Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas

When you want to dye your hair in a shade between blonde and brunette you mainly choose bronde or dirty blonde hair color ideas which suits most skin tones. It’s the ideal way to lighten dark hair and add dimension to sun-faded locks. Check out these lovely looks with dirty blonde hairstyles and decide whether you want to join the group of bronde-haired stunners or not.dirty-blonde-hair-colors-2017Cara Delevingne Dirty Blonde Hair Color

If you do some research in the field of dirty blonde hair colors you’ll surely meet Cara Delevingne. She is one of the most inspiring celebrities with dirty blonde locks. This is her signature style, that goes well with her complexion and highlight her eyes. Her colorist makes this shade so harmonious with her long hair, overall skin undertones and face.

Celebrity Dramatic Hair Color Ideas

Before dying your hair in another edgy shade check out this celebrity dramatic hair colors in order to get fancy ideas for your locks. Here you’ll see the most dramatic hair color makeover of some of our inspiring celebs. Say goodbye to your blonde or brown hair and welcome edgy hues to amuse us with your incredible look. It’s the high time to pick up something new and unusual.celebrity-dramatic-hair-colors-2017Margot Robbie Dark Brown Hair Color

While you may think that there is nothing intriguing and dramatic in dark cholate brown hair Margot Robbie proves that it’s a real bold style for a natural blonde. We mostly remember her in light blonde and sometimes red hair colors but dark brown is something new for her. She has light complexion and light eyes and wears dark brown like a true brunette. It suits her very much and highlights her real attractiveness.  

Winter 2017 Hair Color Ideas

Winter is all about the ravishing icy platinum, warm blondes and red shades as well as sophisticated brunettes. Check out the best hair colors for winter 2017. You will fall in love with some of the most beautiful hair colors matching your skin tone. This season inspires us with its soft, cool and subtle hues which have a great impact on our outfits, hair colors and makeups.hair-colors-for-winter-2017Ash Brown Hair Color

The coolest brown hair color to pick for winter 2017 is the ash brown. It’s somewhere between dark and light brunette hair colors with a greyish hint. It works with light and tanned complexions and looks gorgeous with green and blue eyes. You will get a natural look if you combine ash brown hair with brown eyes. The most important thing in this case if your base shade. it should be dark and monotone for the best result.

Dark Brown Hair Colors with Flattering Highlights

Monochrome or monotone hair colors don’t surprise us anymore. However, fresh highlights, ombre, sombre and balayage hair colors are more interesting and eye-catching. They add depth and an impression of a textured hairstyle completing your look with a hotter hint. These tips and tricks will open the secret of the best dark brown hair colors with highlights. Find the most flattering shades for your dark mane.2017-dark-brown-hair-with-highlightsHow to Highlight Dark Brown Hair?

Many of us have naturally brunette hair. When we are tired of our monotone shade we start thinking of matching highlights. While others change their hair color we just enhance ours with shiny hues. The first thing you need to do is to check out several suitable effects and styles from the simplest highlights to the most glamorous balayage finishes.

How to Hide Hair Roots Between Salon Visits

Anyone who has ever dyed her hair in a new shade has faced the problem of a faded hue and a necessary touch up. One day your hair color is perfect shiny and fresh and the other day it can become dull and faded. So, how to hide hair roots between salon visits? Today you’ll get the best answer to this question and will use the right tips and tricks from now on. Celebrity and Marc Jacob’s models’ hairstylist Victoria Hunter shares the secrets of perfect hair colors with us.fixes-for-faded-roots-2017According to this fancy stylist women with wavy or curly hair can get away with roots for longer as they have more voluminous hair type then thin and straight-haired ladies. When your roots start to show you start thinking of suitable products and tips which can help to retouch it. Follow below represented tips and you’ll have  sparkling and fresh hair.

2017 Latest Purple Hair Color Trends

Recently the many shades of purple have become big trends for women of all skin tones. This fact makes us happier as we have a new subtle hair color idea to play with. I would like to share with you some of the latest purple hair colors trends for 2017. I love this shade with all its hues and tones but will recommend the right shade for your skin tone. Have a look at these cuties and choose a light or dark tone of purple, lilac or lavender for your locks.purple-hair-colors-2017Dark Purple Hair Color

Deep plum and eggplant hair colors are the nicest dark shades for brunettes who think of new hair color ideas. This shade is rich and makes hair deeper and visually thicker. It works well with olive, tanned and darker skin tones and brings out lighter complexions. You can wear it on your long straight hair to take your simple hairstyle to the next level.

Red Hair Colors from Hollywood Stars

While some call them fake redheads we just admire the best red hair color ideas from Hollywood stars. Whether they fake it or not the fact is that many celebrities rock sparkling shades of reds like true redheads. Let’s consider the most fashionable tones of red worn by our favorite stars. More and more stylish celebs pull off red hair colors just being inspired from these stunning looks.celebrity-red-hair-colors-2017Debby Ryan Red Hair Color

Who can ever deny the fact that Debby Ryan is a gorgeous redhead? Although she is a natural blonde but she looks like a read redhead with her light copper hair color. She likes to try different hair colors from platinum to lavender but we can’t forget her fiery red mane that continues to inspire many stylish teenagers. This shade is perfect for her medium skin and light brown eyes with reddish tones.

Bold Hair Color Inspiration

The temptation to experiment with many bold hair colors is so strong and inspiring. Women working in official and professional field hardly take the risk to play with their hair colors, but those who are used to change up their looks with dramatic hair colors find cool solutions and try something really wild. If you belong to the group of crazy women then keep on reading because we are going to investigate the best edgy hair colors together.bold-hair-colors-2017Rainbow Hair Colors

Leaving alone all the “acceptable” and traditional hair color ideas I offer unusual, eye-catching and flashy stones of different shades. So, rainbow hair colors are number one crazy combinations of hues which make our hairstyles festive, fresh and more girlish. Rainbow is a hot style for all types and length of hair from pixie to long layers and from straight strands to the curliest locks. According to your current shade you can wear either light or dark rainbow hair colors. Any vibrant mixture of three and more shades provides you with a rainbow game.

2017 Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Most women want to dye their hair in trendy shades, but not everyone is careful when it comes to the right choice. Hair colorists always remind us about hair color and skin tone matching because it’s the most important thing in hair coloring. In some cases we don’t know what suits us and what we really want. That’s why we refer to the professional expert tips or follow the best celebrity looks. This time we’ll speak about the trendiest hair colors for brunettes for 2017. Discover what’s in thing these days and what you need to do with your hair.hair-colors-for-brunettes-2017Chocolate Brown Hair Color

The first thing that comes to your mind as a brunette is a richer brown hair color. In this case chocolate brown is on point. It is able to enrich your brunette shade and make it shiny, marvelous and strong. This awesome tone of brown has some reddish undertones which can warm up your complexion. So, in case you have light skin and light eyes the lovely chocolate can warm up your look.

Hottest Celebrities with Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

If you have natural red or blonde hair and want to make a cute style for your shade then check out the hottest looks of celebrities with strawberry blonde hair color. These stunners have discovered the secret to the most sophisticated blonde shade with reddish effects. Copy the best strawberry blonde hues if you have light or medium skin tone and prove that you can sparkle in reddish blonde shades too.  strawberry-blonde-hair-colors-2017Nicole Kidman’s Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Remember Nicole Kidman’s reddish hairstyles? Yes, she is a big fan of warm hair colors and once strawberry blonde became trendy she decided to dye her locks in this awesome shade. It looks so natural on her hair that she has chosen it not only for long but also shorter haircuts. Keeping your signature style modern and always stylish is easy with fresher hair colors. Look at her loose wavy hairdo that subtly shines in its side pulled style. You can’t find any other youthful  and fresh solution for your long mane.