Chestnut Brown Hair Colors for 2017

From the darkest tone of the chestnut brown hair color to the lightest shade there are a number of hues to opt for 2017 and look so fashionable. Chestnut brown is one of the natural brown hair colors that compliment also most all skin tones. It has millions of tones for every skin and eye hue. Here you see the top 5 shades of chestnut brown hair color for 2017. Make the best choice for your hair and embrace it in the best way.Chestnut Brown Hair Colors 2017Mila Kunis Chestnut Brown Hair Color

The purest chestnut brown shade belongs to Mila Kunis. She has medium skin with light eyes, that’s why her chestnut brown shade is neutral and dainty. It ideally goes with her skin undertones and makes her eyes pop out. She has greenish hazel eyes, which work with many brown hair colors. When she darkens up her chestnut brown tone she becomes bolder.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Blonde Hair Colors

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a glamorous and charming model with plenty blonde hair color inspirations. She is always there for us to give new and more fashionable blonde hair color ideas. Check out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s blonde hair colors and start thinking of a new blonde shade for 2017.Rosie Huntington-Whiteley blonde hair clors 2017Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Ash Blonde Hair Color

Among the trendiest blonde hair color ash blonde has its special place. This neutral tone of blonde is usually highlighted with matching tones to look richer. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley offers us the best ash blonde hair color for long and medium haircuts. Her skin tone allows her to go for light hair colors but she keeps it as flattering as possible because too light shades of blonde won’t look well-balanced.

2017 Trendy Grey Hair Colors and Hairstyles

The right combination of a trendy grey hair color and a fancy hairstyle is the most requested style in salons. Millions of stylish women want to get fascinating granny hair trends paying little attention to their complexion as this is the case when everyone finds something very flattering for her skin. After reading this article you, too will start thinking of trendy grey hair colors and hairstyles for 2017. Are you ready for a fun transformation?grey hair colors and hairstyles 2017Light Grey Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie cuts are not only boyish but they are also edgy and very bold for women. The shorter your haircut the harsher it looks. In order to solve this problem, hairstylists offer light hair colors. Opt for a light grey shade instead of a traditional blonde tone. This can be more original and interesting. No matter you have light, medium or dark complexion; there is a cute grey shade for everyone.

Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Women thinking of red omnre hair colors for 2017 are usually seeking for more attention and fancier touches in their look. The fact is that red hair colors are trendy and they are often combined with various styling including the ombre hair trend. You will love some of the red ombre styles represented below. Consult with your hair colorist to pick the best version according to your base hair ombre hair colros 2017Red Blonde Ombre Hair Color

The transition from red to ombre is sometimes contrasting but very subtle. This is not an edgy hair color idea to be afraid of. It’s just a great way to get a light and dark hair color combination. The roots are in a deep shade of red and the tips are light in a yellowish blonde hue. The colorist has worked really hard to provide with a well-balanced color block and mixture. You can choose this either for naturally blond hair dying only the toots in a red shade or you may lighten up your brunette hair by bleaching out the tips and dying the roots in a red tone.

Best Hairstyle Trends for Pastel Hair Colors

Pastel shades are not natural-looking or common hair color ideas but they are having a moment. In order to match your paste shade with the trendiest hairstyles I offer to check out these hairstyle ideas for pastel hair colors. They are chosen carefully special for the most enthusiastic fashionistas. I am sure that your pastel hair color is going to look more fashionable if you opt for one of these haircuts or hairstyles.  hairstyles for pastel hair colors 2017Short Pastel Pixie Hairstyle

Here is the biggest hairstyle trend for 2017. It’s the short pixie haircut in alight and subtle shade of pastel. Many women go for short boyish pixie haircuts but not everyone cares about its hue. If your current haircut seems too boyish for you and you seek for a bit of feminine touch then go ahead with a lovely pastel hair color.  Style your locks in any hairstyle you like as they are going to look charming by all means.

Adriana Lima’s Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is one of the hottest brunettes with flawless, skin, seductive body, killer facial features and inspiring hairstyles. she stands out with her Brazilian beauty that captures so many hearts. The most beautiful combination on her look is her warm olive skin tone, light blue eyes and dark brunette hair. No any other combo can be so contrasting and harmonious at the same time. Check out Adriana Lima’s best hair color ideas to try in 2017. She is ready to give you the best ideas on how to embrace your olive skin and light eyes with the right chosen hair color.adriana lima hair colors 2017Adriana Lima Black Hair Color

The fist hair color trend to steal from Adriana Lima is the soft black shade. This amazing hair color highlights her skin tone and brings out her light eyes. It suits her like no any other dark shade but it’s not the only brunette shade that works well with her complexion. Thanks to those Cleopatra bangs her hairstyle looks edgier and more eye-catching. She just looks fierce in black hair. Since her skin has tan undertones black looks natural on her.  

2017 Softest Blonde Hair Colors

Would you like to have the softest blonde hair color in 2017? They have found their place right here special for you. Get your ultimate blonde hair color inspiration and start the coming tender season with a sophisticated shade. The following shades of blonde are perhaps the most natural-looking, sophisticated and inspiring tones. They flatter light to medium complexions. Discover more to meet your dreamt blonde hue.blonde hair colors 2017Ash Blonde Hair Color

While some confuse the light ash blonde with platinum blonde the fact is that the latter one is shinier and has some yellowish undertones. Ash blonde is a neutral and light tone of blonde that can be highlighted with platinum tones. You can create a multidimensional hair color on ash blonde hair. It’s a great canvas for a variety of highlights. This hue goes well with pale skin tones and light eyes. It is sometimes worn by women with medium complexions too.

Unique Ombre Hair Color Trends from Celebs

Celebrities like to experiment with a variety of hair color trends but the ombre hair color is the most popular option in Hollywood. While the majority wears traditional ombre hair colors some stunning celebs go for unique ombre hair color ideas to inspire stylish women. Here are the best versions of unique ombre hair colors for women who are into crazy hair color combos and always seek for innovative changes instead of popular and common styles.celebrity ombre hair colors 2017Jordin Sparks Red Ombre Hair Color

Black hair? Here is a hot solution to make it prettier. Jordin Sparks wears the most sophisticated and attractive red ombre hair colors, which looks not only beautiful but also very original. It’s the deep burgundy shade combined with black hair. Women with black skin and jet black hair can use this trick to escape dull hairstyles. It’s possible to achieve this style both on short and long Hair.

5 Temporary Hair Color Ideas for 2017

While the majority of women use permanent hair colors to highlight their base shade others use temporary hair color ideas when it comes to rainbow hues, edgy highlights and crazy shades. Here are the 5 basic temporary hair colors for 2017. If you don’t have that much bravery to dye your hair in a crazy shade, you can just highlight it with temporary hues. Adding a pop of hue to dull and monotone hair just for a short period of time is both fun and color ideas 2017Hair Mascara

The first idea of getting bright shades on your hair is the use of hair mascara. The 90’s hair coloring idea is still around and many women use hair mascaras to get temporary hair colors. It’s the technique that allows you to apply the desired shade directly to your hair. For a brighter and flashier finish you can layer on more. However, try to keep it subtle and well-balanced. Opt for the shades that match your base hair colors. Women with light hair can experiment with pastel tones and brunettes may opt for vivid rainbow shades. It lasts 1 – 2 shampoos.

Braided Hairstyles with Trendy Hair Highlights 2017

Braided hairdos are becoming more popular due to fresh hair colors and highlights, which are perfectly reflected on braids. These woven and knotted hairdos are the best for cool hair highlights. Here you are going to be inspired by the hottest braided hairstyles with hair highlights for 2017. Pick up some options for your hair to try for the upcoming parties.braided hairstyles with hair highlights 2017Waterfall Braid with Highlights

Waterfall is one of the most beautiful cascading hairstyles that can bring out the beauty of your highlights. Whether they are simple hair highlights or ombre shades you are going to showcase an awesome look with the help of the waterfall braid hairstyle. The best thing about this hairdo is that it’s achieved both on long and short haircuts. You can add natural-looking highlights at the tips and create a two-tone hair color, which will sparkle on the waterfall.