Rihanna’s Best Hair Color Ideas

Rihanna is surely one of the most beautiful and inspiring ladies with flawless skin, sparkling eyes and incredible hairstyles. Her hair colors are always trendy and pretty. Below you’ll find some of Rihanna’s best hair colors for 2017. These shades are the hottest hues to pick up when you seek for a new hair color inspiration. If you have the same skin tone and eye hue as Rihanna then you are in the right place to make the best choice for your locks.Rihanna’s Best Hair Color IdeasRihanna’s Balayage Hair Color

One of the latest hair colors worn by Rihanna is the stunning balayage shade. It goes well with her complexion and eye hue. Dark-skinned women with dark hair colors should wear lighter hues to lighten up their complexion and draw attention to their cute appearance. Go ahead with a lovely tone of balayage matching your skin tone. It can be a combination of caramel and blonde hair colors, which are rich and shiny.rihanna balayage hair color 2017Rihanna’s Jet Black Hair Color

The next is the monotone jet black hair color that has the same suitable touch as her natural hair color but it’s more enhanced and delightful. This shade is flattering for most complexions but looks trendy only when you match it with the right haircut idea. Rihanna prefers rocking black hues with bob haircuts both in straight and curly looks. This shade brings out her eye hue and makes them pop out more daintily.rihanna jet black hair color 2017Rihanna’s Blonde Hair Color

As for blonde hues Rihanna keeps up with warm and dirty shades and creates well-balanced effects with dark roots. Her blonde hair colors suit her natural hair and make it softer than darer hair colors. Blonde shades spice up her look and brighten up her face. They add a fresh touch to her natural hairstyles and look very trendy with those dark roots.rihanna blonde hair color 2017Rihanna’s Red Hair Color

We have seen many light-skinned celebrities in red hairstyles but we seldom meet dark-skinned women with bright and eye-catching red hair colors because not everyone looks pretty with red hair. So, Rihanna looks more than gorgeous with her fiery red hairstyles. They are mostly in long and medium styles and tend to keep her in the center of attention.rihanna red hair color 2017Rihanna’s Grey Hair Color

Finally, here is Rihanna’s most copied hair color idea among black women. It’s the dark and light mixture of grey hair colors, which is combined either with retro curls or super straight ponytails. Her choice of grey shades is really marvelous. It reminds of the best granny hair trends that we have seen last year and continue to be admired by the newest ideas this year too.Rihanna grey hair 2017

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