Strawberry Blonde Hair

Why is the cute strawberry blonde differ from the rest of blonde hair colors? It’s warmer, nicer and shinier, but the main secret is that it has a reddish hint. You look like a light-ginger-haired beauty who is neither a true redhead nor blonde. Doesn’t this make sense? Feel the charm of strawberry blonde on your own hair.

2017 Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Probably you read many articles about the right choice of the hair color for your skin tone. When it comes to strawberry blonde shades many women want to try it on their locks but not everyone can consider it as her best shade. Unlike many blonde ad brown hair colors that suits most complexions strawberry blonde requires particular skin tone as well as flattering eye hue. If you have decided to dye your hair in this shade then discover trendy strawberry blonde hair colors for 2017 matching your skin tone.strawberry blonde hair colors 2017What is it?

First, let’s discuss what strawberry blonde hair color is in reality. Is it red or blonde? Well, being the lightest shade of red strawberry blonde is also the warmest tone of blonde. That is to say it’s a cute combo between blonde and ginger hair colors, which provide with a warm, sun-kissed and fresh effect. We see many celebrities rocking strawberry blonde hair color like real redheads. However, not everyone is blessed with this hair color. It is chosen by women who are confident about their complexion and eye hue and definitely know that they will look natural. Brunettes, actually, stay away from this shade because first, it won’t look beautiful with their hair and second, it will be hard for them to achieve such a light and bright tone on dark hair. Deep bleaching is a must but it doesn’t promise you to provide with the desired tone as your natural pigments do their job and forbid light hair colors sparkle in their real power.

2017 Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors

Strawberry blonde is a big hair color trend for the moment. It’s one of the most requested shades among celebrities. Since you already know the most attractive celebs in strawberry blonde shades, let’s go deeper into the details and find out the most common secrets of this sun-kissed and subtle hair color. Here you’ll also see some cool examples of strawberry blonde hair colors for 2017.2017-strawberry-blonde-hair-colorsWhat is Strawberry Blonde Hair Color?

So, the first question that matters is what is strawberry blonde hair color actually? Women ask this question most hair colorists because there are cases when experts consider it as a red shade. So, is it red or blonde? Well, strawberry blonde is a tender mixture of reddish and blondish tones, which provide with a light and warm hair color close to red and blonde hues. That’s the reason why many think that it’s red and others call it blonde. The lighter your hair color the more it will look like blonde and the warmer or brighter the chosen shade, the more reddish it will look. Thus, the result depends on your hair color choice.

Hottest Celebrities with Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

If you have natural red or blonde hair and want to make a cute style for your shade then check out the hottest looks of celebrities with strawberry blonde hair color. These stunners have discovered the secret to the most sophisticated blonde shade with reddish effects. Copy the best strawberry blonde hues if you have light or medium skin tone and prove that you can sparkle in reddish blonde shades too.  strawberry-blonde-hair-colors-2017Nicole Kidman’s Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Remember Nicole Kidman’s reddish hairstyles? Yes, she is a big fan of warm hair colors and once strawberry blonde became trendy she decided to dye her locks in this awesome shade. It looks so natural on her hair that she has chosen it not only for long but also shorter haircuts. Keeping your signature style modern and always stylish is easy with fresher hair colors. Look at her loose wavy hairdo that subtly shines in its side pulled style. You can’t find any other youthful  and fresh solution for your long mane.

Lightest Shades of Blonde Hair Color

The versatile blonde hair color has zillions of shades and tones for all complexions and eye hues. Today blonde hair colors are worn not only by natural blondes and light-skinned women but also by brunettes and dark-skinned girls. So, no matter your complexion, you can choose a nice blonde shade for you hair. However, today I’ll speak about the lightest shades of blonde hair color and you’ll see that they mostly compliment light skin tones and eyes.light-blonde-hair-colors-2017Platinum Blonde Hair Color

The first light blonde shade that first comes to your mind is the shiny platinum. This hair color has become so trendy that many black women also try it to feel the subtle touch on their dark hair. While platinum blonde is lately replaced by the super white blonde, it still remains the dominant light tone of blonde that makes natural blondes look like cute angels. Of course, it best goes with light eyes.