Stunning Red Hair Colors

Few women rock naturally red hair all over the world but they are so inspiring that many of us go for red shades to look so hot and amazing. A new hair color can do miracles with your look. If you believe in the power of hot hair colors then have a look at this cool string of the most stunning red hair colors to try in 2017. Both blondes and brunettes have the great opportunity to pull off flattering red shades. Find your shade right Red Hair Color

Many blondes dye their hair in light red hair colors under the name strawberry blonde. The brighter tone of strawberry blonde is the lovely and sun-kissed ginger red. Unlike many other red hues it looks very natural and goes well with light to medium skin tones. Ginger red is gorgeous on wavy and curly hairstyles and tends to soften shorter haircuts.

Blue Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Everybody wants to create his/her own style and stand out in the crowd. Women usually choose new haircuts and hairstyles to transform into inspiring stylish ladies. If you are one of those who seek for big transformations with the help of trendy hairstyles then check out the latest blue hair colors and match one of them with your skin Blue Hair Color

Let’s start from the lightest blue hair color. It’s the ethereal and celestial pastel blue that requires light skin tone and light eyes. However I have also seen black women with cotton candy pastel hairstyles. They are so cute. So, this means that anyone can play with pastel blue hair color if she chooses the right tones. Sometimes you can refresh it with silver tones for more shine.

Subtle Balayage Highlights for 2017

The most creative free-had hair coloring technique called balayage is a big hair trend for the moment. It’s a French hair coloring or rather highlighting idea that works well for long hair. Let these trendy balayage highlights for 2017 inspire you for your next salon visit. Give your hair the opportunity to shine and sparkle with all its power.balayage-hair-colors-2017How to Get Balayage Highlights?

Unlike traditional hair highlighting techniques balayage involves free-hand painting. Balayage is mainly used as a lightly painting idea that works just with the surface of the hair at the roots, and moves down to cover the tips of the hair in a fresh tint fully. The stylist divides hair into four sections by combing down the middle part of your head and then across from ear to ear.

Amazing Ombre Hair Color Ideas

There are millions of stylish hair colors in the fashion world but we mostly love creative combinations and mixtures of two or ore hues. This is the reason why ombre hair colors are today’s most required styles all over the world. They don’t ask skin tone, base shade and eye hue and anyone is free to pull off a cool ombre hairstyle flattering her look. Pinterest and Instagram are full of inspiring pictures of ombre hairstyles. Professional stylists do their best to create more fashionable ombre shades for celebrities and famous women.ombre-hair-colors-2017How to Get:

Nowadays every single hairstylist thinks only about a new hair color idea that can him/her famous. Of course, not every creates fancy and interesting styles. Istanbul-based hair colorist Ozen Kurtur is one of the professionals who has discovered the secret to gorgeous ombre hair color. This stylist creates red-carpet-ready ombre hair colors just with the help of a standard-issue paddle brush. Kurtur simply brushes the ends with the hair with after coating it with dye. This gives you the idea of achieving an ombre hair color at home. So, there are DIY tutorials on YouTube that clearly explain how to create the desired look. As a result you get a two-tone hair color dark at the roots and lighter at the ends. In order to make it nicer style your hair in sleek straight hairstyles or in loose waves.

Best Hair Colors for Black Skin

Black skin doesn’t have the best tone for any hair color. It requests special shades that will look natural and harmonious with warm or dark undertones. Check out these hair colors for black skin and you’ll lean the best way of becoming a stunner with the help of a fresh hair shade. I have done my best to find out the trendiest hues for dark Brown Hair Color

The majority of black celebrities with naturally dark hair choose the sweet espresso brown hair color to update their shade. This tone of brown suits dark complexions and brown eyes. It is a natural-looking shade ideally worn on natural brown hair. Unlike natural browns it has more shine and attractiveness.

2017 Amazing Pastel Hair Colors

Pastel hair colors are again back and we are glad that we can again play with this fun style. The most fascinating thing about pastel hair colors for 2017 is that they are taken to another level with modern touches and creative touch ups. Below you’ll be inspired by the best and most recent shades of pastel hair colors with stunning tones and cool reflections on various hairstyles. Let’s have a look at them together.pastel-hair-colors-2017Pastel Rose Gold Hair Color

Pastel rose gold is the same pastel pink only with a golden hint in it. This is an angelic hair color idea for blondes who need to add a pinkish and rosy hue to their tender hairstyles. Rose gold hair colors are warm and they make any haircut very soft and cute. Pink is the perfect girlish shade that highlights your femininity. It looks nice with subtle dark roots too.

Gorgeous Brown Hair Color Ideas

According to many opinions of hairstylists blonde shades have more tones than brown hair colors. However, if you start doing some research in this sphere you’ll  find out that brown and brunette hair colors also have millions of fascinating, goluptious and showy shades. This time I’ll focus on the most gorgeous brown hair colors to inspire my stunning brunettes.brown-hair-colors-2017Mocha Brown Hair Color

Between ashy and soft brown hair colors there is the mocha brown with its sophisticated touch. If you like dark yet subtle tones of brown with less shine then mocha brown will satisfy you. This tone ideally works with tanned and medium skin tones and goes well with hazel, brown and sometimes green eyes. Those who have naturally dark brown hair can update it with the mocha effect.

Lightest Shades of Blonde Hair Color

The versatile blonde hair color has zillions of shades and tones for all complexions and eye hues. Today blonde hair colors are worn not only by natural blondes and light-skinned women but also by brunettes and dark-skinned girls. So, no matter your complexion, you can choose a nice blonde shade for you hair. However, today I’ll speak about the lightest shades of blonde hair color and you’ll see that they mostly compliment light skin tones and eyes.light-blonde-hair-colors-2017Platinum Blonde Hair Color

The first light blonde shade that first comes to your mind is the shiny platinum. This hair color has become so trendy that many black women also try it to feel the subtle touch on their dark hair. While platinum blonde is lately replaced by the super white blonde, it still remains the dominant light tone of blonde that makes natural blondes look like cute angels. Of course, it best goes with light eyes.