Hair Color Ideas

New and modern hair color ideas with a number of styles and creative effects always require particular hairstyles and haircuts. According to your current haircut you’ll easily find the best shades with the help of these articles. The most beautiful hues offered by professional stylists give us the coolest hair styling ideas.

Low-Maintenance Hair Color Ideas for 2018

As all women are more in low-maintenance hair colors, top colorists try to put extra effort to provide their clients with the best effect. They have compiled the list of low-maintenance hair color ideas for 2018, to disembarrass females of thoughts that they should go for regular touchups. These shades don’t fade easily plus they grow out seamlessly. It is an excellent news for those who want to keep up with 2018 hair color trends without sacrificing bank accounts or bleaching the strands. Check out all the most beautiful hair color inspiration coming out from top colors 2018Reddish Brown Hair Color

Love this color? Ask your hair colorist for a red base that features warm tones of orange. Indeed, this color will bring out your natural glow and make your skin appear warmer. It is a flattering shade for anyone with cool undertones. If you are attempting to copy the look you should be comfortable with brassy and orangey tones. Feel free to rock it in any season of the year.

Plum Hair Color Inspiration for 2018

If you are here, it means you are trying to find new ways to change up your look. Indeed, a fresh hair color is the best way to have a new look. It can be tough to decide with so many choices out there but there is nothing impossible. Before choosing a shade of traditional blonde, red or brown, have a look at these plum hair colors for 2018 and add a pop of color to your tresses with a sophisticated shade of plum. Surprisingly, this lovely hue complements an array of skin tones and eye colors. Plum tends to add depth and dimension to the strands.plum hair colorsClassic Plum Hair Color

This classic plum hair color is incredible for everyone, regardless of skin tone and eye color. It looks exceptionally gorgeous on women with warm skin blue or hazel eyes, but if you don’t have these complexions that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off the look. It is the highest moment to accentuate your locks with a classic plum hair color. Just give it a try, and you will end up wearing it quite often.

2017 Flattering Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

Angelic blue eyes with ethereal effects and touches grab attention from the first sight. Women with this eye hue usually have light hair but there are cases when we see Afro-American women with blue eyes. They are so stunning. Check out these examples to find out the most flattering hair colors for blue eyes in 2017. After reading this article you will realize how important it is to match your eyes with the right hair color.2017 Flattering Hair Colors for Blue EyesLight Blonde Hair Colors with Blue Eyes

Any shade of light blonde suits blue eyes. This is the case when you don’t need to think twice before choosing a new blonde shade for your hair. Just make sure it goes well with your skin tone and go ahead with your favorite blonde style. Never ever afraid of radical changes, even if the thing is about the lightest platinum blonde hair color. There is always a cool string of blonde shades to match with blue eyes. Consider light flaxen, golden, ice, faded and buttery blonde shades as well as the subtlest tones of dirty blondes.

Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes 2017

There is something incredibly beautiful in women with green eyes. They look more innocent, more feminine and what is more important, more ethereal. They seem to be angels from the heaven with their sophisticated charm and unique attractiveness. If you have green eyes and want to draw more attention to your face then check out the best hair colors for green eyes in 2017. I am here to help you discover the most flattering shade of brown, blonde or red for your eyes.Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes 2017Strawberry Blonde Hair Color for Green Eyes

The fist shade that crosses my mind is the stunning strawberry blonde. It’s the most natural-looking tone o blonde to match with green eyes. of course, there are other blonde hues to choose for green eyes but if you want to make a statement with your trendy style then go ahead with this very shade. Many Hollywood stars with green eyes choose the subtle strawberry blonde to create natural-redhead image as well as to warm up their light or medium skin tone. This is the case, however, when you need to have pale to medium complexion.

Two-Tone Hair Colors 2017 for Short Haircuts

There are many hair color ideas for short haircuts but nothing looks as hot as two-tone hair colors on short pixie and bob haircuts. These are unique hairstyle trends that make a styles statement and inspire many other fashionistas. Tired of the same monotone hue? Pick up one of these two-tone hair colors in 2017 for your short haircut. It’s easy to make short haircuts more feminine with two-tone hair colors.two-tone hair colors for short hair 2017Two-Tone Split Hair Color

Short haircuts hardly allow going for the two-tone split style but lucky women succeed. Here is an example of a short-haired lady who has created a cool two-tone split hair color. In order to get the same fascinating style you need to have thick and voluminous hair. You can use any two shades you like to get the desired result. This girl’s choice is the pink and coral combination that looks so bright and delightful.

Street Style Inspo 2017; Crazy Hair Colors

The latest hair trends seem to be very popular among women of all tastes but there are some crazy ideas that appeal only to those who like radical changes and unique styles. Today we meet mote stylish girls on the street than on the red carpet. So, let’s take a look at the hottest crazy hair colors for 2017 from the latest street looks.Street Style Inspo 2017; Crazy Hair ColorsMulti-Tone Dip Dye Hair Color

The stunning dip dye hair color trend is not out of style. it’s just taken to the next level. Here you see a multi-tone dip dye hair color idea for light hair. You can pick up the same for your dark shade too. The result is always gorgeous. The best thing about dip dye hair color is that they not always require bleaching to look beautiful. You can find the right tones for your hair and create a unique style like this creative Asian lady.

Latest Red Carpet Looks and Best Hair Colors 2017

Lately, Hollywood superstars joined for the premiere of the film “The Promise” and we have seen many stunning looks on the red carpet. Today we have collected the best hair color ideas for 2017 from these luxurious and fabulous stars to inspire you for your next salon visit. The most famous Armenian-American singers and actresses are here to give you new hair styling and coloring ideas for special occasions.Latest Red Carpet Looks and Best Hair Colors 2017Lady Victoria Hervey Blonde Hair Color with Dark Roots

Have a look at this ravishing woman with her super elegant appearance ad style. She is Lady Victoria Hervey always ready to inspire women of her age. This time we have seen her with a lovely chignon updo hairdo that brings out her blonde hair color with dark roots. This combination of hues is more delightful and attractive than monotone hair colors. She sparkles with all her subtless and femininity.

5 Stunning Celebrities with Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Many celebrities opt for platinum blonde hair color but it’s not for everyone and only few get the desired harmonious result with their skin tone and eye. Here I have collected 5 examples of the most ravishing platinum blonde hair colors by celebrities. In case, you have decided to ye your hair platinum blonde you can get your inspiration from these stunners. They are here to give you trendy ideas on how to achieve perfect white blondes with different complexions.2017 Platinum Blonde Hair ColorTaylor Swift Platinum Blonde Hair Color

We have seen Taylor Swift in many blonde hues and the most dominant shade was her natural dirty blonde hair color. Recently she decided to amuse us not only with a new haircut but also with a new hair color. This combination of short bob with bangs and in super white blonde hair color is one of her most amazing and lavishing hairstyles that we have seen so far. It’s really seductive and attractive. It goes well with her skin tone like the rest of blonde hues she has chosen so far.

5 Must-Have Hair Colors of 2017

Do you want to start the new season with a trendier hair color? Here are the 5 must-have hair colors for 2017. These are the main hair trends that will be the most demanded in salons. Take some photos with you to show your stylists what you really want so that you can get the desired celebrity style or look. wishing you a happy experiment I start introducing the best shades for different complexions, eye hues and tastes.5 Must-Have Hair Colors of 2017Blorange Hair Color

Blonde and orange are the shades that provide you with a fancy shade called blorange. This fascinating tone of pastel differs from the rest of hues with its glamorous charm and incredible shine. It’s ready to switch up your hair color and make it either lighter or warmer depending on your base shade. For example, if you have too light or pale blonde hue you can warm it up with this orange-y shade. Brunettes are welcome to lighten their hair with the help of blorange instead of choosing old-fashioned blonde shades.

Brand New Hair Colors to Try in 2017

Today’s fashion string is devoted to the latest brand new hair colors for 2017. If you are interested in the most delightful shades of 2017 then keep on reading to discover more. Make your choice well according to your complexion and eyes. In order to make your hair sparkle you need frequent updates with the help of fresh hair colors. So, think out of the box and opt for rainbow hues too. They are both glamorous and eye-catching.Brand New Hair Colors to Try in 2017Rainbow Braids Hairstyles

Box braids are taken to the next level with stylish rainbow hair colors. Now we say goodbye to the old-fashioned dark and monotone plaits and welcome the trendy rainbow hues to spice up those lovely plaits. They allow us to look fascinating, flashy and luxurious. Long box braids have a delightful charm that can’t be compared with any other braided hairstyle. They sparkle with all their power and become nicer with flattering highlights and accessories.