Bold Hair Color Inspiration

The temptation to experiment with many bold hair colors is so strong and inspiring. Women working in official and professional field hardly take the risk to play with their hair colors, but those who are used to change up their looks with dramatic hair colors find cool solutions and try something really wild. If you belong to the group of crazy women then keep on reading because we are going to investigate the best edgy hair colors together.bold-hair-colors-2017Rainbow Hair Colors

Leaving alone all the “acceptable” and traditional hair color ideas I offer unusual, eye-catching and flashy stones of different shades. So, rainbow hair colors are number one crazy combinations of hues which make our hairstyles festive, fresh and more girlish. Rainbow is a hot style for all types and length of hair from pixie to long layers and from straight strands to the curliest locks. According to your current shade you can wear either light or dark rainbow hair colors. Any vibrant mixture of three and more shades provides you with a rainbow game.

2017 Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Most women want to dye their hair in trendy shades, but not everyone is careful when it comes to the right choice. Hair colorists always remind us about hair color and skin tone matching because it’s the most important thing in hair coloring. In some cases we don’t know what suits us and what we really want. That’s why we refer to the professional expert tips or follow the best celebrity looks. This time we’ll speak about the trendiest hair colors for brunettes for 2017. Discover what’s in thing these days and what you need to do with your Brown Hair Color

The first thing that comes to your mind as a brunette is a richer brown hair color. In this case chocolate brown is on point. It is able to enrich your brunette shade and make it shiny, marvelous and strong. This awesome tone of brown has some reddish undertones which can warm up your complexion. So, in case you have light skin and light eyes the lovely chocolate can warm up your look.

Hottest Celebrities with Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

If you have natural red or blonde hair and want to make a cute style for your shade then check out the hottest looks of celebrities with strawberry blonde hair color. These stunners have discovered the secret to the most sophisticated blonde shade with reddish effects. Copy the best strawberry blonde hues if you have light or medium skin tone and prove that you can sparkle in reddish blonde shades too.  strawberry-blonde-hair-colors-2017Nicole Kidman’s Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Remember Nicole Kidman’s reddish hairstyles? Yes, she is a big fan of warm hair colors and once strawberry blonde became trendy she decided to dye her locks in this awesome shade. It looks so natural on her hair that she has chosen it not only for long but also shorter haircuts. Keeping your signature style modern and always stylish is easy with fresher hair colors. Look at her loose wavy hairdo that subtly shines in its side pulled style. You can’t find any other youthful  and fresh solution for your long mane.

Secret Rainbow Hair Colors

Underneath or the so-called secret rainbow hair colors have taken the rainbow hair trend to the next level. Just when you think that you have tried every possible hair color, there comes another creative style. Unlike the rest of rainbow hair colors this is something surprising and more interesting. Check out these stunning hairstyles with secret rainbow shades and think of your own unique style.secret-rainbow-hair-colors-2017What is it?

The most interesting part about underneath rainbow hair colors is actually its style and way of achieving. Women rocking secret rainbow shades seem to have simple and common monotone hair color from the first sight. Once their wear updo or half-updo hairstyles everything becomes clear. They have dyed only the hidden part of their hair not in a natural but multi-tone rainbow hair colors. This amazing technique surprises us giving the idea that we can play with a variety of hairstyles and hair colors without limit. From now on even office women can pull off rainbow shades and no one will ever notice until you show it off. So, you can display your rainbow hairstyle whenever you want and you can hide it whenever you need to have a classy look.

Stylish Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Ombre style is taking the fashion world by the storm. In fact, this hair coloring technique was created specie for already dyed grown out roots. Stylists found their next hair color inspiration and called it ombre. Whatever it is, we love it in all its styles. Girls all over the world experiment with a number of ombre hair colors and styles. Below I’ll represent the most stylish ombre hair colors for 2017. Choose the latest version for your short, medium or long locks.ombre-hair-colors-2017Red Ombre Hair Color

One of my favorite ombre hair colors is the one combined with red roots and lighter tips. You can pair fiery red roots with strawberry blonde tips to get a harmonious red ombre hair color. It will be unique and will grab attention. Actually red ombre hair colors look better on long hairstyles than on short cuts. Women with light complexions will definitely love the result. In case you are a dark-skinned brunette you can experiment with darker shades matching your complexion.

Most Inspiring Celebrity Brunettes

Chocolate shades are visit cards of the most inspiring celebrity brunettes who appreciate their natural hair color and do their best to enhance it. Some of the most attractive brunette hair colors included in my list are also the trendiest. Thus, check out the best tones of brown to try in 2017.brunette-hair-colors-celebrities-2017Megan Fox’s Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown is a common hair color that works with most complexions. Megan Fox has light skin and light eyes but her hair is dark and moreover, highlighted. She has gone for shiny and warm brown highlights which make her monotone shade more attractive. Use this style if you want to get a super seductive brunette hair and highlight your skin tone.

Hottest Copper Hair Color Ideas

Also known as fiery red or ronze copper is one of the most popular and common red hair colors in fashion. There are light and dark shades of copper that compliment fair to medium skin tones and light eyes. Copper hair colors are warm and soft in their hues and shiny reflections. They are used both as monotone hair color ideas and hair highlights. Your choice depends on your base hair color, skin tone and eye hue. Check out these hot copper hairstyles.copper-hair-colors-2017Light Copper Hair Color

The most natural copper hair color is the light copper red. Only less than 2% of the world’s population has this stunning shade as their natural hair color. Natural hairstyles can create the same look for you. Light copper is a gorgeous hair color that sparkles under the rays of the sun and brings out the shine of your locks. You can combine it with fair skin tone, light eyes and natural makeups.

Glowing Neon Hair Color Trends for 2017

The newest neon hair color trend for 2017 is ready to muse all of us with its stunning, glowing and unusual style. Compared to the rest of hair color trends this is something inspired from the fantasy world. It’s far from looking natural but has already captured many hearts. Glowing neon hair colors are here to replace all the creative rainbow styles for any hair length and type. They glow in the darkness and bring out the sparling and vibrant shades of your hair. The most interesting thing about neon hair color trends is that they can look awesome under any kind of light reflections from UV rays to black light.neon-hair-colors-2017Neon Hair Color Styles

There are several types of glowing neon hair colors including undercut rainbow styles, UV vibrant streaks, and electric highlights, radioactive monotone shades and two-tone neon hues. Actually this is the field that allows you to use your creativity and personal taste while choosing or creating the style. Neon colored hair looks stunning in a number of hairstyles. Here you see some cool examples. You can combine it with loose waves, straight hairstyles, braids, messy updos and cotton candy curls. Whatever you do with your fresh hairstyle it will sparkle under special reflective lights.

Hot Auburn Hair Colors

Auburn is one of the hottest red hair colors mainly preferred by medium-skinned women. It will be a good idea for you to look like a real redhead with a light or a bit dark auburn hair color. There are light, dark, honey, golden and brownish auburn hair colors that differ from each other with their undertones. That’s why many consider the auburn as a single hair color.auburn-hair-colors-2017Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark auburn hair colors are worn by those who want to draw attention to their eyes and skin tone. It can also highlight the beauty of your lips and bring out your killer facial features. It compliments red and pinkish hues of lipsticks and ideally goes with tanned and medium skin tones.

How to Dye Hair in Grey Shades

Many of stylish celebrities and models rock grey hairstyles but a few of us is familiar with the right coloring techniques. In order to achieve perfect grey hair colors you should follow several essential tips and then make sure you really want it or not. Below represented expert tips will help you to realize what it actually means to dye hair in grey.  After reading, you’ll understand that it’s not a simple and common hair dying idea. So, let’s start!grey-hair-colors-2017Grey Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

Well, the most important thing in a new hair color idea is your skin tone whether you decide to your locks in a blonde, brown, red, purple or grey hair color. It’s always necessary to match your new shade with your complexion as well as eye hue. Since grey is a natural human hair color it suits everyone. The matter is whether you choose the right tone or not because there are light and dark tones for different skin tones. You can decide the best shade with the help of your hair colorist if you are not sure you can do it by yourself.