5 Stunning Celebrities with Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Many celebrities opt for platinum blonde hair color but it’s not for everyone and only few get the desired harmonious result with their skin tone and eye. Here I have collected 5 examples of the most ravishing platinum blonde hair colors by celebrities. In case, you have decided to ye your hair platinum blonde you can get your inspiration from these stunners. They are here to give you trendy ideas on how to achieve perfect white blondes with different complexions.2017 Platinum Blonde Hair ColorTaylor Swift Platinum Blonde Hair Color

We have seen Taylor Swift in many blonde hues and the most dominant shade was her natural dirty blonde hair color. Recently she decided to amuse us not only with a new haircut but also with a new hair color. This combination of short bob with bangs and in super white blonde hair color is one of her most amazing and lavishing hairstyles that we have seen so far. It’s really seductive and attractive. It goes well with her skin tone like the rest of blonde hues she has chosen so far.

5 Must-Have Hair Colors of 2017

Do you want to start the new season with a trendier hair color? Here are the 5 must-have hair colors for 2017. These are the main hair trends that will be the most demanded in salons. Take some photos with you to show your stylists what you really want so that you can get the desired celebrity style or look. wishing you a happy experiment I start introducing the best shades for different complexions, eye hues and tastes.5 Must-Have Hair Colors of 2017Blorange Hair Color

Blonde and orange are the shades that provide you with a fancy shade called blorange. This fascinating tone of pastel differs from the rest of hues with its glamorous charm and incredible shine. It’s ready to switch up your hair color and make it either lighter or warmer depending on your base shade. For example, if you have too light or pale blonde hue you can warm it up with this orange-y shade. Brunettes are welcome to lighten their hair with the help of blorange instead of choosing old-fashioned blonde shades.

Brand New Hair Colors to Try in 2017

Today’s fashion string is devoted to the latest brand new hair colors for 2017. If you are interested in the most delightful shades of 2017 then keep on reading to discover more. Make your choice well according to your complexion and eyes. In order to make your hair sparkle you need frequent updates with the help of fresh hair colors. So, think out of the box and opt for rainbow hues too. They are both glamorous and eye-catching.Brand New Hair Colors to Try in 2017Rainbow Braids Hairstyles

Box braids are taken to the next level with stylish rainbow hair colors. Now we say goodbye to the old-fashioned dark and monotone plaits and welcome the trendy rainbow hues to spice up those lovely plaits. They allow us to look fascinating, flashy and luxurious. Long box braids have a delightful charm that can’t be compared with any other braided hairstyle. They sparkle with all their power and become nicer with flattering highlights and accessories.

Peach Hair Color Inspiration for Summer 2017

The hot air in already here and we can’t help waiting for the exiting beach days. But before spending our summer holidays on the beach lets first update our hair color and hairstyles for the loveliest season of the year. Check out these peach hair color ideas for summer 2017 and pick up hairstyle trends to refresh your locks.  You’ll surely fall in love with this warm pastel hue as it’s both eye-catching and dainty.peach hair colors 2017Long Warm Peach Hairstyle

Long hair grabs attention when it’s dyed in a warm and unique hair color. Women inspired by Kylie Jenner’s style dye their long tresses in the lovely shade of peach and style their locks in trendy wavy, curly or straight hairstyles. This hair color is awesome with braids and sophisticated updo hairstyles too. You can match it both with light and dark complexions.

2017 Blonde-Brown Hair Color Trends

Between the trendiest blonde and brown hair colors there are gorgeous shades that seem to be hot mixtures of brown and blonde shades that provide with another hair color flattering both light and dark complexions. Lately we see many hair color trends created by blends of brown and blonde tones. Find out the best blonde-brown hair color for 2017 right here and right now.Blonde-Brown Hair Color Trends 2017Bronde Hair Color

So, the first blonde brown hair color mixture that crosses our mind is the trendy bronde shade. What’s this? So, bronde is actually a dainty combo of light brown and dirty blonde hair colors, which gift a multidimensional and rich hue to choose for dark and light skin and eyes. There is no any other subtle hue between brunette and blonde shades. It’s only the bronde hair color trend that’s ready to lighten or darken up your base shade keeping it natural-looking.

Rihanna’s Best Hair Color Ideas

Rihanna is surely one of the most beautiful and inspiring ladies with flawless skin, sparkling eyes and incredible hairstyles. Her hair colors are always trendy and pretty. Below you’ll find some of Rihanna’s best hair colors for 2017. These shades are the hottest hues to pick up when you seek for a new hair color inspiration. If you have the same skin tone and eye hue as Rihanna then you are in the right place to make the best choice for your locks.Rihanna’s Best Hair Color IdeasRihanna’s Balayage Hair Color

One of the latest hair colors worn by Rihanna is the stunning balayage shade. It goes well with her complexion and eye hue. Dark-skinned women with dark hair colors should wear lighter hues to lighten up their complexion and draw attention to their cute appearance. Go ahead with a lovely tone of balayage matching your skin tone. It can be a combination of caramel and blonde hair colors, which are rich and shiny.

Stunning Brunettes with Fresh Hair Colors 2017

A great way to draw attention to your look is opting for a fresh hair color idea. It could even be your natural shade with an enhanced tone. You don’t need to go too bold in order to look stunning. If you have brunette hair then get your next hair color inspiration from these trendy brunette hair colors for 2017. It’s the high time to soften your brunette locks with lovelier shades.Stunning Brunettes with Fresh Hair Colors 2017Warm Brunette Hair Color

Faded or too dark brunette hair colors can be lightened up with warmer brown shades. The effect is actually very delightful and natural-looking. You can go as light as possible depending on your skin tone, but keep things sophisticated and well-balanced. You may choose a chocolate brown shade and spice up your hair. Chocolate brown is one of the hottest brunette hair color ideas for 2017.

5 Lovely Hair Highlights Ideas to Copy for 2017

Hair highlights trends tend to change by the time. There are lots of ideas to use when it comes to stylish hair colors and highlights but here are the 5 best hair highlights for 2017. After looking at these pictures you’ll notice that your hair needs a new change and a ravishing spice up. These hair highlights are unique and differ from the rest of the highlights that you have seen so far.5 Lovely Hair Highlights Ideas to Copy for 2017Multi-Tone Highlights

Vibrant and contrasting shades paired in a well-balanced nature are the most eye-catching highlights that you can rock on your short or long hair. If you have short hair you’d better opt for fresh layers and then add these multi-tone highlights. They are generally beautifully placed on short layers. They soften hair and switch it up. This style is great for long hair too. Just consult with your hair colorist to pick up the most flattering placement.

Newest Hidden Rainbow Hair Colors

Rainbow hair colors are really tempting but the fact is that not everyone can wear them because of some circumstances. But stylists always have cool solutions for us even if we want crazy hair colors with some limitations. Welcome the newest hidden rainbow hair colors if the fully rainbow hair is not for you. We will help you hide your rainbow shade with creative ideas. This is perhaps the peak of hair coloring art.short hair with hidden rainbowHow to Get:

Well, the first question that crosses your mind is perhaps the following’ how to get hidden rainbow hair’? Well, first of all I would like to tell that it’s not a simple trick to do at home. You’d better refer to a professional hair colorist if you want to get the desired look. Second, hidden rainbow hair colors don’t ask hair type but they are achieved on straight hair easier than on curls. Third, you can get rainbow shade on any hair color be it light or dark. The only thing you should do is the right choice of the hair color according to your base tone. It’s recommended to go for pastel highlights if you have blonde shade. Brunettes can wear brighter and more vibrant hues of rainbow. As for the placement, they are worn on underneath hair and are easily hidden with loose and downdo hairstyles. If you look for the most creative hair coloring idea then this is for you.

Catwalk Backstage Beauty Looks and Hair Colors for 2017

Would you like to get your ultimate hair inspiration from the latest catwalk backstage beauty looks and hair colors for 2017? Check out these stunning looks and think of the most flattering hairstyle, hair color and makeup matching for your hair and complexion. There is always a good solution for any occasion, any hair type and any base shade. Stand out in the crowd with your super stylish and unique look.Catwalk Backstage Beauty Looks and Hair Colors for 2017Natural Bronde Hair Color

While some are blessed with natural bronde hair colors others do their best to discover the most suitable bronde tone for their skin. It’s the high time for you to opt for the best bronde shade and embrace your real charm. The best thing about this hair color is that it’s natural-looking and trendy at the same time. You can combine it with most complexions and elegant makeups. It goes well both with natural hair and super straight locks.