Cute Turquoise Hair Colors for 2018

Turquoise hair colors are associated with boldness and youthfulness. It is a vivid shade that will make the wearer stand out in the crowd. Regardless of whether you decide to go all over turquoise or keep it subtle with highlights, prepare yourself for lots of compliments. Turquoise flatters an array of skin tones, but you still need to be careful while choosing an undertone. Luckily, you can pair this shade both with dark and light hues. It works absolutely amazing on brunettes. Check out the following turquoise hair colors for 2018 and find something for your next hair color makeover.pastel hair colorsTurquoise Ombre Hair Color

Let’s start with a style that doesn’t require full commitment. The following ombre requires mixing the dark metal shade with more saturated teals to achieve a chic hair color like this. The shade creates a great combination when paired with black, white or other hues. Next time before coloring your roots, think twice, as you may create so many amazing hair looks with natural roots and this particular example is one of them.Turquoise Ombre Hair ColorCotton Candy Blends

Cotton candy hair colors are still in mainstream so you should consider trying them for yourself. If you don’t have an idea on how you can do that, here is an inspiring style for you. To achieve it, start with a basic blonde shade and go ahead with purple and turquoise to create a cotton candy look. It is a fearless and bold speak that will speak about your bright nature.Turquoise cotton candy hair colorMermaid Hair Color

This style is for everyone who desires to create a mermaid look. The entire design is quite light and bright. Indeed, turquoise hair color can be worn in any season of the year. As you can see the dark base transitions into a lighter shade towards the tips. Waves add more drama to the style, while creating a complete mermaid look. Don’t forget that it is a high-maintenance style.Mermaid Hair ColorTurquoise Purple Hair Color

If you are feeling super bold, this ombre look is for you. I have already mentioned that turquoise is possible to pair with various shades and purple is one of them. These bluish green and violet tones produce a colorful and complementary hairstyle that cannot be seen on everyone. If you want to keep your strands beautiful and healthy, use color treatments.Turquoise Purple Hair ColorBlue-Green Unicorn Hair

Bring those unnatural creatures back by sporting unique hair colors. This unicorn inspired hair color will allow you to go bold and make a statement. The beauty of the shade comes from using blue and green tones. The combination of these two shades provide with a bright mystical look. If that’s what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to achieve it.Blue-Green Unicorn Hair

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