Glowing Neon Hair Color Trends for 2017

The newest neon hair color trend for 2017 is ready to muse all of us with its stunning, glowing and unusual style. Compared to the rest of hair color trends this is something inspired from the fantasy world. It’s far from looking natural but has already captured many hearts. Glowing neon hair colors are here to replace all the creative rainbow styles for any hair length and type. They glow in the darkness and bring out the sparling and vibrant shades of your hair. The most interesting thing about neon hair color trends is that they can look awesome under any kind of light reflections from UV rays to black light.neon-hair-colors-2017Neon Hair Color Styles

There are several types of glowing neon hair colors including undercut rainbow styles, UV vibrant streaks, and electric highlights, radioactive monotone shades and two-tone neon hues. Actually this is the field that allows you to use your creativity and personal taste while choosing or creating the style. Neon colored hair looks stunning in a number of hairstyles. Here you see some cool examples. You can combine it with loose waves, straight hairstyles, braids, messy updos and cotton candy curls. Whatever you do with your fresh hairstyle it will sparkle under special reflective lights.

Hot Auburn Hair Colors

Auburn is one of the hottest red hair colors mainly preferred by medium-skinned women. It will be a good idea for you to look like a real redhead with a light or a bit dark auburn hair color. There are light, dark, honey, golden and brownish auburn hair colors that differ from each other with their undertones. That’s why many consider the auburn as a single hair color.auburn-hair-colors-2017Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark auburn hair colors are worn by those who want to draw attention to their eyes and skin tone. It can also highlight the beauty of your lips and bring out your killer facial features. It compliments red and pinkish hues of lipsticks and ideally goes with tanned and medium skin tones.

How to Dye Hair in Grey Shades

Many of stylish celebrities and models rock grey hairstyles but a few of us is familiar with the right coloring techniques. In order to achieve perfect grey hair colors you should follow several essential tips and then make sure you really want it or not. Below represented expert tips will help you to realize what it actually means to dye hair in grey.  After reading, you’ll understand that it’s not a simple and common hair dying idea. So, let’s start!grey-hair-colors-2017Grey Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

Well, the most important thing in a new hair color idea is your skin tone whether you decide to your locks in a blonde, brown, red, purple or grey hair color. It’s always necessary to match your new shade with your complexion as well as eye hue. Since grey is a natural human hair color it suits everyone. The matter is whether you choose the right tone or not because there are light and dark tones for different skin tones. You can decide the best shade with the help of your hair colorist if you are not sure you can do it by yourself.

Pastel Hair Color Inspiration for 2017

The lightest and most exquisite shades in the hair color palette are pastels. You can’t find any other subtle hair color triumph than this sting of angelic hues. Luckily pastel shades are again in thing and we can dye our curls, straight hair or short cuts in celestial pastel hair colors in 2017.  They are awesome combined not only with light complexions but also with dark skin tones.pastel-hair-colors-2017Pastel Pink Colored Curls

Curly hairstyles prompt as that they can transform into cotton candy styles if we dye them in pastel pink. The latest statistics show that pastel pink is the most popular shade of all pastels. It is a feminine hair color and therefore highlights your femininity. Pastel pink works well with pale skin tones and rosy undertones.

Black Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Dying your hair in a jet black hair color doesn’t mean that you have lack of creativity and inspiration. Black hair is another posh solution mainly loved by classy women. It’s an elegant shade with a strong and powerful reflection. Let’s discuss the best black hair colors and your skin tone to make sure you need to go for black in 2017.  According to professional colorist black hair can have a lot of purplish and reddish undertones, which means that you should be careful in your choice. black-hair-colors-and-your-skin-tone-2017So, just because of this they recommend to keep your black hair color close to your current natural shade adding highlights or a fresher color. Never go more than two levels lighter and try to match any hair color with your skintone. In order to keep it shiny and shimmering you should use hair color protective products and style your locks in trendy hairdos. Always remember that black hair is gorgeous with light eyes and looks natural with darker eye hues.

5 Cutest Hair Highlights Ideas

How do you choose hair highlights for your hair? If you do just by chance and don’t pay attention to your base shade then I recommend you to be careful enough when the thing is about a new hair color or hairstyle. Today you’ll be inspired by the 5 cutest hair highlights which you can use for your next salon Highlights

Auburn, fiery red, copper and burgundy are the most popular shades of red that look awesome as highlights. Anyone can experiment with fun reddish highlights according to her preferences and expectations. If you want to add warmth and more attractiveness to your hair then red highlights are waiting for you. Natural redhead can just refresh their locks with flattering ginger highlights.

2017 Golden Hair Color Ideas

We love sparkling and glossy hairstyles as they prove the idea that we take special care for our stunning and flawless look. Fortunately, there are amazing golden hair colors for 2017 for any base hair color and complexion. If you think that golden can be only blonde shades, then there is a special need for you to unlock the world of the rest golden hues. So, here they Leaf Hair Color

Perhaps you have never seen slicked back hairstyles in such a unique, festive and sparkling style. Today hairstylists have created the golden leaf hair color trend for prom hairdos and since slicked back is a big hair trend for 2017 many designers have chosen to combine it with this look. So, what is the golden leaf hair color? It’s a glossy reflection of gold on the top part of both blonde and brunette hairstyles. Of course, the darker your base hair color the more eye-catching golden leaf effect becomes. This style is recommended to use for wedding days and luxurious parties.

Stunning Red Hair Colors

Few women rock naturally red hair all over the world but they are so inspiring that many of us go for red shades to look so hot and amazing. A new hair color can do miracles with your look. If you believe in the power of hot hair colors then have a look at this cool string of the most stunning red hair colors to try in 2017. Both blondes and brunettes have the great opportunity to pull off flattering red shades. Find your shade right Red Hair Color

Many blondes dye their hair in light red hair colors under the name strawberry blonde. The brighter tone of strawberry blonde is the lovely and sun-kissed ginger red. Unlike many other red hues it looks very natural and goes well with light to medium skin tones. Ginger red is gorgeous on wavy and curly hairstyles and tends to soften shorter haircuts.

Blue Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Everybody wants to create his/her own style and stand out in the crowd. Women usually choose new haircuts and hairstyles to transform into inspiring stylish ladies. If you are one of those who seek for big transformations with the help of trendy hairstyles then check out the latest blue hair colors and match one of them with your skin Blue Hair Color

Let’s start from the lightest blue hair color. It’s the ethereal and celestial pastel blue that requires light skin tone and light eyes. However I have also seen black women with cotton candy pastel hairstyles. They are so cute. So, this means that anyone can play with pastel blue hair color if she chooses the right tones. Sometimes you can refresh it with silver tones for more shine.

Subtle Balayage Highlights for 2017

The most creative free-had hair coloring technique called balayage is a big hair trend for the moment. It’s a French hair coloring or rather highlighting idea that works well for long hair. Let these trendy balayage highlights for 2017 inspire you for your next salon visit. Give your hair the opportunity to shine and sparkle with all its power.balayage-hair-colors-2017How to Get Balayage Highlights?

Unlike traditional hair highlighting techniques balayage involves free-hand painting. Balayage is mainly used as a lightly painting idea that works just with the surface of the hair at the roots, and moves down to cover the tips of the hair in a fresh tint fully. The stylist divides hair into four sections by combing down the middle part of your head and then across from ear to ear.