Ultra-Feminine Rose Gold Hair Colors

Rose gold is celebrities’ favorite shade but it is gaining popularity among ordinary people too. Beauty bloggers demonstrate sweet rose gold hair colors that make us copy their styles. Rose gold is an unconventional shade that requires lightening up your strands before applying it. Indeed, it is a versatile tone that includes numerous sub-tones. You will definitely find your favorite shade, just pass through these ultra-feminine rose gold hair colors.rose gold hair colorsPinky Bob

This pinky-metallic hue has gone viral on Instagram. A-listers have already managed to try this outstanding hair color. It is not easy to get if you have dark brunette locks. It is a perfect hue for summer but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock it in this fall or winter. If you woke up with bold feelings and you want to try something different, take this pinky bob as an inspiration for yourself.Pinky BobPeachy Hair Color

This peachy tone works best with medium skin tone, although women with light skin also can rock it. It is one of the most requested shades that continue to grab attention. Any women wearing it will stand out in the crowd. The color is worn on long bob and styled with lovely waves. This headdress is simple flawless and you can take advantage from it.Peachy Hair ColorSilvery Rose Gold

This tone has lately been super trendy. It is a high maintenance hair color that is achieved by mixing different tones. You should have a professional hair colorist to achieve the look plus regular touch ups are must for this style. If you are planning to get it, make sure to that you are ready to spend your time and money for this style.rose goldRose Gold with Dark Base

Here we have something that is less maintenance. Keep your hair dark on the roots and go rose gold towards the tips. The result is an amazing ombre that still grabs attention. If you don’t want to end up with harsh lines into your hair, ask your hairstylist for a color that is achieved with balayage. The best thing is that you don’t need to think of grown out roots.Rose Gold with Dark BaseRose Gold for Brunettes

If you don’t want to go for a bright brunette, consider this version. It is all about adding a hint of rose gold to brunette strands. Darker version of the color requires less maintenance. If you are about changing up your look, this is the best option to rock.Rose Gold for Brunettes

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