Catwalk Backstage Beauty Looks and Hair Colors for 2017

Would you like to get your ultimate hair inspiration from the latest catwalk backstage beauty looks and hair colors for 2017? Check out these stunning looks and think of the most flattering hairstyle, hair color and makeup matching for your hair and complexion. There is always a good solution for any occasion, any hair type and any base shade. Stand out in the crowd with your super stylish and unique look.Catwalk Backstage Beauty Looks and Hair Colors for 2017Natural Bronde Hair Color

While some are blessed with natural bronde hair colors others do their best to discover the most suitable bronde tone for their skin. It’s the high time for you to opt for the best bronde shade and embrace your real charm. The best thing about this hair color is that it’s natural-looking and trendy at the same time. You can combine it with most complexions and elegant makeups. It goes well both with natural hair and super straight locks.natural bronde hair color for 2017

natural bronde hair color for 2017Chestnut Brown Hair Color

All the light and dark tones of chestnut brown hair color are having their moment. Chestnut brown is another natural-looking shade with so many shiny and multidimensional reflections on hair. Women with dark brown hair go for this hue to lighten and soften their base hue, while blondes choose it as their first step of joining the stunning brunettes. Whatever your aim, chestnut brown is a big hair color trend for 2017.chestnut brown hair color idea 2017

chestnut brown hair color idea 2017Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Different warm and light tones of strawberry blonde are great for spring and summer seasons. Some redheads have this shade as their natural hue but others may achieve it by dying their blonde hair in a warmer reddish tone. The best thing about strawberry blonde hair colors is that they tend to warm up pale and medium complexions and look natural with light eyes. If you have blonde locks you can spice them up with a light or dark strawberry blonde shade depending on your base tone and complexion.strawberry blonde hair color 2017

strawberry blonde hair color 2017Black Hair Color

We see many more celebrities and runway lookers wearing black hair colors. Black hairstyles with bangs are in thing these days. They are mostly combined with pale and light skin tones to create contrasting yet natural effects. The advantage of black hair color is that it’s classy and shiny, which means you can pair it with different makeup ideas. Actually black hair is neutral compared with many other hair color ideas that have the same elegant hair color 2017

black hair color 2017Multi-Tone Highlights

Special for adventurous and interesting ladies here are the fascinating multi-tone highlights full of fun.  They come up with a variety of styles and shades for different base hues. While blonde go for pastel multi-tone highlights brunettes wear brighter shades. As for makeups, you need to pick suitable tones and hues for your eyes and lips to get a well-balanced combo.multi-tone highlights 2017

multi-tone highlights 2017

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