2017 Trendy Hair Highlights from Famous Women

The majority famous women have their personal stylists who decide their haircuts, hairstyles, and makeup and outfit ideas. That’s the reason why they look so beautiful, feminine and flattering. If you want to copy one of their best loos then check out these trendy hair highlights for 2017 from famous women. Many celebrity looks teach us how to deal with hair colors and highlights. Let’s take the best.celebrity hair highlights 2017Jessica Alba Caramel Highlights

Jessica Alba never fails when it comes to hair colors and highlights. Her choices are always suitable and well-balanced for her brunette hair. She likes to lighten or warm up her chestnut brown shade with caramel tones. They are placed daintily from the top to the tips and tend to make her loose wavy hairstyles richer in hues and deeper in its style. If you have tan skin and chestnut hair you can rock Jessica Alba’s hair highlights.

Best Celebrity Hair Colors for Spring 2017

As spring is already at the door we are ready to welcome it with trendy hair colors. Here are the best celebrity hair colors for spring 2017.  Taking your makeup and hair color to the next level with fresher, more minimalist approach  is both interesting and exciting. You want to try something new but look fashionable and flattering at the same time. Start with a cool hair color. Spring is the subtlest season for soft experiments and tender looks.celebrity hair colors spring 2017Emily Ratajkowski Rich Brown Hair Color

Who can wear deep and rich brown hair colors? They are awesome shades for almost all veryone. The only thing you need to do is finding the most suitable tone for your complexion. Emily Ratajkowski has lately worn a hot brown shade for the Golden Globes Awards 2017. Her lob haircut was more than natural-looking in this classic hair color. Adding some cool accents with a tone-on-tone finish her stylist has provided her hair with dimension and movement. She has chosen the best brown tone for her deep eyes.

New Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Think of the sweet honey blonde hair colors for 2017 and take examples form the hottest celebrities that rock this shade in its loveliest tones. Honey blonde is a classic and sophisticated shade of blonde that works well with most complexions. The beige touch in this hue makes it even nicer and more neutral. It has similar tones as most skin tones therefore many like to wear honey blonde hair.honey blonde hair colors 2017Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Honey Blonde Hair

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has worn many blonde shades form light to golden but her honey blonde is the warmest, richest and shiniest. It is highlighted with other golden blonde shades, which enhance the beauty of her hairstyle. This is one of her best hair colors as it warms up her complexion and makes her look more attractive. If you have the same skin tone and eye hue as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley you can choose this hair color for summer 2017. It will refresh your long layered hairstyles and will look nice on loose beach waves.

5 Unique Hair Color Ideas to Steal for 2017

Gone are the days when women were afraid of unique and unnatural hair colors. Lately we see many Hollywood stars and models in crazy hair colors. Actually, they inspire many of their fans to go for the same shades of pastel, rainbow, and neon and so on. If you are interested in the latest unique hair colors for 2017 then keep on reading. Check out this celebrity looks and find your ultimate original hue for spring and summer.hair colors for 2017Elle Fanning Pink Hair Color

Elle Fanning is a cute blonde with pale skin tone and she easily goes for pastel pink hair colors, which warm up her complexion a little bit. Lately she has gone for a lob haircut and dyed her hair in a new dusty pink hair color. Upgrading from her traditional blonde locks now she has something fascinating to show off. Elle proved that this sophisticated shade of pink is the ultimate summer hair color trends for 2017.

Trendy Red Hair Highlights for 2017

Who could ever imagine that red highlights would become so popular for all hair colors? If you think that they suit only dark hair colors then check out these trendy red highlights for 2017. You’ll soon notice that red is a flexible shade to match with many base hair colors. It adds warmth, attractiveness and more charm to fancy haircuts and hairstyles. You can place red highlights in slicing styles, on layers and bangs and archive delightful hairstyles.red highlights 2017Red Highlights for Black Hair

Let’s start from the most common and popular style of red highlights. It’s a cute combination between black and red hair colors, which harmoniously go with each other and provide hair with extra-depth and charm. These highlights can be placed on bags, face framing strands and allover black hair. Try to create a well-balanced effect choosing the right tone of red for your black shade and skin tone.

“Soft Roots” Hair Color Ideas

Changing up your hair color is a great way of having some fun as well as to beautify your locks. It’s not always necessary to go for a new haircut to refresh your hair. You may consider soft roots hair color ideas according to your base shade. This is the newest hair color trend to use for spring and summer. Soft roots hair color is the greatest thing for women who are looking for a hair coloring idea that requires less maintenance and takes less time to look fresh.soft roots hair colors 2017What is Soft Roots Hair Color?

So, the main concept of soft roots is that it enhances your base hair color and makes it softer focusing on the roots. It’s a kind of color-enhancing trick that works with any shade. Natural hues like blonde, brunette, brown and red will become sophisticated and nicer with soft roots. According to the majority of hair colorists soft roots shades are both versatile and low-maintenance. They can be touched up every 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks.

Celebrities with Brown Hair Colors 2017

Brown hair colors are either rich and deep or cool and light. These celebrities with trendy brown hair colors for 2017 will prove that even the simplest shade of brown can make you look very seductive and feminine if you choose the right shade for your complexion. Check them out and pick up a new shade of brown to make your stunning look even more fabulous and attractive. Try to match the chosen shade with fancy haircuts and hairstyles.celebrity brown hair colors 2017Megan Fox Reddish Brown Hair Color

We seldom see Megan Fox in other brunette hair colors as she likes to keep her long hair in the same dark brunette hue. However, here is her rich, shiny and deep reddish brown hair color that looks warmer than other brown tones. She has light skin with warm undertones and light eyes, which compliment this shade of brown and make her look fresher.

2017 Hair Highlights for Long Hair

Every hair type and length has its rules and demands. The longer your hair the more you take care of it. Long-haired women know what it is to dye hair in a stunning and fresh shade. They usually opt for highlights as a few hues are sometimes enough to create stylish and super attractive looks. Check out the most beautiful hair highlights for long hair 2017. Embrace your long strands with one of these hot hair highlighting ideas and look like a cool celebrity.hair highlights 2017 long hairRainbow Highlights for Long Hair

I would like to start with the most interesting hair highlights for long hair. It’s the popular rainbow style that works with all hair types and lengths. Girls with long hair look very festive and playful with rainbow highlights. Some go for hair extensions and some choose hair dying ideas such as hair chalks or special tints. Consult with your hair colorist before adding any rainbow shade to your hair. Opt for the most flattering hues.

How to Make Hair Colors Last Longer

The right and proper maintenance of hair colors is the number one thing that you are recommended by your hair colorist. It’s important to know several other things about how to make hair colors last longer once you dye your hair in a new shade. Follow these useful expert tips to keep your hair shiny, fresh and sparkling even after several washes. While a new hair color can make you look younger and more fashionable, you should always keep it as fresh as possible.hair colors 2017Opt for the Right Products

So, the number one thing to keep in mind is the right choice of hair products according to your hair color. Like the skin care hair care is also essential for a healthy look. Opt for the products that compliment your hair type and don’t take away the hair dye after 20 3 washes. Use hair color protective shampoo and conditioner and avoid too much use of hair styling sprays, curling and heating tools. Find out natural and subtler hair styling techniques and always condition your locks to make them soft and sleek. Hair styling products such as gels and mousses with alcohol-based ingredients make hair dry and dull.

2017 Brunette Hair Colors for Short Hair

Short hair and dark shade is not always suitable. The majority of short-haired women opt for light hair colors to soften their haircuts. However, there are hot brunette hair colors for short hair for 2017 that look more attractive, beautiful and feminine than the rest of the shades. Everything depends on your complexion, chosen haircut and facial features. If you have slender face and flattering skin color then you can make a style statement with a brunette hue.short brunette hairstyles 2017Ginnifer Goodwin Brunette Pixie Hairstyle

Black is the darkest brunette hair color but it looks so soft on Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie haircut. It seems as if this is her most beautiful hair color as it displays her light skin tone and draws attention to her daintily light eyes. Black is better for her sort haircuts than blonde hair colors. She is more than glamorous in this sleek hairstyle. It frames her face making it subtler. This is the case when a woman proves that dark hair can make her short haircut prettier.