Subtle Purple Hair Colors for 2017

Purple is a revising hue with many subtle tones. There are trendy purple hair colors for 2017 that leave us breathless. Thanks to the latest innovative hair coloring techniques today we have professional and lovely looks with lilac, lavender, plum and other purplish hues. Luckily, they flatter various skin tones and each of us can easily find her shade.

Plum Hair Color Inspiration for 2018

If you are here, it means you are trying to find new ways to change up your look. Indeed, a fresh hair color is the best way to have a new look. It can be tough to decide with so many choices out there but there is nothing impossible. Before choosing a shade of traditional blonde, red or brown, have a look at these plum hair colors for 2018 and add a pop of color to your tresses with a sophisticated shade of plum. Surprisingly, this lovely hue complements an array of skin tones and eye colors. Plum tends to add depth and dimension to the strands.plum hair colorsClassic Plum Hair Color

This classic plum hair color is incredible for everyone, regardless of skin tone and eye color. It looks exceptionally gorgeous on women with warm skin blue or hazel eyes, but if you don’t have these complexions that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off the look. It is the highest moment to accentuate your locks with a classic plum hair color. Just give it a try, and you will end up wearing it quite often.

Best Purple Hair Colors of All Times

There are hair colors that are crazy and unusual but they continue remaining as big trends. One of them is the purple color with its light and dark shades. Let’s discover the beauty of the best purple hair colors of all times. Instead of natural shades now you can choose vibrant and eye-catching tones of purple to impress people around you. purple hair color 2017Deep Purple Hair Color

After the pastel hair color triumph brunettes started to think out of the box to find out flattering shades that can win pastels. And there are all the rainbow hues that we see these days. While blondes dye their hair in pastel tones brunettes opt for deep and vibrant rainbow shades. Here is the deep purple that looks perfect with all complexions but is more than awesome especially with dark skin tones and eyes. Whenever you feel as if your brunette hair needs an update you can opt for this lavishing hue. It’s ready to spice up your style.

Pastel Purple Hair Colors and Hairstyles for 2017

Get your next hair color inspiration right here and right now. Check out the latest pastel purple hair colors for 2017 and consider some matching hairstyles to try this year. You are going to amuse many of your friends with your brand new and trendy look. Purple is not a common shade for hair to meet frequently on the streets. If you dye your hair in this hue you’ll defiantly highlight your individuality and personal taste. Purple is considered as the hue of artistic and creative people. Do you like the idea of having stunning pastel purple hairstyles?  pastel purple hair colors 2017Pastel Purple Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie cuts in pastel hair colors are definitely feminine and stylish. They are softer than any other pixie hairstyle and they are unique like no any other short haircut. Pastel purple works well with light and dark complexions that’s why both black and light-skinned ladies opt for this shade to soften their boyish haircuts. If you want to take your short haircut to the next level with a trendy hair color idea then let it be the lovely lilac hue.

Magenta Hair Colors 2017

When you decide to dye your hair a crazy shade you should pay attention to several factors. Is it trendy? Is its flattering? And is it beautiful. If the chosen shade answers to these questions in a best way then you have meet your dreamt hair color. Here are magenta hair colors for 2017. They are ultra-eye-catching and vibrant shades that will make your style unique and you’ll stand out in the crowd. Is that all you look for? Welcome the trendy magenta hair colors.magenta hair colors 2017Dark Magenta Hair Color

Magenta is a bright purple-violet-pink color combo that has dark and a bit light tones. It is subtly worn on brunette hair colors and looks awesome in any length. You can experiment with dark magenta hair color if you have dark hair and black complexion. Dye your locks in a deep violet shade and match it with edgy makeups. Women with light complexion will grab more attention with this hairstyle. It’s a luxurious and delightful hue of purple with pink undertones.

Deep Purple Hair Colors to Try in 2017

Leaving alone all the light shades of purple today we will discover the most beautiful deep purple hair colors for 2017. What about having more fun with dark and edgy hair colors like the plum or violet shades? Purple is a sophisticated hair color to match with most complexions form cool to warm. The best part about it is that it is daintily worn both on blonde and brunette hair.Deep Purple Hair Colors to Try in 2017Deep Purple Hair Color and Cool Skin

Women with cool or light skin tones seldom go for deep, dark and shiny hair colors. The reason is that most light-skinned ladies look too edgy and bold with dark hair colors. However, some brave celebrities prove that dark purple is one of the best shades to match with cool complexions and light eyes. Although the result is too eye-catching it’s also very attractive and soft. In order to get a well-balanced effect you should opt for the flattering tone of deep purple.

Light Purple Hair Colors for 2017

The lighter your bold hair color the subtler it looks. Among the latest feminine shade light purple hair colors for 2017 are the most popular and requested pastel tones. They are worn on different haircuts and hairstyles. Long hair looks more girlish and shorter haircuts become nicer and cuter with pastel purple, lavender and lilac hair colors. This girlish hue captures many hearts with its awesome and fresh effects. Check out some hairstyles with light purple hues and go ahead with your favorite style.light-purple-hair-colors-for-2017Short Light Purple Hairstyle

Light purple worn on pixie is totally different charm compared to most pixie hairstyles. This awesome and cool idea works well especially when you feel unconfident because of the boyish nature of your haircut. This straight and cozy haircut will immediately become amazing with the help of lavender shade.

Denim Hair Color Trend

Looking for an absolutely new and interesting hair color idea? The denim hair color trend is here. Who would ever imagine that one day women would start dying their hair in the same shade as their jeans has. Now, it’s more than popular. We have seen many hair color trends, but denim hair color is not only strange but also very attractive. It captures especially girls who are fond of light blue and silver hair color combos. If you are one of them, then beautify your long locks with the denim touch.denim-hair-colors-for-2017What is Denim Hair Color?

If you are still thinking of the name of this new hair color idea, then I am here to tell you that it’s all about matching your hair color with your favorite pair of denim jeans. By combing blue, purple, greyish and pastel shades you can easily get a fantastic hair color all over your locks. The best thing about this shade is that its’ quite versatile and works with various hair colors and complexions.

2017 Latest Purple Hair Color Trends

Recently the many shades of purple have become big trends for women of all skin tones. This fact makes us happier as we have a new subtle hair color idea to play with. I would like to share with you some of the latest purple hair colors trends for 2017. I love this shade with all its hues and tones but will recommend the right shade for your skin tone. Have a look at these cuties and choose a light or dark tone of purple, lilac or lavender for your locks.purple-hair-colors-2017Dark Purple Hair Color

Deep plum and eggplant hair colors are the nicest dark shades for brunettes who think of new hair color ideas. This shade is rich and makes hair deeper and visually thicker. It works well with olive, tanned and darker skin tones and brings out lighter complexions. You can wear it on your long straight hair to take your simple hairstyle to the next level.

Blue Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Everybody wants to create his/her own style and stand out in the crowd. Women usually choose new haircuts and hairstyles to transform into inspiring stylish ladies. If you are one of those who seek for big transformations with the help of trendy hairstyles then check out the latest blue hair colors and match one of them with your skin Blue Hair Color

Let’s start from the lightest blue hair color. It’s the ethereal and celestial pastel blue that requires light skin tone and light eyes. However I have also seen black women with cotton candy pastel hairstyles. They are so cute. So, this means that anyone can play with pastel blue hair color if she chooses the right tones. Sometimes you can refresh it with silver tones for more shine.