Awesome Hair Highlights and Trends for 2017

The latest awesome hair highlights for 2017 are so versatile that you’ll get confused in the variety. From the most natural looking shades to the craziest rainbow tones there are amazing solutions for your hair. Listen to your heart and opt for the best hair highlights that will represent your unique individuality and taste.

Low-Maintenance Hair Color Ideas for 2018

As all women are more in low-maintenance hair colors, top colorists try to put extra effort to provide their clients with the best effect. They have compiled the list of low-maintenance hair color ideas for 2018, to disembarrass females of thoughts that they should go for regular touchups. These shades don’t fade easily plus they grow out seamlessly. It is an excellent news for those who want to keep up with 2018 hair color trends without sacrificing bank accounts or bleaching the strands. Check out all the most beautiful hair color inspiration coming out from top colors 2018Reddish Brown Hair Color

Love this color? Ask your hair colorist for a red base that features warm tones of orange. Indeed, this color will bring out your natural glow and make your skin appear warmer. It is a flattering shade for anyone with cool undertones. If you are attempting to copy the look you should be comfortable with brassy and orangey tones. Feel free to rock it in any season of the year.

5 Most In-Demand Hair Highlights for 2017

Perhaps the biggest hair color trends you have seen so far are the Hygge-inspired shades, brondes, newest ombre styles and natural-looking tones. Today we will discover the top 5 most popular hair highlights trends for 2017. If you haven’t dyed your hair yet then these shades will surely inspire you to spice up your look with a brand new shade. Take a look at these stunners and get your next inspiration.warm highlightsBalayage Highlights

Although ombre is very popular it can’t win the sophisticated balayage. These days balayage highlights are the most popular and demanded hair color ideas in salons. They are worn both by blondes and brunettes. Now, stylists think of many other ways to update this style with modern touches. Balayage highlights look beautiful not only on long but also on short haircuts. The biggest balayage hair trend is the lob cut with that natural-looking game of hues.

5 Lovely Hair Highlights Ideas to Copy for 2017

Hair highlights trends tend to change by the time. There are lots of ideas to use when it comes to stylish hair colors and highlights but here are the 5 best hair highlights for 2017. After looking at these pictures you’ll notice that your hair needs a new change and a ravishing spice up. These hair highlights are unique and differ from the rest of the highlights that you have seen so far.5 Lovely Hair Highlights Ideas to Copy for 2017Multi-Tone Highlights

Vibrant and contrasting shades paired in a well-balanced nature are the most eye-catching highlights that you can rock on your short or long hair. If you have short hair you’d better opt for fresh layers and then add these multi-tone highlights. They are generally beautifully placed on short layers. They soften hair and switch it up. This style is great for long hair too. Just consult with your hair colorist to pick up the most flattering placement.

Natural Hair Highlights for SS 2017

Spring is in the air and summer is on the corner. So, we are waiting for the hottest days to spend out holidays on the beaches and have as much fun as possible because fall and winter will never wait long. Let’s give some freedom to our locks and make them feel the subtle wind of the spring, this time we give up styling hair with heating tools and opt for more natural touches. The best way to enjoy warm days is keeping hair as natural as possible. That’s why stylists inspire us to go for natural hair highlights in SS 2017. And we are ready for sophisticated shades.SS 2017 hair highlights 2017Natural Dark Roots Hair Highlights

When hair grows out it looks lighter at the tips than on the top part. So, the natural-looking dark roots are just on pint. They could become one of your stylish hacks and tricks for spring and summer hair care. Pick up a natural-looking brown hue according to the lightness or darkness of your hair color and darken up the roots a little bit. Once you go for beach waves the result becomes more obvious and beautiful.  

2017 Hair Highlights for Short Cuts

The coolest way to jazz up your short hair is adding some edgy highlights. Below you’ll find the hottest short haircuts with trendy highlights for 2017. If you think that the current state of your short hair is dull but you have just gone for a fresh cut, then it’s the high time to think of flattering highlights. Whether your base shade is dark or light here are the trendiest hair highlights that suit short haircuts. Find yours!hair highlights for short hair 2017Caramel Brown Highlights for Short Hair

Although not every short haircut looks nice with caramel highlights but since it’s one of the most popular shades in 2017 stylists know how to deal with it when it comes to short hair. Actually, a lot depends on the base hair color and haircut. The best combination in this case is the dark brown bob haircut. You can warm and spice it up with sweet caramel highlights choosing the soft slicing technique. Here you see one cool example of a short dark brown bob haircut with caramel highlights.

Braided Hairstyles with Trendy Hair Highlights 2017

Braided hairdos are becoming more popular due to fresh hair colors and highlights, which are perfectly reflected on braids. These woven and knotted hairdos are the best for cool hair highlights. Here you are going to be inspired by the hottest braided hairstyles with hair highlights for 2017. Pick up some options for your hair to try for the upcoming parties.braided hairstyles with hair highlights 2017Waterfall Braid with Highlights

Waterfall is one of the most beautiful cascading hairstyles that can bring out the beauty of your highlights. Whether they are simple hair highlights or ombre shades you are going to showcase an awesome look with the help of the waterfall braid hairstyle. The best thing about this hairdo is that it’s achieved both on long and short haircuts. You can add natural-looking highlights at the tips and create a two-tone hair color, which will sparkle on the waterfall.

2017 Brunette Hair Colors with Highlights

Brunette hair colors are classy in their monotone shades but they become more interesting with highlights. Are you tired of your monochrome brunette shade? Try some of these brunette hair colors with highlights in 2017 one by one. These creative ideas of highlights will make you think of other stunning solutions for your hair. Transform into a fancier brunette with these eye-catching and trendy highlights.brunette hair with highlights 2017Brunette Hair with Red Highlights

Reddish highlights like auburn, copper and burgundy are the best for brunette hair colors. These lovely tones make brunette hair very attractive and add warmth. The technique of the placement depends on your hair type and length. It can be either slicing or chunky but the most important thing is to keep balance. Avoid over highlighting to keep your natural shade visible and beautiful.

2017 Trendy Hair Highlights from Famous Women

The majority famous women have their personal stylists who decide their haircuts, hairstyles, and makeup and outfit ideas. That’s the reason why they look so beautiful, feminine and flattering. If you want to copy one of their best loos then check out these trendy hair highlights for 2017 from famous women. Many celebrity looks teach us how to deal with hair colors and highlights. Let’s take the best.celebrity hair highlights 2017Jessica Alba Caramel Highlights

Jessica Alba never fails when it comes to hair colors and highlights. Her choices are always suitable and well-balanced for her brunette hair. She likes to lighten or warm up her chestnut brown shade with caramel tones. They are placed daintily from the top to the tips and tend to make her loose wavy hairstyles richer in hues and deeper in its style. If you have tan skin and chestnut hair you can rock Jessica Alba’s hair highlights.

Trendy Red Hair Highlights for 2017

Who could ever imagine that red highlights would become so popular for all hair colors? If you think that they suit only dark hair colors then check out these trendy red highlights for 2017. You’ll soon notice that red is a flexible shade to match with many base hair colors. It adds warmth, attractiveness and more charm to fancy haircuts and hairstyles. You can place red highlights in slicing styles, on layers and bangs and archive delightful highlights 2017Red Highlights for Black Hair

Let’s start from the most common and popular style of red highlights. It’s a cute combination between black and red hair colors, which harmoniously go with each other and provide hair with extra-depth and charm. These highlights can be placed on bags, face framing strands and allover black hair. Try to create a well-balanced effect choosing the right tone of red for your black shade and skin tone.

2017 Hair Highlights for Long Hair

Every hair type and length has its rules and demands. The longer your hair the more you take care of it. Long-haired women know what it is to dye hair in a stunning and fresh shade. They usually opt for highlights as a few hues are sometimes enough to create stylish and super attractive looks. Check out the most beautiful hair highlights for long hair 2017. Embrace your long strands with one of these hot hair highlighting ideas and look like a cool highlights 2017 long hairRainbow Highlights for Long Hair

I would like to start with the most interesting hair highlights for long hair. It’s the popular rainbow style that works with all hair types and lengths. Girls with long hair look very festive and playful with rainbow highlights. Some go for hair extensions and some choose hair dying ideas such as hair chalks or special tints. Consult with your hair colorist before adding any rainbow shade to your hair. Opt for the most flattering hues.