Drew Barrymore’s Hair Colors to Steal for 2017

Would you like to get a new hair color inspo from another famous woman? Here is Drew Barrymore with her hottest hair colors. Perhaps she is one of the celebrities who often change their hair color but always keep it close to natural-looking shades. She is going to give you great ideas on how to switch up your look with a trendy shade. A new hair color can do miracles with your look.  Start with the hue that compliments your skin tone and makes your hair shinier. Check out Drew Barrymore’s hair colors for 2017.Drew Barrymore's hair colors 2017Drew Barrymore Bronde Hair Color

Is that bronde or another new hair color? Well, it’s the great combo of brown and dirty blonde hair colors, which are highlighted with lighter tones and still make her shade so natural and beautiful. You can pick bronde whenever you want as it’s the most natural-looking hue for most complexions. Women go for this hue when they can’t decide between brown and blonde hues. It’s actually an ideal solution.

Natural Hair Highlights for SS 2017

Spring is in the air and summer is on the corner. So, we are waiting for the hottest days to spend out holidays on the beaches and have as much fun as possible because fall and winter will never wait long. Let’s give some freedom to our locks and make them feel the subtle wind of the spring, this time we give up styling hair with heating tools and opt for more natural touches. The best way to enjoy warm days is keeping hair as natural as possible. That’s why stylists inspire us to go for natural hair highlights in SS 2017. And we are ready for sophisticated shades.SS 2017 hair highlights 2017Natural Dark Roots Hair Highlights

When hair grows out it looks lighter at the tips than on the top part. So, the natural-looking dark roots are just on pint. They could become one of your stylish hacks and tricks for spring and summer hair care. Pick up a natural-looking brown hue according to the lightness or darkness of your hair color and darken up the roots a little bit. Once you go for beach waves the result becomes more obvious and beautiful.  

Multi-Tone Hair Colors for Undercuts

Undercuts are the harshest haircut trends for women but there are cool ways to make them feminine and subtle many stylists offer to dye undercuts in two-tone or multi-tone hair colors to bring out the shape and structure of the cut as well as to add a softer touch. Whatever your choice and decision here are the best multi-tone hair colors for undercuts. They are the most stylish solutions for undercuts you can ever meet in the fashion world.multi-tone hair colors for undercuts 2017Brown-Blonde Two-Tone Hair Color

The most popular two-tone hair color for undercuts is the blonde-brown combination. This is the traditional style that works well with most complexions. Any brunette finds the matching tone of blonde for her hair and any blonde easily goes for dark hues to create this two-tone effect. Take examples from the famous celebrities who have gone for undercuts and matching two-tone hair colors. You’ll see that the majority is into this hair color trend.

Street Style 2017:  Ombre Hair Colors

Ombre hair colors are still having their moment that’s why we see so many fashionable street style looks with ombre hairstyles. I have collected the most popular street style 2017 ombre hair color ideas for you to get your ultimate inspiration for the coming subtle season. These fashionistas have found the most beautiful hairstyle trends for fresh ombre hair color.ombre hair colors 2017Blonde Ombre Hair Color

While blonde hair colors look fascinating in long wavy hairstyles blonde ombre styles go well with straight and sleek hairstyles. They create a soft and classic combination, which looks awesome with light-colored outfits. You can pick up this style if you have natural blonde hair as you need to dye only the roots in a dark shade. Those with brown hair should go for deep bleaching for the desired result.

Flattering Hair Color Trends for Long Hair 2017

The longer your hair the more you have opportunities to play with different trendy hair colors. The possibility to achieve stunning hairstyles increases when you start considering soft and subtle shades. These flattering hair colors trends for long hair 2017 will inspire you to spice up your hair either with a monotone or multi-tone hair color idea. Find out the mot suitable option for your long mane and start a new lifestyle with fashionable hacks and tricks.hair colors for long hair 2017Long Brunette Hair

Jet black, dark brown or any other deep brunette hair color is always fresher and fancier when hair is long, healthy and luscious. Kim Kardashian is one of the most gorgeous long-haired brunettes, who keep up with trendy hair colors to embrace her locks. She always goes for the richest and shiniest brunette hues. If you have dark mane, then copy Kim’s many brunette hair colors in 2017 to look more fashionable.

2017 Newest Red Hair Color Trends

Although we know all the red hair colors, but they tend to change by the time and according to the trends. You may discover a new string of red hair color trends for 2018. These are natural-looking or too luxurious red hair colors that you can try this year on your blonde or brunette hair. Natural redheads can consider some options to enhance their hair color. Start the new season with a warm and fabulous hair color and you’ll look more fashionable all year round.red hair colro ideas 2017Light Auburn Hair Color

Light auburn will never go out of style as it’s among the most popular light red shades for light and medium skin tones. This shade is the most frequently worn hue in Hollywood. Lately we have seen many amazing celebrities wearing it on their vintage hairstyles during the best red carpet events. Light auburn tones provide you with a natural sophistication when you have light eyes.

Light Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

In spite of the opinion that light hair colors look unnatural with black skin tone some stunners just like to become forever blondes, pastel-haired cuties or just light-haired beauties. If you are one of those black ladies who want to change up her dark hair into a light, soft and subtle shade then check out my collection of the best light hair color ideas for black women. You’ll find the shade you have dreamed about all your life.black skin with light hair colors 2017Light Pastel Hair Color with Dark Skin

Jourdan Dunn is one of the black-skinned famous women who seldom changes up her hair colors but when she does she does something totally radical and eye-catching. No one will ever forget her pastel lavender curls paired with dark roots. She proves that any black women can pull off pastel hair colors if she chooses the right shade according to her complexion and eyes. In this case, pastel purple is one of the best choices for black skin tones and dark eyes.

Best 2017 Oscars Hair Color Ideas from Celebs

Of course, there were many celebrities wearing fashionable and posh hair colors at Oscars 2017 awards ceremony but here I have collected the 5 hottest Oscars 2017 hair color ideas from celebs. They are chosen carefully special for all skin tones and tastes. Find yours and change up your hair color into a shinier brunette, blonde or red hair color. Pay special attention to your skin tone and eye hue before making the final decision.Oscars 2017 hair colors - CopyOscars 2017: Emma Roberts Copper Hair Color

Look at Emma Roberts’s vintage wavy hairstyle in a fresh light copper hair color. She was one of the most gorgeous and attractive ladies during the evening. Here elegant and super feminine look was in the center of attention. It’s more than obvious that this seducing shade of red ideally goes with her pale skin tone and rosy undertone creating an image of a true redhead. Her black dress and red lips complete the desired fancy vintage style and let her draw attention to her capturing face.

2017 Hair Highlights for Short Cuts

The coolest way to jazz up your short hair is adding some edgy highlights. Below you’ll find the hottest short haircuts with trendy highlights for 2017. If you think that the current state of your short hair is dull but you have just gone for a fresh cut, then it’s the high time to think of flattering highlights. Whether your base shade is dark or light here are the trendiest hair highlights that suit short haircuts. Find yours!hair highlights for short hair 2017Caramel Brown Highlights for Short Hair

Although not every short haircut looks nice with caramel highlights but since it’s one of the most popular shades in 2017 stylists know how to deal with it when it comes to short hair. Actually, a lot depends on the base hair color and haircut. The best combination in this case is the dark brown bob haircut. You can warm and spice it up with sweet caramel highlights choosing the soft slicing technique. Here you see one cool example of a short dark brown bob haircut with caramel highlights.

How to Dye Blonde Hair Brunette?

In spite of the popular idea that blondes have more fun they sometimes pick up dark brunette shades to change their style and stand out in the crowd. There are millions of dark brown and brunette hair colors on the rich hair color palette. While brunettes easily choose hot shades to enhance their hair colors, blondes think twice before becoming mysterious brunettes. Since the majority of blondes have light skin and light eyes the choice becomes a bit complicated when it comes to brown hues. Of course, there are light and dark tones but the choice mostly depends on your complexion. Find out how to dye blonde hair brunette and then pick up a flattering shade according to your skin and eyes.blonde hair into brown 2017Dying Hair from Blonde to Brown

While brunettes undergo deep bleaching to get light hair blonde-haired women don’t need those tough procedures to get dark hair colors. The main problem, however to dye blonde hair into a brown shade directly applying the desired shade, is that hair has a yellow base when brown hair is meant to have an orange or red base. If you have blonde hair, you may need to fill it with golden or red tones for the best result before you dye it any brunette or brown shade.  Use a colored protein filler or a demi-permanent dye in order to prepare your hair for a brown shade. Your first choice can be a light neutral brown or warm shade if you are already done with filling it with a copper or red shade. Those who want to get an ash brown hair color on blonde, should apply a demi-permanent dye, which is two levels lighter than your desired brown tone.