2017 Softest Blonde Hair Colors

Would you like to have the softest blonde hair color in 2017? They have found their place right here special for you. Get your ultimate blonde hair color inspiration and start the coming tender season with a sophisticated shade. The following shades of blonde are perhaps the most natural-looking, sophisticated and inspiring tones. They flatter light to medium complexions. Discover more to meet your dreamt blonde hue.blonde hair colors 2017Ash Blonde Hair Color

While some confuse the light ash blonde with platinum blonde the fact is that the latter one is shinier and has some yellowish undertones. Ash blonde is a neutral and light tone of blonde that can be highlighted with platinum tones. You can create a multidimensional hair color on ash blonde hair. It’s a great canvas for a variety of highlights. This hue goes well with pale skin tones and light eyes. It is sometimes worn by women with medium complexions too.

Unique Ombre Hair Color Trends from Celebs

Celebrities like to experiment with a variety of hair color trends but the ombre hair color is the most popular option in Hollywood. While the majority wears traditional ombre hair colors some stunning celebs go for unique ombre hair color ideas to inspire stylish women. Here are the best versions of unique ombre hair colors for women who are into crazy hair color combos and always seek for innovative changes instead of popular and common styles.celebrity ombre hair colors 2017Jordin Sparks Red Ombre Hair Color

Black hair? Here is a hot solution to make it prettier. Jordin Sparks wears the most sophisticated and attractive red ombre hair colors, which looks not only beautiful but also very original. It’s the deep burgundy shade combined with black hair. Women with black skin and jet black hair can use this trick to escape dull hairstyles. It’s possible to achieve this style both on short and long Hair.

5 Temporary Hair Color Ideas for 2017

While the majority of women use permanent hair colors to highlight their base shade others use temporary hair color ideas when it comes to rainbow hues, edgy highlights and crazy shades. Here are the 5 basic temporary hair colors for 2017. If you don’t have that much bravery to dye your hair in a crazy shade, you can just highlight it with temporary hues. Adding a pop of hue to dull and monotone hair just for a short period of time is both fun and interesting.hair color ideas 2017Hair Mascara

The first idea of getting bright shades on your hair is the use of hair mascara. The 90’s hair coloring idea is still around and many women use hair mascaras to get temporary hair colors. It’s the technique that allows you to apply the desired shade directly to your hair. For a brighter and flashier finish you can layer on more. However, try to keep it subtle and well-balanced. Opt for the shades that match your base hair colors. Women with light hair can experiment with pastel tones and brunettes may opt for vivid rainbow shades. It lasts 1 – 2 shampoos.

Braided Hairstyles with Trendy Hair Highlights 2017

Braided hairdos are becoming more popular due to fresh hair colors and highlights, which are perfectly reflected on braids. These woven and knotted hairdos are the best for cool hair highlights. Here you are going to be inspired by the hottest braided hairstyles with hair highlights for 2017. Pick up some options for your hair to try for the upcoming parties.braided hairstyles with hair highlights 2017Waterfall Braid with Highlights

Waterfall is one of the most beautiful cascading hairstyles that can bring out the beauty of your highlights. Whether they are simple hair highlights or ombre shades you are going to showcase an awesome look with the help of the waterfall braid hairstyle. The best thing about this hairdo is that it’s achieved both on long and short haircuts. You can add natural-looking highlights at the tips and create a two-tone hair color, which will sparkle on the waterfall.

Reasons Why Your Hair Color Fades Away

Looking for the answer to the question why your hair color fades away? You are in the right place to get the answer to this question. Perhaps you always follow your stylist’s instructions, keep your hair far from harsh rays of the sun, use proper products and avoid too much use of hair heating tools but your hair color fades quickly and you get annoyed. So, why? Which are the reasons?hair color tips 2017Check Your Hairbrush

So, leaving alone all the hair color protective methods you use you must first of all consider your hairbrush. You already know that hot hair tools are the enemy of fresh hair colors. They take away the shine and luscious hue form your hair. Did you know that your hairbrush can be another reason for faded looks? It could be sucking the brilliance out of your daintily highlighted tresses. Every time you use metal brush or a hairbrush with metal bristles to blow out your locks, you take it under the risk of damage. Instead of using hairbrushes with metal bristles you’d better opt for the ones with natural bristles and a ceramic, wooden, or plastic barrel. Try to do some research in this field to find the best hairbrush for your colored hair.

Black and Blonde Hair Color Combos for 2017

Black and blonde are contrasting shades. One is too dark and the other one is quite light. It seems as if you can’t match them in one hairstyle but these stunning fashionistas prove that there are possible ideas of black and blonde hair colors for 2017. These combinations are trendy and mind-blowing. They come up with some cute styles that grab attention. Keep your eyes on some of the looks to copy this year.black and blonde hair colors 2017Black and Blonde Split Hair Color

The main idea of split hair colors is to divide hair into two equal [arts and dye in two shades. So, black and blonde spit hair colors are the most popular options in this case. You become a brunette and blonde at the same time. Half of your hair is in black and the other half is in blonde shade. The thing is whether both shades compliment your complexion and eyes. If they do, then you can opt for this creative hair color idea in 2017. It is beautiful on any length of hair but the longer your hair the prettier will be the result.

2017 Newest Balayage Hair Colors

The balayage hair color trend is having its moment. If you want to try its newest versions then have a look at this string of balayage hair colors for 2017. They are going to blow your mind away with their beauty and attractiveness. Start the coming season with a fancy hairstyle. You’ll surely fall in love with some of the best effects.balayage hair colors 2017Lilac Balayage Hair Color

Who says balayage is created only with caramel, light and golden brown hair colors? There are cool and light shades of pastel that provide with unnatural yet sophisticated effects. If you have light hair and seek for a unique balayage hair color idea then try this lilac balayage shade. The lightest tones of purple placed at the tips of light brown or blonde hair create an amazing combination.

Top 5 Jewel Tone Hair Color Trends

Whether you are stepping the world of hair colors for the first time or you have been discovering hair colors for a long time jewel-tone hair color trends are something new and creative for you. Are you ready for a crazy hair color transformation? These shiny and jewel-inspired shades are all about the rainbow hair trend taken to the next level.jewel tone hair colors 2017Sapphire Hair Color

Sapphire is a light blue-toned jam that looks very beautiful as a hair color. It’s here to replace the pastel blue and neon blue hair colors. In order to create a well-balanced effect with this hair color you need to have light skin tone and matching hue of eyes. The sapphire hair color is quite light and bright, which means that it’s going to highlight your skin tone and draw attention to your style. Take an example from Katy Perry who knows how to deal with crazy hair colors and always find the best hairstyles for her shades.

Red Hair Color Ideas from Instagram for 2017

It’s the high time to check out the trendiest red hair colors for 2017 from Intsagram. This platform has become one of the most popular platforms where girls prefer to post their photos of hairstyles and hair colors more often than on other social nets. If you are in a search of a red hair color inspiration, then these looks will be the best to consider for your future decisions.red hair color ideas 2017Red Ombre Hair Color

Vanessa Hudgens is our first Instagram user who often posts selfies to show off her new hairstyles and hair colors. So, here is her red ombre hair color. It’s a sophisticated hair color idea for brunettes who seek for a hot change in their look. You can dye the tips of your brunette locks in a burgundy or mahogany red hair color. This combo works well with the majority of dark-skinned women.

2017 Trendy Hair Color Ideas: Victoria’s Secret’s Models

Victoria’s Secret’s models are most famous and popular models all over the world. They are considered as the highest-paid stunners who have flawless body and skin. Many of them are not only models but also inspiring actresses and celebrities. Today you’ll be inspired by the most fashionable hair colors for 2017 from Victoria’s Secret’s models. Learn the way they deal with their hairstyles and hair colors and copy some hot ideas for this year.hair color ideas for 2017Jourdana Phillips Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Unlike her dark skin tone Jourdana Phillips is not afraid of dying her natural hair in a platinum blonde shade. Her choice is perfect as short dark pixie haircuts are harsh and they become trendy only when you go for light hair colors. Dark skin tones and platinum shades match each other only when hair is short. So, Jourdana Phillips’s stylist has worked really hard to provide her with such a unique hairstyle. She is one of the most eye-catching models.