Crazy Hair Color Inspiration

Women are used to get tired of the same hairstyle or hair color. There are millions of hair colors to consider in 2017 but this time we will focus on the craziest hair color ideas that we often see on the streets of fancy cities. Of course, there are thousands of rainbow and pastel hair color ideas to make your choice between but the following 5 looks are the trendiest and most requested in salons among young fashionistas.Crazy Hair Color InspirationVibrant Hair Color with Dark Roots

Dark roots are here to replace many ombre hair colors. They are combined with vibrant hair colors and look very attractive. While blondes go for pastel shades with dark roots brunettes have the chance to keep their natural hair color the way it is only at the roots and dye the rest in a vibrant and vivid hair color. Here you see magenta hair color trend with dark roots. It’s one of the most popular shades for 2017.vibrant hair color with dark roots 2017Denim Hair Color

The coolest blue hair color is having its moment. The perfect denim is our most favorite blue shade to wear on a variety of haircuts and make more beautiful with braided hairdos. Denim is a multidimensional and eye-catching hair color idea created with light, faded and silver blue shades. This combo is ideal for most light complexions and tan skins.denim hair color 2017Neon Hair Color

If you think that neon hair colors are no more used by stylish women then look at this stunner that rocks neon green shade with great pleasure. No matter what haircut or hair length you have; if you need more attention there you go with a shiny and flashy neon hair color idea. Luckily, this crazy hair color doesn’t ask skin tone or eye hue. Everyone easily finds the right shade for her hair.neon hair color 2017Silver Lavender Hair Color

Instead of the silver blue you may consider the silver lavender in 2017 as purple shades are becoming popular day by day. It’s obvious that the silver lavender is close to pastel hair colors and tends to find its matching between short haircuts. If you have a short haircut, then make it prettier with the help of such a light and dainty hair color.silver lavender hair color 2017Pink Hair Color

All possible shades of pink are trendy for 2017. The only thing you need to do to get a fancy look is choosing the right tone of pink according to your skin. Light-skinned girls can think of pastel pink shades, while darker-skinned women may go or shinier and darker hues of pink. This hair color is super feminine and hair color 2017

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