Mind-Blowing Magenta Hair Colors

Looking for an unboring hair color to accessorize your strands? You are in a right place, since we have prepared some amazing magenta hair colors. Well, choosing something as bold as magenta is tremendous. Indeed, you need to know the level of commitment before applying this vivid tone. Perhaps it is not the best solution for women with busy lifestyle. Actually, magenta is a blend of blue and red, or purple and red tones. Check the following pictures of magenta hair colors and choose the best option that complements your complexion.magenta hair colorsBold Messy Bun

This bun gets a sophisticated look due to a vibrant magenta hair color. This shade works for all skin tones including dark, medium and light. It means you can get the color for yourself and pair it with various hairstyles. Bun is one of the best options that will showcase your magenta hair color. It is a more casual rather than formal look, so you can rock it daily.Bold Messy BunBraided Hairstyle for Brides

You are getting ready for your big day and you are looking for something unique? Well, here we have an idea for you. This bulky braid in magenta ombre is what you need. Good news, you don’t have to go for a huge commitment to achieve the style- opt for wigs. I assure you, no one will guess that you are rocking a wig. Shine on your big day and grab lots of attention.magenta braid for bridesColorful Cornrow Braids

Ready to make a bold statement? Well, blend several bold shades for a true unique look. You will not see anyone wearing a hair color like this. Soft lilac and vibrant violet are blended together to produce a sophisticated shade like this. But just a color is not enough, you still need to get a right hairstyle to showcase the tones. Cornrows are not bad at all!Colorful Cornrow BraidsMagenta Half Updo

If you are still obsessed with mermaid-inspired hair looks, you will love this style. Go ahead with a solid magenta hair color and display it with the help of a half up half down hairstyle. Well, braids are must for this Style. Incorporate a fishtail braid and create an excellent casual hairstyle. I am sure you will stand out in the crowd with this combination.Magenta Half UpdoMagenta Ombre

There are so many techniques to apply this hue to your tresses. Indeed, ombre is one of them. Keep the roots dark and go light magenta towards the tips. Dark roots reduce maintenance while providing with a cool ombre look. Note that this color combo complements a dark skin tone and a short bob haircut.Magenta Ombre

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