2017 Hottest Highlights for Black Hair

Black hair can’t be compared with brown or blonde tresses. It’s something very “serious”, strong and shiny. Unlike brown and blonde hair black hair colors works only with few hair highlighting ideas. They complement fewer shades and require special carefulness when it comes to highlights. If you have naturally black hair and want to embrace it then check out the hottest hair highlights for black hair.black hair with highlights 2017Black Hair with Caramel Highlight

One of the most popular ways to highlight black hair is adding caramel tints all over. Professional hair colorists offer to focus on the face framing strands to get nicer results. Caramel is a warm shade for black hair and it has the power to make it richer, thicker and prettier. You can g for chunky highlights if you have long and thick hair. Women with shorter haircuts may consider slicing and thinner caramel highlights.

Best Unicorn Hair Color Ideas

Many bloggers write about hair colors and matching skin tones but when it comes to unicorn hair color ideas they hardly give an idea which skin tone suits this or that particular pastel or rainbow hair color. Today we’ll just find out the best unicorn hair color ideas for all skin tones, tastes and interests. If you are into this hair color trend then discover the most astounding shades of rainbow for 2017.Best Unicorn Hair Color Ideas 2017Blue Hair Color

Pastel hair colors are not always suitable for tanned and warm skin tones. Instead stylists offer pastel inspired shades like the following blue to rock on brunette hair and feel quite confident. This shade is bright, bold and mermaid. It works well with tanned, medium and even darker skin tones and grabs attention. Such cool shade of blonde reminds us of underwater treasures. It’s a jewel tone of blue with extra-shine and interest. Although it’s lighter than any of your brunette hair colors but it looks very beautiful.

Balayage Hair Colors 2017 from Hollywood Stars

We are all into the ombre hair color trend but are you familiar with the most delightful and natural-looking hair color idea? It’s the trendy balayage hair color for 2017. Inspired by celebrity looks many stylish ladies go for this big hair trend. The turn is yours. Find out the most marvelous shade of balayage looking at these stunning looks of Hollywood stars.2017 balayage hair colorsKim Kardashian Balayage Hair Color

Balayage is a hand-painted hair color idea that works well with naturally brunette hair. Kim Kardashian is one of the most delightful brunettes who have tried so many shades of brown and blonde. Since she changes up her looks and hair colors quite often, it’s no surprise that she has done it too. Her messy and wavy blonde balayage hair color, however is one of the bests to consider in 2017.

Coolest Turquoise Hair Color Ideas for 2017

A woman who has the courage to experiment with a crazy hair color is always exited with a new and trendier shade. The most attractive and interesting hair colors are probably the boldest hues. They are inspired either by nature, foods or even pixelated shapes. One of the most popular bold hair colors is the sea inspired turquoise. It’s a cool hair color idea both for blonde and brunettes. You can find many ideas of turquoise hair colors for 2017. It goes well with most complexions and is a marine based shade that grabs attention.turquoise hair colors 2017Light Turquoise Hair Color

From the lightest to the deepest turquoise hair color there are really amazing tones to choose for your hair. If you have light blonde hair you can try a light turquoise hair color. It is beautifully placed in its monotone hue and looks ravishing with hair accessories such as chains, flowers and the like. Once you dye your hair in light turquoise you should also protect it with hair protective products.

Hottest At-Home Hair Color Ideas

When a salon is too much you start thinking of the best at-home hair color ideas that can look professional and trendy at the same time. There are really fashionable inexpensive at-home hair colors ready to provide you with the desired shade. You can use them to cover your gray strands or just to get another posh hue on your locks.Hottest At-Home Hair Color Ideas 2017Neutral Blonde Hair Color

If you have natural blonde hair then neutral blondes can soften and make it trendier. Although neutral blonde shades have lack of shine but they are beautiful on naturally blonde hair and tend to create a multidimensional effect instead of monochrome and dull hues. Neutral blondes can also provide you with the nude look trend if you choose the most suitable shade of blonde close to your skin tone.

Deep Purple Hair Colors to Try in 2017

Leaving alone all the light shades of purple today we will discover the most beautiful deep purple hair colors for 2017. What about having more fun with dark and edgy hair colors like the plum or violet shades? Purple is a sophisticated hair color to match with most complexions form cool to warm. The best part about it is that it is daintily worn both on blonde and brunette hair.Deep Purple Hair Colors to Try in 2017Deep Purple Hair Color and Cool Skin

Women with cool or light skin tones seldom go for deep, dark and shiny hair colors. The reason is that most light-skinned ladies look too edgy and bold with dark hair colors. However, some brave celebrities prove that dark purple is one of the best shades to match with cool complexions and light eyes. Although the result is too eye-catching it’s also very attractive and soft. In order to get a well-balanced effect you should opt for the flattering tone of deep purple.

2017 Dip-Dye Hair Colors

Dip-dye hair colors for 2017 differ from the rest of styles with their fascinating touches and modern solutions. These ere not traditional and common hair coloring or highlighting ideas to use for any occasion. Dip-dye is usually used when someone wants to change up the shade of her hair tips. Actually rainbow and bold hair colors placed at the ends of medium or long hair create stunning di-dye hair colors. Check out the latest ideas of trendy dip-dye hair colors.dip-dye hair colors 2017Dip-Dye Pastel Hair Color

Blonde-haired stunners rejoice! Are you ready for a new crazy hair color? Try the lovely dip-dye pastel hair color painting the tips of your locks in light blue, pink, lavender or any other pastel shade. This glamorous and charming solution works well on light blonde shades. However, ash brown hair colors can also be highlighted by pastel dip-dye effects if you refer to a professional.

Warm and Cool Hair Colors and Your Complexion

It’s always a big matter to pick up the flattering cool or warm hair color idea for your complexion. This is not a matter of taste. It’s as important as your haircut ideas. Today you’ll discover how hair color reflects on your skin tone and eye hue. Even the subtlest change can make a huge difference. If you decide to switch up your hair color you should decide between cool and warm tones be it blonde, brown or red. Golden, sun-kissed and reddish hair colors are generally meant to bring more warmth with them, while light blonde and ash shades create a cooler effect. Let’s discuss them one by one.hair colors 2017Brown Hair Colors

There are millions of brown hair colors with light and dark hues, but mostly they are warm and shiny. Several ashy and smokey shades of brown can have a cool reflection. If you are a natural brunette with warm undertones then you can experiment with any warm brown hair color including espresso, chocolate and golden shades. Those with cooler undertones may consider ash brown, light brown and chestnut brown hair colors. Lighter hues of brown can bring out the rosiness in your cheeks. Darker shades may compliment dark eyes and make them shinier.

5 Latest Hair Color and Highlights Ideas for 2017

Trying a new and trendy hair color idea in 2017 is fun and interesting. This time you’ll realize the beauty of 5 trendy hair color ideas that’s new in the fashion world and are not so common yet. They will become popular during 2017. So, be the first of your friends to experiment with one of these styles.new hair colors 2017Bronde Sombre Hair Color

As you already know bronde is the same blonde+brunette combination. It’s a natural-looking shade and goes well with most complexions. Lately stylists have created the bronde sombre hair color trend, which looks awesome on long tresses. Since, bronde has light and dark tones you can pair them in one hairstyle and get a multi-tone bronde hair color idea with sombre effects. It’s great for women who want a hair color, which golds both blonde and brunette shades in natural hues.

Celebrity Looks: Boldest Red Hair Colors 2017

It’s not a secret that red is an eye-catching hair color but sometimes there are tones of red that seem to be not only flashy but also bold and unique. Here are the bravest celebrities with bold red hair colors. If you seek for a hot red hair color inspiration for 2017 check out these fresh and delightful looks.celebrity red hair colors 2017Rihanna Red Hair Color

Rihanna has dyed her hair in red several times and each time she was in a new hairstyle idea. Her most memorable red hairstyle however is the vintage bob. We have seen her both in long sleek red hairstyles and in super red curls, but this one if her most interesting combination. Red goes well with her complexion and if you, too, have such skin tone you can copy Rihanna’s red shades in 2017.