Rich Red Hair Colors and Trends for 2017

The richest red hair colors and trends for 2017 are summed up in the categories of ginger, copper, auburn, reddish brown and burgundy tones. They gradually become dark in their hues and flatter different skin tones. If you feel as if your blonde, brown or natural red shade needs a transformation or a fancy update then check out these sparkling and marvelous red hair colors.

2017 Newest Red Hair Color Trends

Although we know all the red hair colors, but they tend to change by the time and according to the trends. You may discover a new string of red hair color trends for 2018. These are natural-looking or too luxurious red hair colors that you can try this year on your blonde or brunette hair. Natural redheads can consider some options to enhance their hair color. Start the new season with a warm and fabulous hair color and you’ll look more fashionable all year hair colro ideas 2017Light Auburn Hair Color

Light auburn will never go out of style as it’s among the most popular light red shades for light and medium skin tones. This shade is the most frequently worn hue in Hollywood. Lately we have seen many amazing celebrities wearing it on their vintage hairstyles during the best red carpet events. Light auburn tones provide you with a natural sophistication when you have light eyes.

Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Women thinking of red omnre hair colors for 2017 are usually seeking for more attention and fancier touches in their look. The fact is that red hair colors are trendy and they are often combined with various styling including the ombre hair trend. You will love some of the red ombre styles represented below. Consult with your hair colorist to pick the best version according to your base hair ombre hair colros 2017Red Blonde Ombre Hair Color

The transition from red to ombre is sometimes contrasting but very subtle. This is not an edgy hair color idea to be afraid of. It’s just a great way to get a light and dark hair color combination. The roots are in a deep shade of red and the tips are light in a yellowish blonde hue. The colorist has worked really hard to provide with a well-balanced color block and mixture. You can choose this either for naturally blond hair dying only the toots in a red shade or you may lighten up your brunette hair by bleaching out the tips and dying the roots in a red tone.

Red Hair Color Ideas from Instagram for 2017

It’s the high time to check out the trendiest red hair colors for 2017 from Intsagram. This platform has become one of the most popular platforms where girls prefer to post their photos of hairstyles and hair colors more often than on other social nets. If you are in a search of a red hair color inspiration, then these looks will be the best to consider for your future hair color ideas 2017Red Ombre Hair Color

Vanessa Hudgens is our first Instagram user who often posts selfies to show off her new hairstyles and hair colors. So, here is her red ombre hair color. It’s a sophisticated hair color idea for brunettes who seek for a hot change in their look. You can dye the tips of your brunette locks in a burgundy or mahogany red hair color. This combo works well with the majority of dark-skinned women.

Trendy Red Hair Highlights for 2017

Who could ever imagine that red highlights would become so popular for all hair colors? If you think that they suit only dark hair colors then check out these trendy red highlights for 2017. You’ll soon notice that red is a flexible shade to match with many base hair colors. It adds warmth, attractiveness and more charm to fancy haircuts and hairstyles. You can place red highlights in slicing styles, on layers and bangs and archive delightful highlights 2017Red Highlights for Black Hair

Let’s start from the most common and popular style of red highlights. It’s a cute combination between black and red hair colors, which harmoniously go with each other and provide hair with extra-depth and charm. These highlights can be placed on bags, face framing strands and allover black hair. Try to create a well-balanced effect choosing the right tone of red for your black shade and skin tone.

Subtle Ginger Red Hair Colors

Thinking of dyeing your hair in the most natural-looking shade of red? It’s the lovely ginger. What if your skin tone compliments it and you didn’t know about it? Discover the best ginger red hair color idea for your locks and complexion and say goodbye to your blonde or brunette hair.Subtle Ginger Red Hair Colors 2017What is Ginger Hair Color?

The first thing that you need to know about the ginger red is that it’s a light, sun-kissed and shiny shade requiring everyday care and frequent touch ups. It’s a natural yet vibrant tone of copper/orange red with a hint of blonde. While ginger hair is not that common many seek to get this shade on their blonde or brown locks. It remains a requested choice among women with light pink skin, or even dark hair.

Dark Red Hair Colors for 2017

Different shades of burgundy are reflected on hair differently. According to your hair color choice your skin tone can become either flashier or less sparkling. Since red hairstyles are always unique and eye-catching they easily make you stand out in the crowd. Here are the best dark red hair colors for 2017.  Welcome the deepest, freshet and boldest red shades and say goodbye to your dull hair color. These hues are able to transform you into a stunning lady.dark red hair colors 2017Dark Burgundy Hair Color

Dark burgundy red hair color is actively used by brunettes who seek for a bit of change. Actually it’s a huge change as your brunette locks become shinier, nicer and of course, trendier. Light brown and blonde hair can also be dyed in dark burgundy shade and the result will be brighter and hotter. In order to keep it fresh you should go for frequent updates.

Celebrity Looks: Boldest Red Hair Colors 2017

It’s not a secret that red is an eye-catching hair color but sometimes there are tones of red that seem to be not only flashy but also bold and unique. Here are the bravest celebrities with bold red hair colors. If you seek for a hot red hair color inspiration for 2017 check out these fresh and delightful looks.celebrity red hair colors 2017Rihanna Red Hair Color

Rihanna has dyed her hair in red several times and each time she was in a new hairstyle idea. Her most memorable red hairstyle however is the vintage bob. We have seen her both in long sleek red hairstyles and in super red curls, but this one if her most interesting combination. Red goes well with her complexion and if you, too, have such skin tone you can copy Rihanna’s red shades in 2017.

Best Hair Color Ideas for Redheads

Red is having its biggest moment and will continue to be an inspiring trend in 2017. Redheads who have the most attractive hair color idea sometimes look for updating solutions and shinier red shades for their flawless looks. Below you’ll find the best hair color ideas for redheads. Discover the best of best for red hair and go on with a brand new Auburn Hair Color

There is a lot of dimension in golden auburn hair color. It’s a glossy and shiny shade that can make any ginger hair color very eye-catching and attractive. If you want to warm up your current hue and add a glossy touch to it, you may consult with a stylist and dye your locks in a golden auburn hair color. It should be light to sparkle so beautifully.

Reddish Brown Hair Colors

Reddish brown hair colors are the most neutral red shades that you can choose from the red color palette. They are usually called auburn hair colors and are worn by many celebrities. If you don’t like your current blonde or brown shade then it’s the high time to think of reddish brown. Check out these looks and hairstyles with reddish brown hair colors and pick the shade that seems to be perfect with your complexion, eyes and base hair colors.reddish-brown-hair-color-2017Reddish Brown Hair Color and Your Skin

Between millions of red tones reddish browns best go with medium skin tones and green eyes. They can also look nice with warm undertones and blue, brown eyes too but if you want to look like a real ginger-haired beauty then you need to follow the latest examples of reddish brown hair colors and matching skin tones. If you have dark or too light skin tone, you should be careful with this hair color as it may make you look either bold or unnatural.

Trendy Red Hair Colors for 2017

Looking at the red hair color palette you’ll see millions of bright and warm shades, which are ready to spice up your look. But wait before dying your strands. Check out these trendy red hair colors for 2017 and you’ll be the first who knows which hues to pick from that rich palette. Red is a high-impact hair color that can make you stand out in the crowd.trendy-red-hair-colors-for-2017Pumpkin Spice Hair Color

Everything is over with Halloween this year, but we have taken a new inspiration for hair colors. It’s the pumpkin spice shade which is the most recent red hair color trend. With the help of this natural-looking red shade your hair will become shinier and nicer. It is really a cute and spicy red hair color for fair complexions. You can match it with light eyes if you want to look like a natural redhead.