Newest Hidden Rainbow Hair Colors

Rainbow hair colors are really tempting but the fact is that not everyone can wear them because of some circumstances. But stylists always have cool solutions for us even if we want crazy hair colors with some limitations. Welcome the newest hidden rainbow hair colors if the fully rainbow hair is not for you. We will help you hide your rainbow shade with creative ideas. This is perhaps the peak of hair coloring art.short hair with hidden rainbowHow to Get:

Well, the first question that crosses your mind is perhaps the following’ how to get hidden rainbow hair’? Well, first of all I would like to tell that it’s not a simple trick to do at home. You’d better refer to a professional hair colorist if you want to get the desired look. Second, hidden rainbow hair colors don’t ask hair type but they are achieved on straight hair easier than on curls. Third, you can get rainbow shade on any hair color be it light or dark. The only thing you should do is the right choice of the hair color according to your base tone. It’s recommended to go for pastel highlights if you have blonde shade. Brunettes can wear brighter and more vibrant hues of rainbow. As for the placement, they are worn on underneath hair and are easily hidden with loose and downdo hairstyles. If you look for the most creative hair coloring idea then this is for you.2017  hidden rainbow hairHidden Rainbow Hair Colors for Long Hair

The longer your hair the more efforts you’ll spend on getting rainbow highlights on your underneath locks. The result however is very beautiful. Choose a multidimensional effect with the right hair colors flattering your base tone. Opt for loose wavy half-updo, half-ponytail or high ponytail hairstyles to draw attention to the created result. In order to hide the rainbow shades just opt for common downdo hairstyles.long hair with hidden rainbow 2017

long hair 2017  hidden rainbowHidden Rainbow Hair Colors for Short Hair

The shorter your hair the easier your stylist will work with it. In this case you are going to achieve a modern style for your short haircut. The best hair length among all short cuts for hidden rainbow hair colors is the trendy bob. Unlike pixie haircuts it allows you to hide your rainbow underneath hair and bring it out with updo, braided and semi-updo hairstyles. This awesome combo is beautiful both in light and dark reflections.short hair with hidden rainbow

short hair with hidden rainbow

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