Outstanding Blonde Hair Colors with Highlights

Indeed, blonde hair color is amazing and it gives women an opportunity to change up their look in various ways. Blonde is a light shade, so you can place any light color on it that you want. Blonde is an excellent canvas for various tones. Today we have prepared some outstanding blonde hair colors with highlights. Whether you are looking for a way to go bold, or you prefer to stay subtle, check out these amazing pictures and find your own way of highlighting your locks. If you are ready let’s start.blonde hair colorsBrown and Blonde Hair Color

Brown and blonde hair colors are the best tones to blend together as they create the best combination ever. With blonde and brown tones, you can never go wrong. This combination is known by the name somber as well. Combine these amazing tones and choose a right hairstyle to show off the blended tones throughout your locks. It is the easiest way to achieve a top-notch hairdo.Brown and Blonde Hair ColorGrey Streaks

Don’t fear to apply various hues throughout your locks for a true unique style. An addition of a grey streaks throughout the blonde locks is simply adorable. These grey streaks add extra depth and dimension throughout the strands. You just need to style your locks in subtle waves to bring out those silvery hues that give a shimmering touch to this headdress.blonde hair color with grey streaksHighlights and Lowlights Balayage

The best thing about going for a new dye job, is that you have a chance to use different techniques to achieve a hair color like this. For this look the hair colorist used highlights and lowlights and they make the long and smooth strands look delicate and exquisite. However, the choice of the tones is still crucial, so make sure to do a right pick up.Highlights and Lowlights BalayageAshy Blonde Hair Color

You can make your beach waves incredible by applying a chic hair color. Have you ever thought of ashy tones, that tend to make the blonde even cooler? Well, have a look at this incredible hairstyle, it is all about ashy tones that are added to the blonde hair color to take it a step higher. You may play up with golden hues as well to make your hair color even more interesting.Ashy Blonde Hair ColorSilver Grey Streaks

Silver and grey streaks are the best for a blonde hair color. The following headdress entails transitioning from silver blonde to a grey towards the tips. But just a color is not enough for a whole brand-new look ask your hairstylist for an appropriate crop- like the one you see below.Silver Grey Streaks

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