Cutest Pastel Hair Colors 2017

Pastel hair colors for 2017 are the cutest shades that you can ever meet in the fashion world. They are light, shiny, angelic and sophisticated. Remember the times when pastel shades were used only by blondes? Today they are women by Afro-American women too, because they have the most suitable hair type for these tones. Frizzy hair becomes cotton candy with pastel hair colors.

Cute Turquoise Hair Colors for 2018

Turquoise hair colors are associated with boldness and youthfulness. It is a vivid shade that will make the wearer stand out in the crowd. Regardless of whether you decide to go all over turquoise or keep it subtle with highlights, prepare yourself for lots of compliments. Turquoise flatters an array of skin tones, but you still need to be careful while choosing an undertone. Luckily, you can pair this shade both with dark and light hues. It works absolutely amazing on brunettes. Check out the following turquoise hair colors for 2018 and find something for your next hair color makeover.pastel hair colorsTurquoise Ombre Hair Color

Let’s start with a style that doesn’t require full commitment. The following ombre requires mixing the dark metal shade with more saturated teals to achieve a chic hair color like this. The shade creates a great combination when paired with black, white or other hues. Next time before coloring your roots, think twice, as you may create so many amazing hair looks with natural roots and this particular example is one of them.

Chic Hair Colors for Women with Pale Skin Tone

Having a pale skin tone is just incredible but it is important to know what hair color to choose to complement it. When it comes to choosing a right hair color for pale skin tone there are some things to take into consideration. Luckily, there are tons of colors that flatter this lovely skin tone. While picking a hair shade for you, keep in your mind, that your eye color is also crucial. If you are sure that you have pale skin tone, go through our article about hair colors for women with pale skin tone and get the tone that is close to your colors for fair skin tone Winning Blonde Hair Color

Blonde is a winning shade for women with pale skin complexion. Be that platinum, ashy, white or silver tone of blonde, you are going to make a statement. Light blonde hair color tends to naturalize pale skin tone with. Pale beauties in Hollywood are also fond of blonde tones, just remember Gwen Stefani, she is so famous for her platinum locks.

Greatest Paravana Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Whenever you decide to color your strands consider using Pravana hair colors. Pravana is a company that produces a range of hair care products plus hair colors. Pravana products guarantee an incredible hair look without damaging your strands. Whether you decide to go for pastels, rainbows and neons, here you will definitely find your own style. If you are ready, check out the greatest Pravana hair color ideas for 2018. Note, some of them are quite bold and vivid.pravana hair colors Rainbow Hair Colors

When it comes to Pravana hair colors, the options are truly endless and we are curious to know, what you will create. However, the following style is not for faint heart ladies as it grabs too much attention. In case, if you want to make a bold statement, go ahead with it. The look requires mixing Pravana rainbow hues and pastels. It is not an easy hair color to achieve, as you need to pair the tones carefully. Remember, you always have a chance to choose your favorite color combo.

Peach Hair Color Inspiration for Summer 2017

The hot air in already here and we can’t help waiting for the exiting beach days. But before spending our summer holidays on the beach lets first update our hair color and hairstyles for the loveliest season of the year. Check out these peach hair color ideas for summer 2017 and pick up hairstyle trends to refresh your locks.  You’ll surely fall in love with this warm pastel hue as it’s both eye-catching and dainty.peach hair colors 2017Long Warm Peach Hairstyle

Long hair grabs attention when it’s dyed in a warm and unique hair color. Women inspired by Kylie Jenner’s style dye their long tresses in the lovely shade of peach and style their locks in trendy wavy, curly or straight hairstyles. This hair color is awesome with braids and sophisticated updo hairstyles too. You can match it both with light and dark complexions.

Pastel Purple Hair Colors and Hairstyles for 2017

Get your next hair color inspiration right here and right now. Check out the latest pastel purple hair colors for 2017 and consider some matching hairstyles to try this year. You are going to amuse many of your friends with your brand new and trendy look. Purple is not a common shade for hair to meet frequently on the streets. If you dye your hair in this hue you’ll defiantly highlight your individuality and personal taste. Purple is considered as the hue of artistic and creative people. Do you like the idea of having stunning pastel purple hairstyles?  pastel purple hair colors 2017Pastel Purple Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie cuts in pastel hair colors are definitely feminine and stylish. They are softer than any other pixie hairstyle and they are unique like no any other short haircut. Pastel purple works well with light and dark complexions that’s why both black and light-skinned ladies opt for this shade to soften their boyish haircuts. If you want to take your short haircut to the next level with a trendy hair color idea then let it be the lovely lilac hue.

Best Hairstyle Trends for Pastel Hair Colors

Pastel shades are not natural-looking or common hair color ideas but they are having a moment. In order to match your paste shade with the trendiest hairstyles I offer to check out these hairstyle ideas for pastel hair colors. They are chosen carefully special for the most enthusiastic fashionistas. I am sure that your pastel hair color is going to look more fashionable if you opt for one of these haircuts or hairstyles.  hairstyles for pastel hair colors 2017Short Pastel Pixie Hairstyle

Here is the biggest hairstyle trend for 2017. It’s the short pixie haircut in alight and subtle shade of pastel. Many women go for short boyish pixie haircuts but not everyone cares about its hue. If your current haircut seems too boyish for you and you seek for a bit of feminine touch then go ahead with a lovely pastel hair color.  Style your locks in any hairstyle you like as they are going to look charming by all means.

5 Most Popular Pastel Hair Colors

Have you decided to dye your hair in a hot pastel shade? First, find out the most popular pastel hair colors for the moment and then decide the shade according to your base hair color and preferences. Like the rest of hair color trends pastel are also taken to the next level with silvery, golden and rosy touches. These are more fashionable shades among the lightest and most ethereal hair colors. You’ll definitely fall in some of the sophisticated looks.pastel hair colors 2017Silver Blue Pastel Hair Color

The professional hair colorists have taken the silver and light blue hair colors and mixed to get a new pastel shade for you. It’s the delightful and peaceful silver blue pastel that works well with most short haircuts. Some celebrities have already tried it out to soften their pixie haircuts. However, it’s a great choice for any length and type of hair. Start the coming season with a soft tone of pastel and say goodbye to the old-fashioned, dull or traditional shades. Silver adds extra-shine to light blue making it fresher and more capturing.

Pastel Hair Color Ideas for Spring 2017

Spring is on the corner and it reminds us that it’s the high tie to think of a new hair color matching its tenderness. Let’s unveil the coolest pastel hair colors for spring 2017. If you are ready for a hot transformation then choose one of these pastel shades for your locks. Lately stylists offer pastel shades even for dark-skinned women. All you need is just the right tone of lilac, apricot, mint or blue.pastel hair colors spring 2017Pastel Ombre Hair Color

Have you ever tried out a crazy ombre hair color? It’s possible to get with pastel shades. Since we usually lighten up the tips of the hair to add it an ombre touch we can do the same with pastel shades. Keep the rots of your hair in a dark shade and then lighten up the ends with your favorite pastel hair color. You can match two tones of the same hair color taking its dark and light hues. The result is wonderful on long hairstyles.

Washed-Out Hair Color Ideas

Summer’s biggest hair color trends are going to be the lovely washed out hair colors. The interesting fight against faded hair colors is over. Now they are real trends. Summer is the perfect time for washed out hair colors because the sun’s bleaching power and frequent showers take away the color from your hair so easily. Let’s welcome soft and sophisticated washed out hair colors in 2017.washed-out-hair-color-ideas-2017What is it?

From cotton candy hair colors, crazy reds, dramatic and eye-catching rainbow hues to the beach blonde shades you can achieve stunning washed out hairstyles whenever you want to look festive. Your hot red, pink, blue and darker hair colors can fade gradually into pastel and softer hair colors depending on your base shade. Both blondes and brunettes can get washed out hair colors. So, what is washed out hair color in reality? It’s the faded tone of the hair color you have worn.

Pastel and Neon Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

If you are a fun and crazy lady who wants to experiment with cute pastel and neon hair colors you should first of all decide whether your choice is suitable for your skin tone or not. According to prof and skillful hair colorist Nelson Bray everyone should have a list of shades that wants to try and everyone needs to narrow that list down in order to pick the most attractive and beautiful hue for her hair. Since pastel and neon hair colors are not common shades to wear whenever you want, today you’ll find out the secrets and matching tips regarding this awesome style. So, before you may dye your hair in any shade of pastel or neon decide your skin tone and eyes. Actually natural hair colors don’t matter so much, as long as you decide to wear a vibrant or light hair color.neon-and-pastel-hair-colors-2017Pale Skin Tone

Pale-skinned sisters seeking pastel or neon hair colors should be aware that there is a risk to ruin hair opting for the wrong shade. While pastel shades look celestial and harmonious with pale skin, neon hues don’t compliment it and moreover, they make pale-skinned ladies too eye-catching and harsh. Bray says that if you decide to go for neon then the best shade is the cute pink for sure. When it comes to pastels, you have a great opportunity to try any tone of pastel you prefer. Pale skin and blue yes usually looks gorgeous with pastel blue hair. It provides you with a stunning frozen and angelic effect. Warmer shades are pink, apricot, peach and lemon. Pastel grey, mint green and lilac and calmer hues to match with light eyes and cool skin tone.