5 Awesome Shades of Blonde

Stylish blonde hair colors with sparkling effects and fresh touches are the most amazing hues that you can choose to lighten up your strands as well as your complexion. Below represented 5 shades of blonde are so inspiring and attractive. They flatter different skin tones and are worn on various hairstyles. Pick a nice shade of blonde from this string for 2017 and amuse us with your brand new hairstyles.blonde-hair-colors-2017Baby Blonde Hair Color

The subtle and soft baby blonde is a neutral hair color special for blondes who want to lighten up their current shade and get a more exquisite look. However, not every blonde-haired beauty can wear the stunning baby blonde. It suits fair and light complexions and goes well with light eyes. You need to be quite careful with this tone of blonde. It requires regular touch ups to keep its lightness.

Latest Dark Brown Hair Colors for 2017

If you are looking to go brunette, then keep on reading as these dark brown hair colors for 2017 are collected quite carefully to inspire you for your big transformation. You can use these shades to update your current brunette hue too. So, open your eyes wider to make the most suitable choice. Celebrities like Lily Collins, Anne Hathaway, Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian and Lea Michele wear the most beautiful dark brown hair colors. Copy their styles.dark-brown-hair-colors-2017Mila Kunis Dark Brown Hair Color

Dark brown hair colors with tender hazel shaded highlights look fresh and flirty. Mila Kunis loves brunette hair colors with highlighted tips. Take your inspiration from Mila if you have the same complexion and eye hue as she. This hair color mixture will help to accentuate your eyes and cheekbones. As for hairstyles, pick long layers, loose waves, curls or straight and sleek styles.

Cutest Light Red Hair Colors

Between the most popular red hair colors light ginger and strawberry shades have their irreplaceable place. Light reds are natural hair colors that ideally work with light ad medium complexions with green, blue or sometimes hazel and light brown eyes. They are mainly seen on natural redheads but some rock light red hair colors so harmoniously and carefully that they also look like natural red-haired beauties. These 5 shades of light red will make you fall in love with the cutest tone of red.light-red-hair-colors-2017Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

The lightest red hair color is fashion is the strawberry blonde. This shade is made special for blondes who want to warm up their hair color with a reddish hint. It’s neither a pure blonde nor a red hair color but something standing between blonde and red hair colors like the bronde that stands between brown and blonde tones. There is nothing more creative than a hair color that can be called the golden mean. Strawberry blonde softens light blonde hair colors.

Rose Gold Hair Color for Blondes

Taking into account the fact that natural blondes and pinkish pastel hair colors are the subtlest trends hair colorists have created something between these two styles called rose gold hair color. Lately some celebrities are captured by this shiny and soft hair color idea. Rose gold looks awesome on naturally blonde hair as it’s light and sun-kissed. rose-gold-hair-colors-2017Brunettes who have ever referred to their hair colorists to get this shade, were asked to forget about their natural hue and become a blonde-haired stunner to rock the rose gold. Thus, it’s not a big deal for blondes to wear rose gold, but things get complicated when it comes to brunettes. Well, if you are a brunette who is tired of her natural hair color, you are welcome to join the group of sophisticated and angelic blondes and if you are a blonde-haired beauty, you may enhance your current shade.

2017 Trendy Hair Colors Inspired by Celebs

We, women, always keep up with stylish celebrity looks and therefore we take examples from the most inspiring looks. Below you’ll see the most beautiful hair color trends for 2017. Open your eyes wider, because you are going to fall in love with one of these shades. Choose the hue that goes well with your skin and ask your stylist for the same shade or combination of tones.hair-color-trends-2017Natural Shades

According to celebrity colorists one of the most requested styles is the natural. When you decide to enhance your natural hair color you opt for lighter or a bit darker mixture of tones. While many of us love bold and extravagant hair colors the majority of celebrities choose natural-looking highlights and hair colors. Brunettes opt for light brown tones and blondes go for lighter and more sun-kissed shades of blonde matching their complexions.

Stylish Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Would you like to find the best hair colors for your skin tone? You are in the right place. Check out these stylish shades and match them with your complexion. The first thing you need to do before choosing a hair color is the consideration of your skin tone and eye hue. If you have deep and dark skin tone then make sure to make the right choice when it comes to light hair colors. The same refers to light-skinned women.hair-colors-and-your-skin-tone-2017Hair Colors for Dark Skin

Black women with dark skin tone sometimes have either warm or cool undertones, which is very important in hair color choices. Women with dark skin tones like Kerry Washington usually have dark brunette hair and deep brown eyes. The darker your skin tone the more eye-catching it looks with light-colored outfits and intense lipsticks. Hot hair colors such as plum, dark red and burgundy look awesome with this skin tone. From browns you can choose espresso, chocolate, dark caramel and golden hues. If you want to experiment with blonde shades, choose dirty blonde, platinum blonde for short haircuts and dark honey-golden blonde. As for bold or flashy hues, there are silver, ash and even light pastel hair colors to match with dark skin.

Awesome Tiger Eye Hair Color

The newest hair colors ideas make us think that 2017 is going to be the year of the most creative, innovative and interesting combinations of shades. After the trendy pumpkin spice hue, colombre, split style and oil-slick hair colors now we have the rich and awesome tiger eye hair color for 2017. It’s the next natural-looking mixture of brown, caramel and golden tones which compliment most skin tones but look perfect especially with tanned skin and brown, green, hazel eyes.tiger-eye-hair-colors-2017What is Tiger Eye Hair Color

Frist, let’s discover what shades and tones tiger eye hair color includes. As I have already mentioned above, it’s a well-balanced combination of brown, caramel and golden tints reminding us of the Tiger’s Eye stone. This rich hair color mixture is placed on hair quite harmoniously. According to posh and skillful stylist Corey Tuttle, tiger eye hair color is ideal for brunettes who want to enhance their hair color and add more shine to it. It can warm up your hair color and make it sparkle under the glossy sunny rays.

Split-Style Hair Color Trend 2017

It’s been a cool year for wild and edgy hair color ideas but 2017 will continue to inspire us with more creative and original styles. One of the latest versions of bold hair colors is the split-style hair color trend for 2017. Within the latest few weeks we have already seen some stylish girls rocking this style. Of course you can see it’s true effect on videos but here are some of the best pictures and examples for you to consider.split-style-hair-colors-2017What is Split-Style Hair Color?

The first question that knocks your door is “what is split-style” hair color? So, let me answer your question giving a detailed description. Split-style hair colors are half-and-half shades of two tones usually worn on long hair. When you create center parted hairstyles you get two equal parts in different hair colors. Some choose contrasting combinations of blonde and brunette hair colors and some go for more harmonious options taking blonde and pastel, brown and black and other cute shades.

Bella Thorne’s Hair Color Makeover

Once more I’ll show you a cool hair color makeover, this time from Bella Thorne. This actress doesn’t only experiment with trendy styles and looks but she also likes to play with a variety of hair colors. Have a look at Bella Thorne’s hair color makeover to see how she prefers to choose new shades for her hair. Update your base hair color with one of these tones as I have chosen the trendiest shades to inspire you.bella-thornes-hair-colors-2017Bella Thorne Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde is her signature hair color. It goes so well with her complexion and eyes. This shade on long straight hairstyle is very classic and ravishing. It is nicer particularly thanks to the subtle bangs. Dark roots create a lovely balance with her warm brown eyes. As for red lips, they remind us of old and gold retro combinations that are again back.

Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas

When you want to dye your hair in a shade between blonde and brunette you mainly choose bronde or dirty blonde hair color ideas which suits most skin tones. It’s the ideal way to lighten dark hair and add dimension to sun-faded locks. Check out these lovely looks with dirty blonde hairstyles and decide whether you want to join the group of bronde-haired stunners or not.dirty-blonde-hair-colors-2017Cara Delevingne Dirty Blonde Hair Color

If you do some research in the field of dirty blonde hair colors you’ll surely meet Cara Delevingne. She is one of the most inspiring celebrities with dirty blonde locks. This is her signature style, that goes well with her complexion and highlight her eyes. Her colorist makes this shade so harmonious with her long hair, overall skin undertones and face.