Hottest Hair Highlights 2017

Hair colors and hair highlights trends change by the time and each year we are provided with new styles and more interesting color mixtures. Would you like to know which are the hottest hair highlights for 2017? Don’t miss this article and keep on reading until you meet your desired style. You’ll finally have something to play with. Before you may pick a hair highlighting idea for your strands make sure it’s the right Highlights

Let’s start from the boldest hair highlights. They are bright and fresh red highlights paled all over brown or darker hair. The majority of brunettes love reddish highlights as they take their hairstyles to the next level. According to the darkness of your current shade you can make your choice between auburn, copper and burgundy shades. The darker your hair color the darker your highlights need to be.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Hair Color Bright

Whether you have blonde, brunette or red hair it is always necessary to keep up with the most useful tips to keep your hair color bright. Whatever your DIY hair coloring and updating tips here are the best ways to avoid faded and dull hair colors. In order to have your shade in the same brightness as on the first day of dying, follow these important Suds Up

If you often use suds up to maintain your hair color, then make sure you don’t overdo it as too much sudsing up can cause brassy and dull hair. According to professional hair stylists it is needed to stretch out of the time between shampoos if you prefer washing daily. Use hair color protective shampoos, which hold a soft conditioning formula too. They will keep your hair soft and will not make your shad fade.

Winter Hair Color Ideas

Winter is here and it’s the high time to spice up your look with a new winter hair color idea. Check out this list of the best shades for the coldest season and pick a hue matching your style, interests and of course complexion. Here you’ll see more creative solutions and styles that inspire many celebrities and models. Keep up with the most popular trends and create your own stunning look with one of  the most glamorous shade of blonde, brown, red or something else called ombre, tiger eye and the like.winter-2017-hair-colorsNatural Black Hair Color

More and more famous ladies bring their hair shade to a possible natural black tone.  Those rocking it as their natural hair color have no need to think of any other hair color in winter. Black is in thing. Take an example from Rihanna, Diane Guerrero, Kendall Jenner and Shay Mitchell who inspire us with their soft black hairstyles. This is a classic shade to combine with any skin tone and eye hue.

2017 Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of all blondes with a sparkling and soft effect in it. It is a gorgeous hair color for pale complexions but can be combined with darker skin tones too if you choose the right haircut for it. Just because it looks so incredible many women will continue to dye their hair in platinum blonde hair color in 2017. Yes, it will remain a big hair color trend for the majority of blondes and for some part of brunettes who are ready to say goodbye to their dark shade. Here are the latest solutions for platinum hair colors and hairstyles. Find your style!platinum-blonde-2017Short Platinum Pixie Hairstyle for Black Women

I would like to start with the most interesting fact about platinum blonde hair and black skin. Well, while the majority of natural blondes and fair-skinned women can wear this shade on any haircut, dark and black-skinned women need to be quite careful. This light and contrasting shade will look well-balanced with their skin only if they combine it with short haircuts. Longer hairstyles ruin the look.  So, make sure you are ready to go for deep bleaching, for a short cut and finally or this light and eye-catching hair color.

Cool Pastel Blue Hair Colors

After the traditional pastel pink the second most popular pastel shade is the light blue. So, why do so many people wear pastel blue on their hair? Do they wear pastel blue hair colors to draw attention? Perhaps it’s not the only reason. I offer to discover the main reasons why women choose pastel blue as well as be inspired by the latest examples of pastel-colored hairstyles.pastel-blue-hair-colors-2017So, another aim to go for pastel blue is the desire to look unique. Pastel blue can give a traditional hairdo a bit of flair. This cool and celestial hair color changes up your look and creates an eye-catching style. You can always opt for the pastel blue to get an absolutely new look. The third reason is light shades tend to soften any haircut and hairstyle idea. This means that pastel blue is a great tone to wear on pixie cuts, harsh boyish hairstyles, asymmetrical dos and many other short haircuts. It will make curly hair softer and more attractive. 

Caramel Hair Color Ideas and Highlights

Nowadays caramel is one of the most popular hair colors among brunettes but it is used by blondes too. Some choose it as a sweet shade for their hairstyles and some go for subtle highlights. It suits both blondes and brunettes as it has a natural effect in it. Black women choose caramel hair colors and highlights to soften their locks and blondes wear caramel tints to create an overall warm and eye-catching look. Brown hair colors with caramel touches remind us of decadent desserts with sun-kissed shines. Whatever your choice, check out these trendy examples to play with caramel shades in the best way.caramel-hair-color-ideas-2017Women who want to experiment with less contrasting shades often make their choice between caramel hues. They refresh your complexion and make your eyes shinier and brighter. You can try a light caramel blonde or caramel brown hair color or highlights all over your strands. These hair color blends are very soft, appealing and feminine. Caramel is also a good idea for brunettes who notice their first grays but don’t want to go for fully grey or wear another shade. Caramel tints will hide grey strands and will make an overall rich effect of a multi-tone hair color. Experimenting with such a lovely hair color is great not only for dark hair and tanned skin but also for lighter hair colors and cool complexions.

Celebrities with Burgundy Red Hair Color 2017

The rich and deep burgundy red is a flattering hair color for many complexions and eye hues. It is perfect for autumn and winter and makes your look fresher. Many celebrities wear the trendy burgundy hair color and today we will find out the best celebrities with burgundy hair color for 2017. Fine a stunner with the same skin tone as yours and copy her shade of burgundy.2017-burgundy-red-ombre-hair-colorRihanna Burgundy Hair Color

Our gorgeous Rihanna has always been a cool trendsetter with her posh hairstyles. We remember both her radiant burgundy red curls and sleek straight hairstyles. This is one of the best shades she can always come back to whenever she wants to look stunning. Her hair color choices are quite fascinating for black women. She gives the best ideas on how to enhance tanned complexions with vibrant hair colors like the ruby red.

Vivid Red Hair Highlights

When your stylist offers you red highlights, perhaps all you imagine is a fiery and bright touch on your locks, but wait and I’ll show you the variety of red hair highlights in light, dark, vivid and bright tones. They are here to brighten up your hair color and make it fancier. I’ll offer red highlights for different base hair Red Highlights for Black Hair

Fiery and bold red highlights smoothly paced on sleek jet black hair look very fresh and eye-catching. They make dark hair colors pop and draw attention to your skin tone. If it’s light then you’ll stand out in the crowd with your dramatic change. Match this hues with edgy haircuts, sharp and straight hairstyles as well as dark and seductive makeups.

Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Dark Hair

Dark hair is the best canvas for vivid and beautiful ombre hair colors. If you haven’t dyed your dark locks in another shade yet, then it’s the high time to experiment with the most attractive ombre hair colors for dark hair. With blonde hair you can go only for a few styles with lighter blonde tones, but when it comes to dark locks we meet more interesting ideas.dark-ombre-hair-color-2017Classic Dark Ombre Hair Color

We call it classic because the combination of dark brown with light brown is well-balanced and very harmonious. This straight and sleek hairstyle highlights the classic touch and brings out the subtle contrast between dark and light tones. Lighter ends create an impression of a longer-looking hairstyle. Anyone with dark brown hair can lighten up her hair tips with a caramelized and milky light brown shade to get a trendy and classy ombre hair color.

At Home Hair Dying Tips

Dying hair in another hair color is not that easy. In many cases you don’t get the desired shade at once. It requires some time and patience if you really want to rock a new red, brown, blonde or rainbow hairstyle. Here my advice of at home hair dying tips will come for help. I have consulted with a professional hair expert to share the best tips with you. Keep on reading and discover the fascinating world of hair a Hair Color

So, it’s more than obvious that the first thing to do is to choose a hair color matching your skin tone and eye shade. Don’t be confused in the variety of offers. Make your choice between the most suitable tones of blonde, brown and red. It can even be a bold hair color with highlights, just keep up with the latest trends. Save yourself a lot of time and money and focus on several color options that seem to be perfect for your hair.