2017 Brunette Hair Colors for Short Hair

Short hair and dark shade is not always suitable. The majority of short-haired women opt for light hair colors to soften their haircuts. However, there are hot brunette hair colors for short hair for 2017 that look more attractive, beautiful and feminine than the rest of the shades. Everything depends on your complexion, chosen haircut and facial features. If you have slender face and flattering skin color then you can make a style statement with a brunette hue.short brunette hairstyles 2017Ginnifer Goodwin Brunette Pixie Hairstyle

Black is the darkest brunette hair color but it looks so soft on Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie haircut. It seems as if this is her most beautiful hair color as it displays her light skin tone and draws attention to her daintily light eyes. Black is better for her sort haircuts than blonde hair colors. She is more than glamorous in this sleek hairstyle. It frames her face making it subtler. This is the case when a woman proves that dark hair can make her short haircut prettier.

Spring 2017 Hair Color Trends

Spring is my favorite season not only because I was born right that time but because it opens up the doors of the subtlest fashion and allows us to go for lovelier hairstyles and hair colors. Here are the most beautiful hair color trends for 2017. As the weather warms you need to think of a fresher and prettier hair color matching your skin and eyes.hair colors spring 2017Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Although spring is the best season to experiment with light hair colors professional colorist Marie Robinson offers darker shades too. Chocolate brown can be a warm and hot hair color for spring 2017. It is worn by celebrates like Kendall Kenner, Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez. It’s the high time for you to draw attention to your light skin tone and light eyes with the help of dark brunette shade. This fresh and deep hair color can look quite natural if you match it with the right skin tone and eye shade. It’s going to be a big hair color trend.

Popular Hair Colors from Pinterest

Finding a perfect hair color for your hair has become more complicated as there are millions of trendy looks that inspire you to change up your shade. These popular hair colors from Pinterest are surely the best to make your choice between. All the fascinating shades founded on Pinterest are copied by the most delightful celebrity looks and models’ styles. It’s the high time for you to look like a celebrity with one of these tones.hair colors 2017Rich Red Hair Color

Mix several tones of deep burgundy red and achieve a rich hair color like this. If you have dark hair then the result is going to be more impressive. Those with dark red hair colors have the chance to make it more intense with matching red highlights. Thin hair will surely look thicker and more beautiful. You can use this style for your long haircuts as well as for shorter hairstyles. Dark red is always fresh, shiny and eye-catching.

2017 Blonde Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

If you are one of those who think that blondes have more fun, then this article is for you. Check out the most suitable blonde hair colors for every skin for 2017. Here is how to discover the nicest shade of golden, strawberry, dirty, platinum or honey blonde hues for your complexion. Luckily, there are hot solutions for everyone. Even black women have the opportunity to play with several blonde hair colors.blonde hair colors 2017Fair Skin with Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Many celebrities rock platinum blonde hair colors as their signature style but it’s very flattering with fair skin tone. Actually, it makes fair-skinned women look like angels in this light blonde shade. It’s the lightest blonde hue, which draws attention to eyes. You can match it with light eye hues. Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift are the most inspiring fair-skinned ladies that wear platinum blonde hair colors with great pleasure. Other blonde hair colors to match with fair skin are bronde, golden, flaxen, light strawberry and sandy. If platinum blonde is not your thing then find yours among the above mentioned hues.

Beautiful Hair Colors to Copy in 2017

Hair color lovers rejoice! I have something incredible and interesting for you. If you are thinking of beautiful hair colors for 2017 you shouldn’t miss this string. It’s all about the latest trendy shades that are ready to enhance your current hair color.  What if your brunette, blonde or red hair is old-fashioned and you need a cool transformation?hair colors for 2017Bright Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Copy this bright tone of strawberry blonde instead of light and washed out shades. Brighter strawberry blondes are close to natural-looking ginger hair colors but they can be balanced down with your complexion with dark roots. This hair color is the biggest trend among Hollywood stars who want to look like true redheads. If it’s all you dream of then change your hair color into a vibrant shade of strawberry blonde.

Warm Orange Hair Color Ideas

Have you ever tried a crazy hair color? Start thinking differently and welcome bright, warm and eye-catching shades such as orange hair colors. From the lightest pastel orange to the most vibrant neon orange there are hot tones of this hue to experiment with. Find yours and dye your hair in a natural-looking ginger or unnatural and bold orange shade to amuse your friends.orange hair colors 2017Orange Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Since orange is not a traditional hair color like brunette, blonde or natural red, it goes with many complexions and creates a flashy contrast with other skin tones. Thanks to its brightness orange warms up light complexions and goes well with fair to medium skin tones. It can be combined with tan skin too if your stylist works carefully. In order to get a suitable effect you should first consider your base shade and then your eyes and skin color.

2017 Gorgeous Hair Colors for Tan Skin

Tan skin is a trendy complexion and it’s often combined with matching hair colors to look more capturing. From the light hair colors, red hues, ombres to the trendiest brunette shades there are gorgeous hair colors for tan skin for 2017. Try one of these hair color ideas this year and highlight your complexion. While women with fair or light skin spend hours to darken up their complexion a little bit, you have the chance to display its beauty so easily and daintily.hair colors for tan skin 2017Bronze Brown Hair Color

Bronze browns with caramel highlights create nude effects with tan skin. While light-skinned women go for light blonde hair colors to get the nude style, women with darker skin tones can take the shade of bronze brown that’s similar to their complexion. This provides with a well-balanced look and style. It’s gorgeous especially with brown eyes.  

Hottest Auburn Brown Hair Colors 2017

A wide range of brunette and brown hair colors offer a sea of shades in light and dark tones for anyone who seeks for a prettier and richer hair color. Reddish browns, however, differ from the rest of brown tones with their warmth and bold nature. One of them is the hot and trendy auburn brown hair color for 2017 with its light and dark tints. If your hair looks dull then start upgrading it with a reddish brown or auburn brown hair color this year.2017auburn brown hair colorAuburn Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Let’s first of all decide whether you have the flattering skin tone for auburn brown hair or not. Most of the complexions can pull off reddish brown hair colors including the warm auburn brown. Whether you have light, medium or dark skin you can achieve a hot result with this shade. The most important thing is the tone you choose. You’d better do it with the help of your hair colorist not to fail the desired. Women with olive skin tones and green eyes look gorgeous with auburn brown hair colors. On the other hand, women with cool undertones should opt for cooler red tones.

2017 White Blonde Hair Colors

A white hair color may sound an edgy hair color but actually it’s the lightest tone of platinum blonde with whitish or grayish finish. It can look different depending on your skin tone and eyes. The most fascinating thing about white blonde hair colors for 2017 is that they suit both light and dark complexions creating either harmonious or contrasting looks.white blonde hair colors 2017How to Get White Blonde Hair Color?

If you have decided to wear the lightest blonde hair color this year then let’s discover the best way of achieving it on various base shades. First of all, keep in mind that it’s quite tricky and complicated to get a pure white blonde, especially if your natural hair color is dark. White hair color generally requires multiple times of bleaching and toning in order to bring your hair to a possible light tone ready to take this hue.

Best Hair Colors for Thin Hair

When it comes to hair dying experts recommend to take into account your hair texture, type and length. Why is it so important? The thing is that not every hair type has the strength to undergo deep bleaching, strong hair dyes and the like. For example, thin hair is soft and it can easily get damaged by harsh chemicals. Try to find out the best hair colors for thin hair if you have such and take care of your strands leaving alone the desire of achieving a new hair color. With a good hair color for thinning hair you can add an impression of a thicker-looking hairstyle.hair colors for thin hair 2017If you worry so much about hair colors damaging your hair ten you need to consider the options that compliment thin locks. Curly hair types, for example can are usually dry and can easily get damaged with simple strains and poor care. In this case, products such as powders and sprays provide with a safe alternative to heavy and chemical hair dyes.