5 Lovely Hair Highlights Ideas to Copy for 2017

Hair highlights trends tend to change by the time. There are lots of ideas to use when it comes to stylish hair colors and highlights but here are the 5 best hair highlights for 2017. After looking at these pictures you’ll notice that your hair needs a new change and a ravishing spice up. These hair highlights are unique and differ from the rest of the highlights that you have seen so far.5 Lovely Hair Highlights Ideas to Copy for 2017Multi-Tone Highlights

Vibrant and contrasting shades paired in a well-balanced nature are the most eye-catching highlights that you can rock on your short or long hair. If you have short hair you’d better opt for fresh layers and then add these multi-tone highlights. They are generally beautifully placed on short layers. They soften hair and switch it up. This style is great for long hair too. Just consult with your hair colorist to pick up the most flattering placement.multi-tone highlights 2017Light Brown Highlights

Light blonde hair with light brown highlights can provide with dimension and depth. If you think that your hair looks thin with the blonde shade just go for light brown and bronde highlights. This amazing solution works really well and makes you stand out in the crowd. Depending on the length of your haircut you need to decide the style of placement of those highlights. If you have bangs you can add brown highlights just on the bangs.light brown highlights 2017Mini Ombre Highlights

Dark roots with short blonde highlights seem to be the hottest mini ombre styles that become popular day by day. Because so many women rock short haircuts stylists have decided to create a kind of ombre effects with two-tone hair colors. This ideally works especially with undercuts. The short or shaved parts of the hair colored in dark shade create an interesting contrast with light blonde tips.ombre highlights for short hair 2017Burgundy Highlights

Dark hair always seeks for updates. My exited brunettes are welcome to try the vibrant burgundy highlights. They are amazingly beautiful and fabulous highlights that go well with most complexions but go well particularly with dark brown and black hair colors. You can choose this style both for short and long hairstyles.burgundy red highlights 2017Bright Red Highlights

Another reddish hair highlighting idea is the following glamorous style. Here dark and rich brown hair is highlighted with bright red highlights. They are so fresh and interesting that even older women can try it and feel more youthful. Pick up the most flattering red hair highlights according to the darkness of your strands. If you have lighter hair color you can go for copper highlights instead. red highlights 2017

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