Multi Tone Hair Colors

In order to grab attention many experiment with fancy multi-tone hair colors. However not every hair color combo is pleasant. This means that one should be careful while dyeing her hair in several shades. Follow these styles and you’ll get the idea of getting the ideal multi-tone hair color in 2017.

Two-Tone Hair Colors 2017 for Short Haircuts

There are many hair color ideas for short haircuts but nothing looks as hot as two-tone hair colors on short pixie and bob haircuts. These are unique hairstyle trends that make a styles statement and inspire many other fashionistas. Tired of the same monotone hue? Pick up one of these two-tone hair colors in 2017 for your short haircut. It’s easy to make short haircuts more feminine with two-tone hair colors.two-tone hair colors for short hair 2017Two-Tone Split Hair Color

Short haircuts hardly allow going for the two-tone split style but lucky women succeed. Here is an example of a short-haired lady who has created a cool two-tone split hair color. In order to get the same fascinating style you need to have thick and voluminous hair. You can use any two shades you like to get the desired result. This girl’s choice is the pink and coral combination that looks so bright and delightful.

Multi-Tone Hair Colors for Undercuts

Undercuts are the harshest haircut trends for women but there are cool ways to make them feminine and subtle many stylists offer to dye undercuts in two-tone or multi-tone hair colors to bring out the shape and structure of the cut as well as to add a softer touch. Whatever your choice and decision here are the best multi-tone hair colors for undercuts. They are the most stylish solutions for undercuts you can ever meet in the fashion world.multi-tone hair colors for undercuts 2017Brown-Blonde Two-Tone Hair Color

The most popular two-tone hair color for undercuts is the blonde-brown combination. This is the traditional style that works well with most complexions. Any brunette finds the matching tone of blonde for her hair and any blonde easily goes for dark hues to create this two-tone effect. Take examples from the famous celebrities who have gone for undercuts and matching two-tone hair colors. You’ll see that the majority is into this hair color trend.

Modern Two-Tone Hair Colors

Two-tone hair colors always undergo changes and new experiment, which provide us with trendier and modern hairstyles. If you like stylish contrast between fresh hair colors then keep on reading to discover the latest modern two-tone hair colors. These are going to inspire you to spice up your loo with multi-tone shades and stunning effects. Instead of dull and monochrome hair colors you can consider interesting combos of two different yet matching shades.two-tone hair colors 2017Orange Red Two-Tone Hair Color

Fire and flame hair colors started to become requested after the ombre hair color trend knocked the doors of the fashion world. This style is now used to create so many two-tone hairstyles especially with red and orange shades they provide with warm, hot and fiery effects, which need a special care and maintenance. If you opt for this two-tone hair color you must use hair color protective products and avoid too much use of hair heating tools.

Three-Tone Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2017

After so many two-tone ombre and sombre hair colors we can again go back to creative three-tone hair color ideas for 2017. They come up with a number of cool looks and styles offering us unique and incredible hair coloring techniques and ideas. Get your rich hair color inspiration and start thinking about a three-tone hairstyle from now on.three-tone hair colors 2017Three-Tone Rainbow Hair Color

Of course, it’s easier to imagine three-tone hair colors in rainbow shades than in brunette or blonde. This is the simplest three-tone hair color idea that you can pull off to beautify your log locks. Start with the right choice of hues according to your base hair color. Opt for bright or lighter tones of three rainbow shades and place them on your head from the top to the tips. Enjoy this hair color transformation on wavy hairstyles.

Best Unicorn Hair Color Ideas

Many bloggers write about hair colors and matching skin tones but when it comes to unicorn hair color ideas they hardly give an idea which skin tone suits this or that particular pastel or rainbow hair color. Today we’ll just find out the best unicorn hair color ideas for all skin tones, tastes and interests. If you are into this hair color trend then discover the most astounding shades of rainbow for 2017.Best Unicorn Hair Color Ideas 2017Blue Hair Color

Pastel hair colors are not always suitable for tanned and warm skin tones. Instead stylists offer pastel inspired shades like the following blue to rock on brunette hair and feel quite confident. This shade is bright, bold and mermaid. It works well with tanned, medium and even darker skin tones and grabs attention. Such cool shade of blonde reminds us of underwater treasures. It’s a jewel tone of blue with extra-shine and interest. Although it’s lighter than any of your brunette hair colors but it looks very beautiful.

Multi-Tone Hair Colors for 2017

The most fascinating thing about multi-tone hair colors 2017 is that they give us the freedom to play with our favorite shades and think out of the box. Each of us can create her own style with the help of a multidimensional pastel, rainbow, neon or any other hair color combo. If you have decided to change up your style and look with eye-catching hair colors then check out these modern looks and don’t forget to think of a new haircut too.multi-tone-hair-colors-for-2017Multi-Tone Neon Hair Color

The brightest hair colors that you can ever see are neon hues. They are fresh and sparkling. Not every woman is ready to say goodbye to her natural hair color and dye it in flashy neon shades. While some choose monotone hair colors others go for multi-tonal effects of neon tints. The result is an enhanced rainbow hair trend. Make sure you are ready for this transformation and then pick up matching colors of neon.

Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2017

A trendy two-tone hair color idea for 2017 can be a hot and edgy style statement for any woman who has monochrome shade. This is a fun way of experimenting with a new and fancier style. Try a cool two-tone hair color and spice up your short, shoulder-length or longer hair. You can find creative ideas for any hair length. Let’s discover the latest looks together.two-tone-hair-color-ideas-for-2017Two-Tone Split Hair Color

Two-tone hair colors are popular but the most popular one for the moment is the split style. It is a half and half hair color idea that works well with long hair. This style allows you to hide some part of your hair in one shade and bring out the other part in another tone. Once you achieve center parted hairstyles you display both shades. It’s also important to have thick hair to get the best result.

Split-Style Hair Color Trend 2017

It’s been a cool year for wild and edgy hair color ideas but 2017 will continue to inspire us with more creative and original styles. One of the latest versions of bold hair colors is the split-style hair color trend for 2017. Within the latest few weeks we have already seen some stylish girls rocking this style. Of course you can see it’s true effect on videos but here are some of the best pictures and examples for you to consider.split-style-hair-colors-2017What is Split-Style Hair Color?

The first question that knocks your door is “what is split-style” hair color? So, let me answer your question giving a detailed description. Split-style hair colors are half-and-half shades of two tones usually worn on long hair. When you create center parted hairstyles you get two equal parts in different hair colors. Some choose contrasting combinations of blonde and brunette hair colors and some go for more harmonious options taking blonde and pastel, brown and black and other cute shades.

Bold Hair Color Inspiration

The temptation to experiment with many bold hair colors is so strong and inspiring. Women working in official and professional field hardly take the risk to play with their hair colors, but those who are used to change up their looks with dramatic hair colors find cool solutions and try something really wild. If you belong to the group of crazy women then keep on reading because we are going to investigate the best edgy hair colors together.bold-hair-colors-2017Rainbow Hair Colors

Leaving alone all the “acceptable” and traditional hair color ideas I offer unusual, eye-catching and flashy stones of different shades. So, rainbow hair colors are number one crazy combinations of hues which make our hairstyles festive, fresh and more girlish. Rainbow is a hot style for all types and length of hair from pixie to long layers and from straight strands to the curliest locks. According to your current shade you can wear either light or dark rainbow hair colors. Any vibrant mixture of three and more shades provides you with a rainbow game.

Secret Rainbow Hair Colors

Underneath or the so-called secret rainbow hair colors have taken the rainbow hair trend to the next level. Just when you think that you have tried every possible hair color, there comes another creative style. Unlike the rest of rainbow hair colors this is something surprising and more interesting. Check out these stunning hairstyles with secret rainbow shades and think of your own unique style.secret-rainbow-hair-colors-2017What is it?

The most interesting part about underneath rainbow hair colors is actually its style and way of achieving. Women rocking secret rainbow shades seem to have simple and common monotone hair color from the first sight. Once their wear updo or half-updo hairstyles everything becomes clear. They have dyed only the hidden part of their hair not in a natural but multi-tone rainbow hair colors. This amazing technique surprises us giving the idea that we can play with a variety of hairstyles and hair colors without limit. From now on even office women can pull off rainbow shades and no one will ever notice until you show it off. So, you can display your rainbow hairstyle whenever you want and you can hide it whenever you need to have a classy look.