Reddish Brown

Between red and brown shades there is the classic reddish brown hair color. It is sometimes called mahogany red as brown brings a kind of red-hued woody effect which, in its turn, makes you look like a real redhead. Reddish brown is an awesome hair color idea for most medium-skinned and light-eyed women.

Celebrity Reddish Brown Hair Colors

From the deepest auburn to the lightest reddish shades here are most beautiful reddish brown hair colors from celebrities. Have a look at the most marvelous experiments of reddish brown shades and matching hairstyles. You’ll fall in love with some of the looks and start thinking out of the box. After reading this article, you’ll decide to change up your hair color.celebrity-reddish-brown-hair-colors-2017Rose Leslie Reddish Brown Hair Color

Rose Leslie is a stunning redhead who dyes her hair in different hues of auburn and reddish brown. It looks fantastic under the rays of the sun. Keeping her hair long and subtle she prefers styling it into sleek or wavy hairstyles, which highlight the shine of her fresh hue. It goes well with her complexion and eyes creating an effect of the real redhead.

Reddish Brown Hair Colors

Reddish brown hair colors are the most neutral red shades that you can choose from the red color palette. They are usually called auburn hair colors and are worn by many celebrities. If you don’t like your current blonde or brown shade then it’s the high time to think of reddish brown. Check out these looks and hairstyles with reddish brown hair colors and pick the shade that seems to be perfect with your complexion, eyes and base hair colors.reddish-brown-hair-color-2017Reddish Brown Hair Color and Your Skin

Between millions of red tones reddish browns best go with medium skin tones and green eyes. They can also look nice with warm undertones and blue, brown eyes too but if you want to look like a real ginger-haired beauty then you need to follow the latest examples of reddish brown hair colors and matching skin tones. If you have dark or too light skin tone, you should be careful with this hair color as it may make you look either bold or unnatural.

Hot Auburn Hair Colors

Auburn is one of the hottest red hair colors mainly preferred by medium-skinned women. It will be a good idea for you to look like a real redhead with a light or a bit dark auburn hair color. There are light, dark, honey, golden and brownish auburn hair colors that differ from each other with their undertones. That’s why many consider the auburn as a single hair color.auburn-hair-colors-2017Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark auburn hair colors are worn by those who want to draw attention to their eyes and skin tone. It can also highlight the beauty of your lips and bring out your killer facial features. It compliments red and pinkish hues of lipsticks and ideally goes with tanned and medium skin tones.

Lightest Shades of Blonde Hair Color

The versatile blonde hair color has zillions of shades and tones for all complexions and eye hues. Today blonde hair colors are worn not only by natural blondes and light-skinned women but also by brunettes and dark-skinned girls. So, no matter your complexion, you can choose a nice blonde shade for you hair. However, today I’ll speak about the lightest shades of blonde hair color and you’ll see that they mostly compliment light skin tones and eyes.light-blonde-hair-colors-2017Platinum Blonde Hair Color

The first light blonde shade that first comes to your mind is the shiny platinum. This hair color has become so trendy that many black women also try it to feel the subtle touch on their dark hair. While platinum blonde is lately replaced by the super white blonde, it still remains the dominant light tone of blonde that makes natural blondes look like cute angels. Of course, it best goes with light eyes.