Celebrity Hair Colors

If you follow the latest celebrity hair colors and copy the best looks then these celebrity looks will inspire you to take your hairstyle to the next level. Famous women always pull off new and eye-catching tones of brown, blonde, red and not only. They perfectly experiment with crazy hair highlights and unusual shades too, which soon become the biggest trends.

Latest Red Carpet Looks and Best Hair Colors 2017

Lately, Hollywood superstars joined for the premiere of the film “The Promise” and we have seen many stunning looks on the red carpet. Today we have collected the best hair color ideas for 2017 from these luxurious and fabulous stars to inspire you for your next salon visit. The most famous Armenian-American singers and actresses are here to give you new hair styling and coloring ideas for special occasions.Latest Red Carpet Looks and Best Hair Colors 2017Lady Victoria Hervey Blonde Hair Color with Dark Roots

Have a look at this ravishing woman with her super elegant appearance ad style. She is Lady Victoria Hervey always ready to inspire women of her age. This time we have seen her with a lovely chignon updo hairdo that brings out her blonde hair color with dark roots. This combination of hues is more delightful and attractive than monotone hair colors. She sparkles with all her subtless and femininity.

5 Stunning Celebrities with Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Many celebrities opt for platinum blonde hair color but it’s not for everyone and only few get the desired harmonious result with their skin tone and eye. Here I have collected 5 examples of the most ravishing platinum blonde hair colors by celebrities. In case, you have decided to ye your hair platinum blonde you can get your inspiration from these stunners. They are here to give you trendy ideas on how to achieve perfect white blondes with different complexions.2017 Platinum Blonde Hair ColorTaylor Swift Platinum Blonde Hair Color

We have seen Taylor Swift in many blonde hues and the most dominant shade was her natural dirty blonde hair color. Recently she decided to amuse us not only with a new haircut but also with a new hair color. This combination of short bob with bangs and in super white blonde hair color is one of her most amazing and lavishing hairstyles that we have seen so far. It’s really seductive and attractive. It goes well with her skin tone like the rest of blonde hues she has chosen so far.

Rihanna’s Best Hair Color Ideas

Rihanna is surely one of the most beautiful and inspiring ladies with flawless skin, sparkling eyes and incredible hairstyles. Her hair colors are always trendy and pretty. Below you’ll find some of Rihanna’s best hair colors for 2017. These shades are the hottest hues to pick up when you seek for a new hair color inspiration. If you have the same skin tone and eye hue as Rihanna then you are in the right place to make the best choice for your locks.Rihanna’s Best Hair Color IdeasRihanna’s Balayage Hair Color

One of the latest hair colors worn by Rihanna is the stunning balayage shade. It goes well with her complexion and eye hue. Dark-skinned women with dark hair colors should wear lighter hues to lighten up their complexion and draw attention to their cute appearance. Go ahead with a lovely tone of balayage matching your skin tone. It can be a combination of caramel and blonde hair colors, which are rich and shiny.

Drew Barrymore’s Hair Colors to Steal for 2017

Would you like to get a new hair color inspo from another famous woman? Here is Drew Barrymore with her hottest hair colors. Perhaps she is one of the celebrities who often change their hair color but always keep it close to natural-looking shades. She is going to give you great ideas on how to switch up your look with a trendy shade. A new hair color can do miracles with your look.  Start with the hue that compliments your skin tone and makes your hair shinier. Check out Drew Barrymore’s hair colors for 2017.Drew Barrymore's hair colors 2017Drew Barrymore Bronde Hair Color

Is that bronde or another new hair color? Well, it’s the great combo of brown and dirty blonde hair colors, which are highlighted with lighter tones and still make her shade so natural and beautiful. You can pick bronde whenever you want as it’s the most natural-looking hue for most complexions. Women go for this hue when they can’t decide between brown and blonde hues. It’s actually an ideal solution.

Best 2017 Oscars Hair Color Ideas from Celebs

Of course, there were many celebrities wearing fashionable and posh hair colors at Oscars 2017 awards ceremony but here I have collected the 5 hottest Oscars 2017 hair color ideas from celebs. They are chosen carefully special for all skin tones and tastes. Find yours and change up your hair color into a shinier brunette, blonde or red hair color. Pay special attention to your skin tone and eye hue before making the final decision.Oscars 2017 hair colors - CopyOscars 2017: Emma Roberts Copper Hair Color

Look at Emma Roberts’s vintage wavy hairstyle in a fresh light copper hair color. She was one of the most gorgeous and attractive ladies during the evening. Here elegant and super feminine look was in the center of attention. It’s more than obvious that this seducing shade of red ideally goes with her pale skin tone and rosy undertone creating an image of a true redhead. Her black dress and red lips complete the desired fancy vintage style and let her draw attention to her capturing face.

Emma Stone’s Hottest Hair Color Ideas

Brunette, blonde or red; what else can you offer Emma Stone? She is ready to pull off any hair color you offer between brunette, blonde and red shades because she looks fantastic in all the cases. Here are Emma Stone’s best hair color ideas to consider in 2017. If you have the same skin tone and eye hue as her then pick up some cute shades from her collection and start a new fashion game.Emma Stone hair colors 2017Emma Stone Blonde Hair Color

Blonde is her natural hair color and it looks very cute on her locks. She has tried many shades of blonde but in order to inspire you to dye your hair in a blonde hue I offer this very light shade. It goes well with her complexion and eye hue. Emma Stone can wear as many blonde hair colors as she likes but the subtler she keeps it the nicer is the result.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Blonde Hair Colors

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a glamorous and charming model with plenty blonde hair color inspirations. She is always there for us to give new and more fashionable blonde hair color ideas. Check out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s blonde hair colors and start thinking of a new blonde shade for 2017.Rosie Huntington-Whiteley blonde hair clors 2017Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Ash Blonde Hair Color

Among the trendiest blonde hair color ash blonde has its special place. This neutral tone of blonde is usually highlighted with matching tones to look richer. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley offers us the best ash blonde hair color for long and medium haircuts. Her skin tone allows her to go for light hair colors but she keeps it as flattering as possible because too light shades of blonde won’t look well-balanced.

Adriana Lima’s Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is one of the hottest brunettes with flawless, skin, seductive body, killer facial features and inspiring hairstyles. she stands out with her Brazilian beauty that captures so many hearts. The most beautiful combination on her look is her warm olive skin tone, light blue eyes and dark brunette hair. No any other combo can be so contrasting and harmonious at the same time. Check out Adriana Lima’s best hair color ideas to try in 2017. She is ready to give you the best ideas on how to embrace your olive skin and light eyes with the right chosen hair color.adriana lima hair colors 2017Adriana Lima Black Hair Color

The fist hair color trend to steal from Adriana Lima is the soft black shade. This amazing hair color highlights her skin tone and brings out her light eyes. It suits her like no any other dark shade but it’s not the only brunette shade that works well with her complexion. Thanks to those Cleopatra bangs her hairstyle looks edgier and more eye-catching. She just looks fierce in black hair. Since her skin has tan undertones black looks natural on her.  

Unique Ombre Hair Color Trends from Celebs

Celebrities like to experiment with a variety of hair color trends but the ombre hair color is the most popular option in Hollywood. While the majority wears traditional ombre hair colors some stunning celebs go for unique ombre hair color ideas to inspire stylish women. Here are the best versions of unique ombre hair colors for women who are into crazy hair color combos and always seek for innovative changes instead of popular and common styles.celebrity ombre hair colors 2017Jordin Sparks Red Ombre Hair Color

Black hair? Here is a hot solution to make it prettier. Jordin Sparks wears the most sophisticated and attractive red ombre hair colors, which looks not only beautiful but also very original. It’s the deep burgundy shade combined with black hair. Women with black skin and jet black hair can use this trick to escape dull hairstyles. It’s possible to achieve this style both on short and long Hair.

La La Anthony’s Hair Colors for Black Women

Are you a black women with black hair? Perhaps you need a new hair color inspiration. What if La La Anthony has some cool ideas to offer? Have a look at this collection of La La Anthony’s best hair colors for black women. She is one of the hottest black women with attractive hair color choices. Her shades are flattering with her complexion and eyes, which means that you can copy some of her looks and sparkle with your trendy look.La La Anthony hair colors 2017La La Anthony Dark Ombre Hair Color

Well, the first to consider is the dark and warm ombre hair color. La La Anthony wears this hair color with great pleasure as it adds extra-beauty to her long layered curls. Her hairstyles become more elegant and stunning in fresh ombre shades. They provide her with a glamorous touch and delight. She warms up her skin with the fiery caramel tips and mingled into copper tones.