains and poor care. In this case, products such as powders and sprays provide with a safe alternative to heavy and chemical hair dyes.

2017 Coolest Hair Colors for Green Eyes

Women with green eyes often look for matching hair colors as their eye hue is light and the chosen shade should flatter it. In this case your hair color is supposed to be both trendy and suitable. It’s not easy to come by green eyes because they are rare and very flashy. The coolest hair colors for green eyes for 2017 offer us several cute shades that look very pretty and delightful.2017 hair color for green eyesHair Colors for Green Eyes/Warm Skin

Warm skin tones, particularly those with yellow undertones compliment hair colors such as cinnamon, copper, ginger and strawberry blonde. That is to say, you can pick up light red hues for your hair to bring out your complexion and green eyes. Warm skin tones with golden undertones should avoid deep brown hair colors but can try richer shades including mahogany, auburn, chestnut and golden brown. These are the most astounding shades that go well with warm skin and light green eyes.

Hottest At-Home Hair Color Ideas

When a salon is too much you start thinking of the best at-home hair color ideas that can look professional and trendy at the same time. There are really fashionable inexpensive at-home hair colors ready to provide you with the desired shade. You can use them to cover your gray strands or just to get another posh hue on your locks.Hottest At-Home Hair Color Ideas 2017Neutral Blonde Hair Color

If you have natural blonde hair then neutral blondes can soften and make it trendier. Although neutral blonde shades have lack of shine but they are beautiful on naturally blonde hair and tend to create a multidimensional effect instead of monochrome and dull hues. Neutral blondes can also provide you with the nude look trend if you choose the most suitable shade of blonde close to your skin tone.

Warm and Cool Hair Colors and Your Complexion

It’s always a big matter to pick up the flattering cool or warm hair color idea for your complexion. This is not a matter of taste. It’s as important as your haircut ideas. Today you’ll discover how hair color reflects on your skin tone and eye hue. Even the subtlest change can make a huge difference. If you decide to switch up your hair color you should decide between cool and warm tones be it blonde, brown or red. Golden, sun-kissed and reddish hair colors are generally meant to bring more warmth with them, while light blonde and ash shades create a cooler effect. Let’s discuss them one by colors 2017Brown Hair Colors

There are millions of brown hair colors with light and dark hues, but mostly they are warm and shiny. Several ashy and smokey shades of brown can have a cool reflection. If you are a natural brunette with warm undertones then you can experiment with any warm brown hair color including espresso, chocolate and golden shades. Those with cooler undertones may consider ash brown, light brown and chestnut brown hair colors. Lighter hues of brown can bring out the rosiness in your cheeks. Darker shades may compliment dark eyes and make them shinier.